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Current Events
Letís Protect Peace and Stability Like the Apple of Our Eye
SWS- 9/18/2017


Ben's Point of View: Ethiopia at the cross road

Dear Ben, where I am when things of such magnitude happen the leader claims the high road and says "the buck stops here/with me" and takes responsibility. The leader does not blame low ranking officials and try to avoid accountability. In this case the two regional leaders and the Prime Minister should take responsibility. Period.
Having said this, I have a question to the senior EPRDF leaders - didn't you tell us there are and will be 1000 Meles going forward in the past? Where are the Meles type EPRDFities?

እኔ እምለዉ፡ እነዚህ ሺ መለሶች የት ሄዱ? አቦይ ስብሃት አገር ለማን አስረክቡ? በረክት የመለስ ራኢ እኮ በ ሰዉ ጭንቅላት ነዉ መኖር የሚችለዉ! እማጋ ነዉ ያለዉ? መለስ ራኢ የስነቀ አገር እየተቃጠለ ዝም ይላል? እህአደግ ጎበዝ አለቆች ተቆጣጠሩት ቢባል ሞት አይደለም? ምን ነዉ! ማንን ነዉ የተፈራዉ? ስብ ዶ የለይ! ስው የለም!
Zeru Hagos Sep 18, 2017]


Round table Discussion between Eritreans and Ethiopian on Current Issues - Sep 2017

  Part1       Part2
Yoseph Kahsay an Ethiopian and Amanuel Alem and Mehari Tesfamichael from Eritrea discuss on Ethio Eritrea relations and 'Movement for Bright Eritrea Future" civic organization, with Addisu Bahta - Sep 16, 2017



ክፅሕፎ ታሪኽኪ
ብ ክንፈ ኣብርሃ (ዶ/ር) 09-17-17


Tsenat Radio Interview with Dr Negeri Lencho, Ethiopia's Communication Minister- Sep 2017


Update on current development between Oromia and Eth-Somalia Region and Qimant people referendum in Gondar Area.




Dr Negri Lencho on Current Oromia and Somalia Kilil Issues- Update Sep 13, 2017


News, Analysis & Articles
Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2017 All rights reserved.
What is behind clashes in Ethiopia's Oromia and Somali regions?
Thousands of people have fled Ethiopia's Somali region following deadly clashes in recent days between ethnic Somalis and Oromos. The BBC's Kalkidan Yibeltal looks at the cause of the conflict and whether it can be stopped.[It is unfortunate none of the local media outlets -government owned or private, are informing the international community with the real picture of this conflict! Thanks to BBC the above analysis may help to debunk the extremists version of the cause for this conflict! Nowhere will you find a FAQ abut this conflict for the international community consumption by the government or the known big private papers, sad!]

Human Trafficking and Smuggling in the Horn of Africa: Patterns, Dynamics, and Criminal Networks
Tuemay Aregawi Desta September, 2016 - THuman trafficking (HT) and migrant smuggling (MS) are intertwined, yet distinct, criminal activities that pose serious challenges to human beings and states. Human trafficking1 and migrant smuggling2 have been confused and used as synonymous terms until the adoption of the UN Convention ...

Tigrai Gold Medal Award on Conservation of Natural Resources Reception Reportage -Sep 2017
(Mekelle) Sep 18, 2017-

Deconstructing Teddy Afro
Haile Tessema, Sept. 15, 2017 - There are two extreme views of Teddy Afro or Tewodros Kassahun (the names will be used interchangeably), which tend to either canonize or demonize him. And the singer appears to enjoy both typecasting as they simultaneously lead to the same ...

Complete Coverage of the recent conflict: Address by Somali Kilil President and Oromia Kilil president and More..

World Health Organization(WHO) Recongnized Tigrai for its NO Tobbacco Campaign - Sep 2017
(Mekelle) Sep 16, 2017- WHO awarded Tigrai regional government for its relentless campaign to minimize tobacco consumption and its campaign to create a tobacco free zone near restaurants and public places. The award was given by A WHO representative in Ethiopia in fornt of Federal and regional officials.

The veins of Ethiopia's growth
Ethiopia's "umbilical cord", Djibouti, could soon feel the pinch. After Ethiopia lost its lifeline to the Red Sea following the independence of Eritrea a quarter century ago, Djibouti has been land-locked Ethiopia's gateway to the outside world. The International Monetary Fund ranks Ethiopia as ...

ቸር ተመኝ፤ ቸር እንድታገኝ!
ሰለሞን ሽፈራው 09-16-17

Press Release: Ethiopian Somali Democratic Council
We, the Ethiopian Somali Democratic Council, urges the Federal Government of Ethiopia and international community to look into the atrocity that is going on in Somali Region of Ethiopia. The Oromo and Somalis in those regions live peacefully for century; however, the current distorted propaganda of Shabya, ONLF and OLF using ...

Kenya, Ethiopia could overtake Africa's economic heavy weights in attracting investment, report says
A report released by a global risk consultancy, Control Risks, on Thursday shows that Kenya and Ethiopia might soon outshine Africa's economic giants, Nigeria, South Africa and Egypt in the competition for investment.

The dramatic increase of FDI in Africa
Bereket Gebru 09-15-17 - The past quarter of a century witnessed the rise of trade relations between states and powerful non-state actors. Cross-border investments have become the order of the day in which private interests are provided with packages of incentives such as tax breaks ...

የቡና ዓመት-
ስንታየሁ ግርማ 09-15-17

Wrapping up the last decade of development
Bereket Gebru 09-15-17 - We have now embarked on the last year of the first Ethiopian decade into the third millennium. The world has changed a lot since the end of the last millennium with international politics and economics taking radical twists.

ዘይተቐልዐ መፅሓፍ፣
ብፀጋይ ሓድሽ 09-15-17

Ethiopia Mulls New Potash Partner After Failed Deal With Israeli Firm
Ethiopia is considering finding a new partner to develop a potash mine abandoned last year by Israel Chemicals Ltd., which has sought compensation at an arbitration court after accusing the government of failing to support the project.[Ethiopia is not a banana republic. ICL should have consulted the authorities or at least ask Allan what it signed for before buying the company. Why did it pay so much for Allan? Did Allan own the land? Did it develop the mining area?]

Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2017 All rights reserved.

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Hedase Dam Progress In Picture - Aug 2017
The Great Ethiopian Renaissance Hydro Dam in Picture- August 2017


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