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"በሪቱ ጃለታ- 20 ሚሊዮን የአውስትራሊያ ዶላር ሽልማትን ለሀገሯ ያበረከተች ወጣት"

We pray it is really 20 Million Australian Dollar and not 20 million Ethiopian birr! Way to go for our sister regardless the amount!



TPLF 40th anniversary Houston


VOA Tigirgna Coverage about alleged killing of Eritrean crossing the border!
It is amazing of all the killings that happen every day to Eritreans fleeing the country by their own government VOA Tigrigna found this story so news worthy! It is an open secret Eritreans as old as 5 years are leaving the country in hundreds. In fact one official told us they were so dishearten when they saw the young kids crossing everyday they decided not to publicize it to keep the sanity of Eritreans as a society! Parents have lost hope in Eritrea they are forced to send their kids to Ethiopia for better life! We are not sure what the motive behind this news is if it is news at all, but, some Eritreans in Diaspora better think twice and start working hard to save their country and people. Shaibia is enough to blame Ethiopia for everything !


TPLF 40th anniversary New York


TPLF at 40: TPlF challengs and the Late PM Meles Legacy and Role....  (Reportage) (Amharic)

Tewodros Hagos, Berket Simon and Aboy Sebhat discussed and shared their thoughts on what the challenges were and what PM Meles role was...a must listen!!...[Was Meles a one of a kind TPLF leader and Tegadalay, Can Tigrai and TPLF produce another Meles or better than Meles now and in the future? These are the questions people are asking and the ball is on TPLF's court to prove doubters!] Aigaforum Feb 2015


News, Analysis & Articles

Ethio-Egyptian Nile Nexus in the ISIL Aftermath
Habtamu Abay, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 03-01-15 - The Nile basin is the kernel of human civilization. Ethiopia and Egypt are two of the very few most ancient Nation States on planet earth. Ethio-Egyptian relations date back to prehistoric times....

Egypt earmarks $2bn for S. Sudan dam project
February 27, 2015 (WAU) – The Egyptian government has pledged $2 billion for the construction of a multi-purpose hydro electricity power project on Jur River...[It is interesting Egypt is doing everything to stop the building of a hydro dam in Ethiopia but planning to build one in South Sudan! Egypt should think twice before tampering with the wetlands of South Sudan for short term gains...the wetlands are critical to the eco system of the region and the world at large!]

The Politics of Envy and Bad Discipline
SAMRA from San Diego March 1st 2015

British support for Ethiopia scheme withdrawn amid abuse allegations
The cruelty of some of the western institutions that swear in the name of the poor in Ethiopia has no bound. HRW and others will surely laugh all the way to the bank when their sponsors award them for job well done but the poor people in Gambella gets nothing out of this except more misery! How can any one with sane mind oppose any villagisation in Ethiopia? The source of our people's destitution begins with lack of access to basic needs which villagisation solves! In any case we are glad the Ethiopian govt is not a banana govt. The main driving force for change in Ethiopia today is not external aid. With or with out(Bitsifrina) is the driving force for change in Ethiopia today!!

Ethiopia: Through UN-Backed Project, Ethiopian Marmalade Will Soon Hit Shelves At 'Eataly'
Next time you feel like some cactus pear marmalade from Ethiopia but can't make it to the town of Mekelle, check out the shelves of Italian gourmet food store Eataly.

Unmasking advocacy groups’ cover
Berket Gebru 02-27-15 In the first part of this article, I looked into the adverse comments of the so-called international advocacy groups on Ethiopia subsequent to Dawit Kebede’s comments on ETV.... Part I     Part II

በውንጀላ የተካነው ሰማያዊ ፓረቲ
ይሁን ባንተያምረል 02-27-15

Eritrea's jabber clues its detachment from reality
Senait Gebre 02-26-15- This week the regime in Eritrea issued a statement to react to what it called an "unwarranted and calumnious act of hostility".Upon reading such a hyperbole statement, you would ask: Did anyone launch war against Eritrea?

UK support to Ethiopia
Statement on the UK's development relationship with Ethiopia

Spy cables reveal African Union assassination threat
Secret intelligence documents leaked to Al Jazeera's Investigative Unit reveal that spies in Addis Ababa were alerted to a plot by "an unnamed state" to kill a top African Union diplomat....[The fact that Addis Ababa home to AU and many world diplomats has not faced any significant successful attack by terrorist or otherwise so far is a testament to Ethiopia's Security and Intelligence capability. The document seems more a copy cat approach to the famous wikileaks more than an eye opening investigative report if you ask us!]

Tainting the developmental path a futile exercise
Negussie Kassa 02-25-15

Dedebit- the Cradle of Ethiopian Renaissance!
Mekonnen Amare 02-25-15 - Forty years ago, a bullet from an old Kalashnikov gun was fired as a sparkle for the foundation of TPLF (The Tigray Peoples Liberation Front) which, in practical terms, proved a harbinger for the rebirth of Ethiopia.

Spirit vs. War-machine: A Patriotic Resistance to Italian Occupation of Ethiopia (1936-1941)
Aregawi Berhe (PhD) 02-24-15

ተረት ተረትና ተቃዋሚው !!...ስሜነሽ አየለ 02-24-15

TPLF 40th Anniversary was colorfully celebrated in DC! (Updated!)
Despite the freezing temperature and has been snowing all day in the DC metropolitan area the event was held as promised! Driving was very difficult, yet, over 500 people attended the event! Ambassador Girma gave a very hart warming and gracious speech recognizing the sacrifices the Tigrean people paid over the long 17 years of struggle.

The other highlight of the event was the no show of the extremists who pledged to disrupt and hold their own rally. As they say come rain or shine woyane and supporters are always counted when it matters but the extremists know nothing about come rain or shine!

የሻዕቢያ ጠላትነት!!...አስራደው ምከረው 02-24-15 2/23/15

Teff - Ethiopia’s tiny secret going global
Ethiopia’s indigenous grain teff is garnering global interest as a new super food, while Ethiopia’s government tries to ensure local prices don’t rocket for Ethiopians.

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TPLF at 40!: Selected Documentaries Aired by TV Tigrai! Jan - Feb 2015.

The playlist is updated continuously, however for individual links >>>Click Here!
Political experts on Ethiopia, researchers and political science students will not have a better chance to study TPLF,the struggle and how it was won than watching and listening to all the interviews and documentaries being aired now!)


Dimtsi Woyane Coverage of TPLF at 40!:  DWET



  Tsenat Radio

  Radio HIDRI(Radio Hidri)


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40th Year Anniversary of TPLF Celebration Dates Around the World!!

Celebrating the 40th year anniversary of TPLF in Copenhagen
March 7th 2015

Bay Area -- March 7, 2015

Stockholm -- March 7, 2015


London for hedase 2015


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