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Current Events

A year ago the extremists from diaspora got embolden after the Addis Ababa Master plan fiasco and also after G7 and followers got a foot hold in Gondar and surroundings. Both events created a favorable condition for the extremists to fan more hateful messages to exploit EPRDF's own internal campaign to reform! Today some of the Facebook characters are exploiting PM Hailemariam's speech in regard to rail road expansion in Tigrai. We heard the premier speech on this subject thanks to Hornaffairs and there is nothing to be alarmed about it unless there is more video to come! The premier said simply the country does not have the money to build the second phase soon! It is wrong to agitate the public with false alarm!




The Danakil Depression in Ethiopia- one of the 10 Natural Wonders of the World! - Visit Ethiopia




Certificate of Recognition for ASDA from Tigrai Government- April 2017


Ethiopia's Commodity Exchange



Ethiopia's story, Leapfrogging: Myth or Reality?. Steve Baines.


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Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2017 All rights reserved.
Egypt ripped at Senate foreign aid hearing
A bipartisan panel of experts ripped Egypt as a floundering authoritarian state April 25 and urged Congress to rethink its annual $1.5 billion aid package,The three witnesses at the Senate foreign aid hearing took turns describing Egypt under President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi as a military-run, economic basket..

Fulbright Honor to Take Alumna to Ethiopia
Library Information Science Program Alumna (MLS ’78), Janet Lee has been named a Fulbright Scholar and will use the opportunity to take her expertise in open access publishing to the University of Aksum in Ethiopia..

ቡሬ-ወለጋ ተረስቶ የቆየው መንገድ!
ሲሳይ መንግስቴ አዲሱ 19/08/2009 ዓ.ም

Putting a stop to impunity
Bereket Gebru 04-26-17 The unrest in some parts of the country between June and September 2016 claimed the lives of a lot of people and led to the destruction of millions of birr worth of property. The rightful social demands ...

Interactions of the Ethiopian and global media
Bereket Gebru 04-26-17 In today’s globalizing world, interactions between people, organizations and states have reached a new high. The interaction and influence between cultures and states has also shot up along ...

Government committed to empower the youth
Gemechu Tussa 04-25-17 - The Ethiopian government has launched numerous packages in its Second Growth and Transformation Plan to benefit the youth in social and economic aspects.  For instance, different capacity building training on job creation...

Pizza Hut Enters Ethiopia in Latest Sub-Saharan Africa Expansion
Pizza Hut is set to open three outlets in Ethiopia this year, becoming one of the first international restaurant chains to enter Africa’s second-most populous country.The shops are scheduled to begin serving in the capital, Addis Ababa, by November,

Report:GERD 6th Anniversary held in Belgium, Brussels - April 2017
EMIRU Bantihun Getahun 04-25-17

Ethiopia's demographic opportunity
As we have written about many times on this blog, the Chinese government is concerned about its citizens growing old before the country has got wealthy... Some economists and demographers have argued that African nations in the next half century or so will be in a similar position to East Asia 50 years’ ago and could reap a similar dividend.Ethiopia is one African nation which could be in this position.

The ceaseless terrorist plots of the state in Asmara!
Tesfaye Lemma 04-25-17 - The Horn Region is now coming to integration despite a number of socioeconomic problems. The efforts exerted towards development and the conflicts around significantly contradict and hampered the desire of some of the countries in the region...

አይን አውጣው ሙስና !!
ይነበብ ይግለጡ 04-25-17

Ethiopia enters its seventh month of emergency rule
THE three-hour bus-ride to Ambo from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia’s capital, offers a glimpse into the country’s future. The road is well paved; irrigation ditches and polytunnels criss-cross commercial farmland; electricity lines leap over forested hills...Alexis de Tocqueville, a 19th-century French historian, argued that the most dangerous time for a bad government is when it begins to reform itself...[But EPRDF has done reform multiple times before and it is such reform that has resulted in the unprecedented economic growth!EPRDF can not be that bad of a government!

Ethiopia: model for growth slump defying employment in Africa
Bereket Gebru 04-24-17 - The issue of demographic dividend is slowly but surely assuming the central stage in national and international policy dialogues. The labor force that is central to economic development and human advancement then makes a key component of society.

NY/Tristate Ethiopians gave money to alleviate Somali drought
Amanuel Reda 04-24-17

A Brooklyn Designer’s Ethiopian Dreams
After more than a decade at a major architectural firm, designer Hana Getachew knew that she wanted to break out on her own. The turning point came in planning her wedding in 2014. “I wanted to have an element of Ethiopian design for my table linens” to reflect the vibrant...

ፀላኢ ማረት መን እዩ?
ገ/ሂወት ገብሩ 04-24-17

An Open Letter to Somalia President Mohamed Abudllahi
Ali Sheikh 04-23-17 - Dear Mr. President, congratulations for being elected to the highest position in your land and as the 9th president of the Federal Republic of Somalia. Indeed, becoming the leader of a country that ranks top poorest nation in the world is not an easy task...

Ethiopian Graduates 452 Aviation Professionals
April 22, 2017 Ethiopian Aviation Academy, the largest aviation academy in Africa, a full ICAO TRAINAIR Plus Member and IATA Authorized Global Training Center, is pleased to announce that it has graduated 452 aviation professionals

Dr. Tedros Adhanom for WHO DG: The Right Person at the Right Time
Next month the World Health Organization (WHO) will choose its new Director General. WHO, formed in 1948 with the portfolio of international health, is having its member nations vote for the new head for the first time in its history. This is a milestone for the organization as it tries to create an identity...

Security forces arrest 98 Eritrean sponsored anti-peace elements
Addis Ababa, April 21, 2017 (FBC) – Security forces arrested 98 Eritrean sponsored anti-peace elements during the past two months alone.They were arrested trying to cross into Ethiopia via west Tigray zone after receiving a terror mission from Eritrean-based two terrorist organizations, Ginbot 7 and Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), said the zonal administration...[The much acclaimed Aqli/Patience that served TPLF and the people of Tigrai during the struggle days is waning! News like this is seriously eroding the patience/Aqli of the people. We hope this is not the new normal for our people! Our people deserve to live in peace!]

The Agricultural Sector in GTP II
Bereket Gebru 04-19-17 - The first Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP I) was known for its audacity as it set very ambitious goals to quickly transform the state of sectors of the economy. Instead of a slow progression in the form of reform or any other sort of approach, it adopted...

Opinions and Views published on this site are those of the authors only! Aigaforum does not necessarily endorse them. © 2002-2017 All rights reserved.

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