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Current Events

Eritrea: Escape from modern-day Sparta
An estimated 305,000 Eritreans, or five per cent of the population, have left the country, making them one of the largest groups of migrants into Europe


For those of you who would like to sign the condolence book online...

Click Here!

This memorial tribute was created by Embassy of Ethiopia, Washington, D.C. You can also share photos, videos, stories.




Tsenat Interview with Speaker Kassa Tekelebrhan and Ambssador Girma Birru On Current Issue
  Interview with Amb Girma

  Interview with Speaker Kassa
Tsenat Interview with Speaker Kassa Tekelebrhan and Amb Girma On Current Issue


Poem - በስለት ወልጄህ፣ በስለት ተበላህ?
ኢትዮጵያውያን እናቶችን ድምፅ በመወከል ከበቀለች ጥሩዬ 04-23-15


Ben's Point of View on the massacre of ISIS


Poem - We know How To!
Seife Derbe 04-22-15


Poem - Lovely Beauty
Iasu Gorfu 04-22-15


We were really depressed by the volume of posting of the evil act by Ethiopian face book users! The heinous crime by ISIS was posted to cause us more harm and grief! Perhaps we were not alone - here is a message from one of our reader..." Can somebody tell Ethiopian Face book users to STOP posting the evil ISIS killing videos. Those evils needs " ATTENTION " & " TERRORIZING US & that's what our Ethiopian Face book users doing." ...


News, Analysis & Articles

ISIS In Libya Update: Egypt Reportedly Readying Assault On Islamic State Group Positions
Egypt reportedly is preparing a large-scale ground and air assault along the Libyan border to oust the Islamic State group from eastern Libya... [Ethiopia should use all its means to help Egypt succeed!!].
Ethiopia predicts record $1.5bn overseas direct investment in 2015

Foreign direct investment into Ethiopia will reach a record $1.5bn this year, on the back of successful efforts by the fast-growing and populous African country to attract overseas manufacturing companies.
Russian hackers read Obama's unclassified emails
(Reuters) - Russian hackers who penetrated sensitive parts of the White House computer system last year read President Barack Obama's unclassified emails,y
Flight Clearance Protocols Forced President Kenyatta Back,
Harambee One, the Kenya Airforce Fokker 70 carrying the Head of State, is said not to have been cleared on Ethiopian airspace over clearance. Long standing hostilities between Eritrea and Ethiopia mean that one cannot access Eritrea through Ethiopia....[Unless there is new development that warrants extra measures in the area the Kenyans should have been aware of any existing restriction in the area mentioned!]

Jolie basks in acclaim for controversial film.

London - Angelina Jolie’s acclaimed film about the kidnapping and rape of a 14-year-old girl in Ethiopia has helped burnish her image as a human rights campaigner.But the Hollywood star is at the centre of controversy, with the makers of Difret being accused of exploiting the real-life victim at the heart of its story

Choosing Decent Over Indecent Political Life
Adal Isaw 4/26/15 - Indecent political life doesn’t ameliorate any social ill—since it’s the sign of a failure to resolve an acute or benign political difference. It’s for this reason therefore...
Wildlife-watching on Ethiopia's stunning mountain ranges
It was just after sunrise in the Simien Mountains, a collection of peaks in northern Ethiopia, when I heard rustling coming from a thicket of tall grass. - See more at:
East Africa’s economic cooperation now includes electricity
VENTURES AFRICA – Regional integration has been a significant driver of East Africa’s economic boom in the past decade. Keen to extend this synergy, Ethiopia and Rwanda have announced plans to trade electricity between themselves
Ethiopians and Ethiopian Origins in Melbourne/Australia held memorial service and candle light vigil for Ethiopian citizens brutally murdered by ISIS in Libya and those killed in South Africa
Eth Embassy Washington DC 04-25-15

Memorial service was held in Washington D.C. for the 30 Ethiopians murdered by ISIS in Libya
Eth Embassy Washington DC 04-25-15
Global craving for ancient Ethiopian grain offers opportunities, pitfalls
ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — Six days a week, an Ethiopian Airlines flight departs for Washington, D.C., with a fresh batch of 3,000 injera on board. This pancake-shaped pale spongy bread...

Europe cannot be a cannon against Defenceless African Emigrants
Mulugeta Tesfay April 25 2015
Ethiopia: Free and Fair Election Practices vis-ŕ-vis the International Election Law Practices
Zeray Hailemariam April 25, 2015

A Week in the Horn 24.4.2015
MoFA April 24, 2-15
South African shops in Malawi shut in xenophobia boycott
South African-owned shops in Malawi have remained closed after calls for a boycott from activists angered at recent xenophobic attacks. In the commercial capital Blantyre, armed police guarded several leading South African chain stores.

Dr. Duri Mohammed - passed away
April 24, 2-15 - Dr. Duri Mohammed - passed away at 12:45am early this morning. He was born in Harar in 1936. He got his first degree from AAU, then his Masters from Berkley in California, & then his PhD from University of Reading - UK...

Some Observations: South Africa rising against Africa*
Asefa Belachew April 23, 2015

Condolence Letter from Ethiopian Embassy in Stockholm
Eth Embassy Sweden 04-23-15
New Balance of Power'
HOUSTON — For the better part of the last century, crude oil prices have swung like a pendulum, pushing and pulling the fortunes of nations. More often than not, global supplies of the volatile commodity were controlled...[How this partly explains the changes that we see in the middle east and by extension our region]

Ambassador Dina Presented his Credential to Kenya President
Kenya Ethiopia Embassy April 23, 2015

Letter of Condolence from Civil Society Organizations in Ethiopia
Ethiopian Federal Charities and Societies Forum (EFCSF) April 23, 2015
International experts analyze impacts of Ethiopian dam
The report raises five technical issues that require resolution. First, the GERD will join the Aswan High Dam as a second large reservoir on the Nile River. Egypt and Ethiopia need to formulate a plan for coordinating the operation of these two dams,..[This is not the latest study/report! Nonetheless be informed!]

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