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Current Events


Endereta Union Fertilizer Plant Inauguration Report


Tender No.ICB-003/2007: Preparation of strategic plan and organizational structure
Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation invites interested and eligible bidders to bid for preparation of Ethiopian broadcasting corporation strategic plan (2008 E.C to 2012 E.C).



Ginbot 20 24th Celebration Interview with Col Abraha

(We ask our esteemed readers to reach out to Tegadalay Col Abraha who is 81 years old. Make this year's Ginbot 20 Celebration meaningful!(updated 05-27-15))


President Abay Woldu On Ginbot20 and Current Events- Mekelle May 2015



Arise TV Interview With H.E Ambassador Berhanu Kebede


Every victory and every development we see today and in the future until this generation passes away, will be a tribute to those who gave it all! Let us not forget them. The building of a democratic Ethiopia started long time ago!


Election 2007(EC) Interesting Events: A newly formed colony of Honey Bee trying to establish camp on a tree while people are waiting to cast their vote


News, Analysis & Articles

The Twenty Fourth Anniversary of the Demise of the Military Junta Emblazoned by The 5th national and regional elections is a shining Red Carpet Day
Tsehaye Debalkew, Washington DC, May 29, 2015

Goog˗Man˗Goog:The Who Is Who of Ethiopian Opposition
Desta B. Sbhatu May 29, 2015 - We have just completed the Fifth Ethiopian Parliamentary. No stakeholder or observer of the Ethiopian politics has doubted about the victory of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) ...

Is there Casual Relationship Between Democracy and Development? Brief Analysis from Ethiopian Context.
Tamrat Dejene 05-29-15

Central Bank Currency Swaps Since the Financial Crisis
Since the financial crisis of 2007, central banks around the world have entered into a multitude of bilateral currency swap agreements with one another. These agreements allow a central bank in one country to exchange currency, usually its domestic currency, for a certain amount of foreign currency...[Interesting Read!]

Divine Ethiopia
Sunday Service in the church of Abuna Yemata Guh requires nerves of steel. Yet they assured me the congregations were good. “Don’t worry,” the priest fussed. “Pregnant women are attending, old people are attending, tiny children are attending.

Addis Ababa: The 'Dubai' Of Africa
With a boom in construction, Addis Ababa is slated to emerge as one of the most modern cities in Africa.Known as the home to the African Union, formerly the Organization of African Union (OAU), Addis Ababa is the largest city in Ethiopia with a population of over 2.5 million and is often referred to as the capital of Africa

A Week in the Horn 29.5.2015
MoFA Friday, May 29, 2015

Ethiopians celebrate 24th year anniversary of Ginbot-20 (May-28) victory in Somaliland
Ethiopian resident communities in Somaliland celebrated on Thursday (May 28th) 2015 the 24th year anniversary of Ginbot-20 (May-28) victory of the defeat of the repressive Dergue regime in Ethiopia

ሰማያዊው በሰማይ ላይ
ጀማል አብዱ 05-29-15

Neither a sprint nor a marathon
Africa’s most impressive economic managers suffer from excessive caution....[[The article may be full of assumptions but we agree over all the coming challenge(s) to Ethiopia will be from the unemployed and growing urban youth! If there is any take away from the current election, it is, the coming out of Semayawi party with the youth as its main constituent. Semayawi may have gambled this time associating with the wuhabist fanatics but come next time they may learn and try to exploit the youth dissatisfaction with lack of progress]

Win-win deal helps avoid war over Ethiopia's $5 billion Nile dam
HERZLIYA, Israel CRISIS averted? Scientists may be on the verge of resolving a potentially war-triggering water dispute: how to share out the flow of the River Nile. A decades-long row over one of the world's longest rivers pits downstream Egypt, whose agriculture depends on the river's flow, against upstream Ethiopia.....

Israeli air force chief unfazed Egypt may get Russia's S-300
HERZLIYA, Israel (Reuters) - The chief of Israel's air force on Wednesday played down worries voiced by some fellow officials about the possibility of Egypt acquiring advanced Russian-made air defenses.....[If Israel is not worried who else should be worried?]

Profile: Ethiopia's 'placeholder' PM quietly holds on
It must be tough to be barely a few weeks into a new job and read articles and academic reports in which people theorise that you are unlikely to hold onto it for long.

Ethiopian is set to start a direct flight from Los Angeles to Addis via Dublin starting June 20. Do not miss the current sale, some seats for some dates are available still we are told!!!

ESAT's call for terror
Bereket Gebru 05-27-15 There have been numerous attempts by Ethiopian foreign based political groups to create a common understanding and a platform to work together..[Must Read!]

አሁንም ኤሎሄ…
ሰባኬ ወንጌል ሸመልስ ተሊላ። ግንቦት 19 ቀን 2007 ዓ.ም።(Reply to earlier commentary by Jeleta)

African observers say Ethiopia poll credible
African Union observers said on Tuesday that Ethiopia's parliamentary election held on Sunday was credible except for a few irregularities

Ethiopia Striving to Stamp out Human Trafficking
Goitom Rezene 05-27-15

On Ginbot 20's Eve: Ethiopia's Future Looks Brighter than Ever
Atnafe Zenebe 05-27-15

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD): From Zero-Sum Politics to Win-Win Solution
Samuel Afeworki May 26, 2015 - In the vocabulary of African politics, zero-sum game politics and associated terms such as spoils politics, patronage, rent-seeking and clientele politics are prominent. Zero-sum in politics simply refers to...

The Politicized Human Rights Campaign against Ethiopia!
The two articles: “Oakland Institute’s efforts to damage Ethiopia’s development policies”, and “The Cry wolf of the Washington Post”, gave me strong evidences that the campaign against Ethiopia is completely politicized and obviously synchronized with election;...

Analysis: As Ethiopia votes, human rights are not the real story
Ethiopia’s elections have been overshadowed by criticism of the government’s human rights record. Fair enough, it’s a poor record. But this kind of one-dimensional thinking misses the point entirely. Far from tearing Ethiopia down, we should be looking at all the things this country is doing right. By SIMON ALLISON.

Russia's Landmark $2Bln Deal With Egypt for MiG Fighter Jets
Russia has agreed to deliver 46 MiG-29 air superiority fighters to Egypt and is soon expected to sign a deal worth approximately $2 billion, what might become the largest order since the fall of the Soviet Union...[The enemy is within, thus democracy not airpower, development not fire power will win the enemy. Unlike it's neighbors Ethiopia is betting on democracy and development to win the enemy within and far!]

Ethiopia: Update on Election 2007(EC)
This year's election turnout was massive and yet the most peaceful one. Though western media have been trying to undermine the election as nothing but fair and free Ethiopians have voted in masses! Many analyst have been wishfully expecting the opposition to gain some seats even though none of the oppositions were prepared to compete honestly. Even if they were to win all seats they were competing none of the opposition would have won a majority vote. The best the opposition could have hoped for is to come second to EPRDF as viable opposition collectively. An absolute control of parliament by EPRDF may not be good for democracy since EPRDF itself complains about the lack of good governance but it seems people have spoken! One hopes this will be good for development as a committed single minded government can do a lot of good things to develop the infrastructure and the economy! .... (Aigaforum May 25, 2015 1:50PM(pst))

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PM Hailemariam Desalegn Messgae to the Ethiopian People - May 2015



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