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"However, one significant problem I see in most of the comments has to do with competence, for such comments are mostly written by laymen with limited legal training or no training in international law at all. Even though some of the commentators are experts in different fields, these types of issues on international rivers non-navigational use or in general require specialized knowledge. Thus, my first advice to such commentators is to be less vociferous and also less dogmatic and learn from people who have the training and experience in the field..."More
Tecola Hagos nicely cutting to size the vociferous commentators and "know it all" experts in Diaspora!. I love Tecola for his cunning way of telling the truth eventhough I do not always agree with him in many ways at all! .... It is amazing to read and hear some of the very same so called know it all personalites saying the dam will not be built that it is a political ploy and then switch to the dam will cause war if it is built and now telling us about the Dam will be built but...type argument. No wonder Tecola is admonishing them to stick to what they are trained and educated for before making fools of themselves!
[Zeru Hagos 03/31/15]



Ambassador Wondimu Asamnew on current issues of Somalia and Ethio-Somalia diplomatic relations with Selam radio in D.C


VOA speaks to Wedi Gerahtu about the report of Human Rights Inquiry

(Good Interview Minya! ) - It is really pity the once gallant freedom fighters of Eritrea have turned to be such harsh on their own people? What do they think they were dying for when they were fighting tooth to nail from the dissolute Sahel foxholes if not for their people who are dying all over the Sinai desert? Something has really gone wrong with the psyche of Eritreans! Can independence be so intoxicating? How could the Ambassador think the proud people of Eritrea will taint their own country image they died for ? Eritrea is virtually a pariah state where millions of its people are abandoning the place they grow up and dearly fought for! "Kubo Debriyom Ela Yihadmu Alewu" Ambassador! Look inwards and save you country and save the region!)


Interview with Artist Enuye Takelle March 2015


Somali Region President tour of USA. Minnesota - March 2015


News, Analysis & Articles

The Ethiopian Student Movement (ESM): My Experiences in ESUNA, 1964-1971
Alem Habtu, New York February 25, 2015 - I regret that I am not able to make this presentation in person due to health issues. The major reason I was invited to this panel is probably because I was a member of ESUNA’s executive council for five years from 1965-1970: assistant secretary-general (1965-67), president (1967-68), and editor of Challenge (1968-70). My discussion will, therefore....[A Must Read!]

How and Why has the Ethiopian Strategy on the Renaissance Dam Succeeded?
Dr. Salman Mohamed Ahmed Salman

Ethiopia Strengthening Democracy, Election Culture
Ujulu Obang 03-31-15

  Nile Agreement Briefing
Dr. Tedros Adhanom Minister of Foreign Affairs on the Nile Declaration of Principle Agreement. What is new in the Agreement of Declaration of Principles? " You can get the actual answer from his Excellency!

Rock Star Bob Geldof Spearheads U.S. Private-Equity Push Into Ethiopia
ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia—A generation ago, this African nation was a magnet for Western charity. Today, some of America’s richest deal makers are delivering something new: investment...

Dubai, Ethiopia to boost bilateral ties
Addis Ababa, 30 March 2015 (WIC) - As part of its efforts to attract foreign investments to Dubai and to promote Dubai as a global business centre, the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) organized a strong Ethiopian Government and business leaders’ delegation through its ...

Ethiopia Plans to Introduce Secondary Bond Markets Next Tax Year
(Bloomberg) -- Ethiopia will develop a secondary market in government and corporate bonds next fiscal year to expand the country’s fundraising options, a central bank official said.

Nile Deal Signals Regional Reset Among Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia
On Monday in Khartoum, the leaders of Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia signed an initial accord on mutual water rights to the Nile River, removing another obstacle to Ethiopia’s massive Grand Renaissance Dam...
[Ethiopia should proactively thwart any future trouble to any Ethiopian migrants/refuges living in Yemeni before things turn for the worst. Ethiopia's mission in Yemen should double their effort to reach those that will be affected by the civil war developing. The conditions are ripe for Isaias Afeworki to jump in- South Sudan civil war and now Yemeni civil war sponsored by Iran are very good opportunities for him to cause havoc in the neighborhood now that Al shebab is almost a spent force!]
Views on the Agreement on Declaration of Principles on GERD Project

Getachew Mequanent 03-29-15 - Those who are critical of the Ethiopian government’s approach to the negotiation of this historical agreement do not appear to have understood that Ethiopia cannot have a paramount right in the use of Nile waters.

The Agreement on Declaration of principles: The GERD
Teshome Abebe March 28, 2015 - I hesitated commenting on the just concluded agreement on the declaration of principles between Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan concerning the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) precisely because ...

Ethiopian Democracy Comes of Age
Ezana Sehay 3/28/2015

Ethiopia eyes gas production, exports by 2017 - PM
ADDIS ABABA, March 27 (Reuters) - Ethiopia expects to start producing and exporting natural gas from under-developed reserves in its southeast by 2017, Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn said on Friday.

With big projects, Ethiopia shedding famine stereotype
ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) -- Ethiopia's planned new airport on the outskirts of the capital is still years from becoming a reality but Tewodros Dawit can already envision how grand it will look.

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