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Current Events
"Omo Kuraz 1 Sugar Project": The Pride of Ethiopia

The extremists and even "supporters" of EPRDF from the online community have been blaming METEC and our heroic Generals for the delay and assumed "misuse" of funds. Thanks Ben for shading some truth on this project! Shame to some of you who are trying to defame METEC!





PM Hailemariam on Ginbot20 25th Anniversary Celebration and More!

We hold EPRDF with high regard for not spending millions during this drought year on this historic silver jubilee anniversary of the National Holiday. By all indication the event was celebrated with out too much fanfare


The role of Patriotism, Populism and the Public during the armed struggle according to Dr Hasen Shufa and Major General Negash - DimtsiWoyane - May 28, 2016

 Dr Hasen Shufa

 Major General Berhane Negash(Wedi Medhin)




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As you are all aware the extremists and their media outlets have been churning all kinds of lies hoping such negative news will tarnish the EPRDF govt and the system. Lately, these lunatics have been trying to put wedges between the National Security Officials and also between METEC and other Front Organizations. They do this by massaging tiny truth in to a big lie!.
The truth: Berhane Kidanemariam of EBC will be leaving his current post for another post due to health reason.
As for the big lie: Isaias Woldegorgis has not been replaced nor removed from his current post. You should know EPRDF is going through tough times in reforming and fighting corruption. Expect such negative news to intensify as the reform moves forward. We will try to share what we know but try not to believe what you read on the many social websites at face value.
Aigaforum May 30, 2016

Baseless Sabotage against Examination is Only Irresponsible, Never Legitimate
Fetsum Berhane 05-30-16 - A security breach occurred at Ethiopia’s Ministry of Education and the National high school leaving examination is now postponed after leaks of the answers for the English language test were published online. Self-proclaimed rights activists claimed...
Video Reportage:Recreation of the Captured Eritrean Ginbot7 Foot Soldiers in South of the Country- Ethiopia, May 2016

የሚባክን ጊዜ የለንም
ተፈሪ መኮንን 05-30-16

ይነበብ ይግለጡ 05-30-16

The Africa We Want -The Leadership We Want! Where are the eagles?
Yohannes Mezgebe 05/29/16 - From 10 - 18 July 2016, African leaders will be meeting in Kigali, the capital of Rwanda for the 27th Ordinary Session of the Assembly of the African Union (AU). A key highlight of the forthcoming summit will be the election of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission (AUC). The winner, he or she, will lead the continental body for the next four years, renewable once.

Ethiopia Rebooted.
Ezana Sehay 05/28/16 - May 28th is a very special day in the contemporary Ethiopian calendar. It is the day Ethiopians pay homage to an occasion that set a new dawn in the nation and infuses it with meaning and orthodoxy, which in turn triggered a title wave of fresh change ...

Korea, Ethiopia to expand cooperation on economy, development
President Park Geun-hye and Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn held summit talks in Addis Ababa on May 26. The two leaders discussed measures to bolster cooperation on a wide range of sectors, including the economy, trade, investment, infrastructure construction, economic development and security.

Interview with Dr AddisAlem Balema Vice President of Tigrai, Ethiopia
(Aigaforum) May 25, 2016 - Dr AddisAlem Balema is Vice President of the Tigrai Regional State and veteran TPLF member currently serving as one of the executive member of TPLF. Among his current responsibilities are overseeing the economic development of the region and urban development. He has served as Ambassador of Ethiopia to....

ህዝቢ ዝአመነ ይዕወት፣ ግንቦት 20 ፀረ ትምክሕትን ፀቢብነትን
Pictorial Report of Ginbot20 celebration in Tsegede Nugus Tabia. The event was celebrated with representatives from all neighboring county's including the Amhara region!

DBL Group to set up $100m garment factory in Ethiopia
DBL Group, a leading apparel exporter, is investing $100 million to set up a garment factory in Ethiopia, encouraged by duty benefits for exports from the African nation to US markets... The integrated textile and garment factory to be built in the Tigray region of Ethiopia will add immense value to the Ethiopian economy and strengthen exports, according to news agency Bernama.
My Witness of Debre-Tabor
Tibebe Solomon May 27, 2016

The progress in Ethiopian Somali region is a reality that cannot be masked by cheap propaganda of UBBO remnants through media
Ahmed Deeq Hussein 05/26/16
25th ANNIVEERSARY OF MAY 28, 1991:A Startling Red Carpet Day!!
Tsehaye Debalkew, Washington DC, May 26, 2016
A new mega hydroelectric project in Ethiopia for Salini Impregilo €2.5 billion contract signed for the Koysha dam
Salini Impregilo continues to be a partner in development for Ethiopia as it will build a new hydroelectric plant in the Koysha area. The new megaproject is worth €2.5 billion and will have an installed capacity of 2,200 MW.

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