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Current Events
Mesfin Bezu Coverage of the Addis Light Rail Service Inauguration and Many more...



Ethiopia Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn at UNGA event and on Industrialization in Africa


Diaspora Engagement -Ethiopian Embassy London -2015


ANDM Briefing to Journalist and Media Professionals on the upcoming 35th Anniversary Celebration - Oct 2015



Interview with Dr Getachew Beteru - Sep 2015


Dr Getachew appeared at Hedase Le Ethiopian Online forum to answer few questions on Addis Light Train project as well as over rail infrastructure development in Ethiopia!


Short remarks of Rasi Mengesha during his visit to Mekelle for Meskel Celebration- Sep 2015



Interview with Megabaru Kebede Eastern Gojjam Administrator during the occasion of ANDM 35th Celebration- Sep 2015



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News, Analysis & Articles

Ethiopia aims to grow tourism threefold in five years: minister

ADDIS ABABA: Ethiopia aims to triple its number of foreign visitors to more than 2.5 million by 2020, making tourism a pillar of one of Africa's fastest-growing economies.Visitor numbers have risen at least 10 percent a year for the past decade, albeit from a very low base. More than 750,000 tourists came during fiscal year 2014/2015, generating US$2.9 billion for the economy, said Culture and Tourism Minister Amin Abdulkadir.

Ethiopian Airlines in record profit as African rivals drown in losses

For two years in a row Ethiopian airlines has continued to make profits, even as her continental rivals like the state carriers in Egypt, South Africa and Kenya Airways make losses. The Ethiopian carrier recently announced a profit of nearly $ 200 M, that's one of the best results it’s had since it was set up. So what has the airline been doing differently? Girum Chala tells us more.

Why Ethiopia outperforms Africa's democracies
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia now has a light rail system. Lagos, Nigeria has been trying to build a light rail system. It is over-budget and has been marred by allegations of corruption...Abuja had planned to install CCTV cameras that ran over-budget. Sounds familiar? It should, it is pretty close to what happened to our own attempts to install security cameras in Nairobi.What do these comparisons illustrate? They illustrate what happens when you have a focused and serious elite class. It is not about democracy or accountability...[Our brothers to the south are having hard time understanding the Developmental State Model. Democracy functions better where there is respect to rule of law! We hope some one will sit-down with them to explain them how Ethiopia's democracy works! Mr Ken Opalo, you are not alone in this regard! Many of our own opposition also think TPLF/EPRDF is lucky to have won over its adversaries starting from the early days of the struggle! They never understand to-date luck has nothing to do but hard work, fighting for the right cause and principle for their success!

7.5 million going hungry as Ethiopia crisis worsens
Addis Ababa (AFP) - The number of hungry Ethiopians needing food aid has risen sharply due to poor rains and the El Nino weather phenomenon with around 7.5 million people now in need ...[The first victims of drought and erratic rainfall in Ethiopia are always the nomadic and pastoralist people. Ethiopia has been trying to resettle these people and help them overcome the drought year effects by building dams and developing the area so the people are employed year round. However Survival International is holding a meeting of "Experts meet to 'prevent humanitarian catastrophe' in Ethiopia" simply to derail any government effort to mitigate such effect. Where are the voices of these institutions now? Imagine what the effect in Afar would have been now without Awash Dam and that in Somalia without the hard work that went to introduce agriculture using Wabishebel River! Imagine also what the water stored at Gibe III and IV in the future will do to mitigate drought effect to our people - which the lords of poverty are trying to undo!]

A Week in the Horn 2.10.2015
MoFA 10-02-15

“ጋን በጠጠር ይደገፋል”
ቶሎሳ ኡርጌሳ 10-02-15

Meet Seedstars World’s 11 top startups of Ethiopia
The startup competition for emerging markets, Seedstars World, has made it to Ethiopia for the first time, revealing 11 of the East African county’s best startups.Invited to pitch in Addis Ababa next week for a chance to win up to US$500 000 in equity ...

Eritrea May Face Palace Revolution
Amen Teferi 10-01-15 - Considering that TPDM has the strongest, in relative terms, armed group operating in Eritrea, the defection of the commander along with his eight hundred fighters would surely signify that the armed positions in Eritrea are at their lowest ebb. It also equally implies the menacing problems the rogue state in Asmara is facing. Here I am trying to unpack the political significations...

Foreign Minister Speaks at Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting (Oct 01, 2015)
Foreign Minister, Dr Tedros spoke at a panel discussion held under the theme: "Unleashing Women’s Economic Empowerment" on the 30th of September 2015 in New York at the sidelines of the UN General Assembly....

How Ethiopia has cracked down on people smugglers
It was from here that Haimanot, aged just 16, gathered all her belongings, borrowed 3,000 Ethiopian birr ($140; £95) and crossed the border into Sudan in search of a better life. She travelled at first on foot under cover of darkness...

IMF Executive Board Concludes 2015 Article IV Consultation with Ethiopia
Ethiopia’s recent macroeconomic performance has continued to be strong overall, though with some rising domestic and external vulnerabilities. Economic growth in 2014/15 was buoyant (at an estimated 8.7 percent), supported by booming manufacturing and construction sectors.

How to Share Water Along the Nile
CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — On the Blue Nile in Ethiopia, construction is underway on a public works project of gigantic physical proportions and exquisite political delicacy. The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, now about halfway finished, amounts to a test ...John H. is a professor at M.I.T. and director of the >Abdul Latif Jameel World Water and Food Security Lab...This article looks as if it was written to appease the sponsors but the key take away is "sharing"! Good to know the writers think Egypt must share the Nile water but as far as the Renaissance Dam Goes" We are the financiers, engineers and builders" Ethiopia is moving ahead with a win-win solution and no amount of hired gun writings will stop her from finishing the Dam! War will be the least desired option for Egypt. The sooner people like John knows about this the better Egypt will also come up with a win-win solution!

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