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African son elected as Director General of World Health Organization



African son elected as Director General of World Health Organization.

 Congratulation to Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.


Luel Gebremedhin (U.S.A)

May 31, 2017

Ethiopia never disappointed by her sons and daughters in the eyes of the World for centuries. Back to the Italian aggression of the late 80’s and early 90’s, brave and patriot Ethiopian defeated badly the Western aggressor that tried to undermine and scramble the holy land at the battle of Adwa on March 2, 1896. Indeed, it was decisive and stunning victory not only for Ethiopian alone but also Africans taking into their own freedom. Adwa remains connected and symbolized the freedom and liberty of the continent of Africa and teared down the wishful so called “scramble of Africa” designed on the Berlin Conference by dictators like Fascist party leader Benito Mussolini. The Pan African University milestone has been grounded on April 2017 in the symbolic northern city of Adwa to reserve and magnify the history of Ethiopian patriots in particular and all African in general. The University signifies and restores the vision and ideology of Pan Africanism crafted by the ingenious founding Fathers and becomes a single Unified Center for Africans. We all Ethiopian and African brothers and sisters pleased and honored by the prestigious foundation of the University.


When it comes to diplomatic stage, Ethiopia has induced influential and inordinately skilled World class Diplomats, Ambassadors, and Ministers at different period of time. Just to name few, honorable and proficient Diplomat Aklilu Habte-Wold served his nation at various diplomatic levels. He was one of the visionary Ethiopian diplomats played significant roles at Continental and International Arena.


We have many to thank and admire the late former Prime Minister of Ethiopia honorable Meles Zenawi. The sudden and untimely natural death shocked his Nation in particular and the Whole World in general. Prime Minister Meles Zenawi was the World class mind, the mastermind of the Millennium development, the first prime Minister in Ethiopia history transforming the Country in many ways. For instance, the economic development and strategy, peace and stability, practical constitutional federalism, and strategic foreign policy are some of the pillars associate with the legacy of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. This gifted person taught us that there is no bigger enemy to human being than poverty and indeed he was the enemy of Poverty. Ethiopia has been registered double digit economic growth during the administration of Prime Minister Meles. What a gifted man we have had!.


During the Seventeen years Internal War with the Derg regime, the Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, went cave( chaka) to pay the ultimate sacrifice for the Ethiopian People and he succeed together with all peace loving comrades and defeated and buried the Derg regime once for all. Ethiopian remember Prime Minister Meles for generation to come for his entire life dedication for his People. When handful African leaders chairing by the late Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi have planned to relocate the headquarter of the African Union from its origin(Ethiopia) to elsewhere, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi has argued the planners and rocked them out from the agenda they have had and thanks to our late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi the headquarter is still in its place. What a man he was! .We missed badly our Prime Minister Meles. God bless the Prime Minister and his family.


In the Sudden War of (1999 to 2000) with Northern neighbor Eritrea, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi commanded and managed the unwanted and unexpected war with victory and the World peace prize Organization selected and recompensed Prime Minister Meles Zenawi for his contribution. However, Some Ethiopian Scholars argued and had different opinions on Prime Minister Meles Zenawi regarding the issues and procedures of the cessation of Eritrea from her Motherland Ethiopia and also Some Ethiopian Scholars have disagreed with the Prime Minister Meles, on the Ethiopia National Security and interest regarding Ethiopia Foreign Policy especially with neighboring countries on all directions from West to East and North to South. Still the issues of unclear Ethiopia Foreign policy towards Eritrea rounds up and a large number of Ethiopian seek clarification about it. The freedom of expression and Human right violation issues also other areas that the Prime Minister blamed for it during his administration by a number of Ethiopian and their biased watchdog the so called “Human Right Organizations”.


               The World has missed Prime Minister Melse. When the Rwandan Genocide crises erupted and took thousands of innocent Rwandans life, the Whole World deeply saddened. Prime Minister Meles Zenawi stood with the People of Rwanda and sent Ethiopian military personnel’s and skilled Crime Investigators to help the Government of Rwanda and its people. The Rwandan government rewarded Prime Minister Meles Zenawi the highest honor of the Country for the accomplishment of the Prime did to the Rwandan people. The Rwandan People bear Prime Minister Meles Zenawi as their own son and he deserves that affliction.


In the case of Somalia, when the Al Qaeda wing Somalia Islamic Court mudded the Somali land, killed and displaced the Somali people, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi sided With the Somali people and crushed the Islamic court within short period of time and the Somali people thanked the Prime Minister for his involvement and support. After South Sudan liberated from the North, border dispute nagged the new Nation and both Nations (South and North sudan) requested and appealed to Prime Minister Meles Zenawi to arbitrary the two and he succeed.


               In Climate change, Prime Minister Meles was one of the actors and advocators of the issue. He has been elected to represent his Continent in World Climates summit climate discussions and conferences at various International levels. Before honorable Madam Dr.Ellen Johnson Sirleaf became president of Liberia, Civil unrest emerged and flooded her Country (Liberia) and many Liberians lost their life during the internal civil disorders. Prime Minister Meles Zenawi sent Ethiopian Peacekeeper Military men and women to Liberia help to restore peace and stability to the Liberian People and he succeed. The Liberian People have credited the Ethiopian People and former Prime Minister Meles to the highest respect possible.


               In connection With the Abay River( known as Nile River outside Ethiopia), the World has never ever forget the name Meles Zenawi itself since his ( Meles Zenawi) fingerprint has been stuck for ever on the ground, the wall, the side, the front, the back of river Abay. Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, the first Ethiopian leader in history to build the National symbolic dam on river Abay which is (Nile River), made the Ethiopian People proud of themselves and brought his Nation back on the line to move forward like it was before .Think about the Axumite Civilization and the Gonder Civilization. Ethiopian are heading to get back what they lost for many decades. Thank you Prime Minister Meles Zenawi for your leadership, courage, and thought you have given us. We never ever forget your vision and strategy at all. We carry on your Vision even after we get in the line you have lined for us. God bless your soul my Prime Minister Meles Zenawi. You are missed alot. I was crying nonstop when l was writing his name. I am sorry.


Dr.Tekeda Alemu,Current Ambassador of Ethiopia to the United Nation, by far the most remarkable lifetime golden Ethiopian diplomat ever.He represents and serves his Nation on World stage immensely. His innate, fervid, and rich profusion made him become statesman and diplomat to serve his Nation, the Continent of Africa and the World at large. What a blessed and proud having Dr.Tekeda Alemu son of Ethiopia! Dr.Tekeda Alemu contributions, devotions, and dedications to his beloved Country are numerous particularly in the field of diplomacy. Yet in recent time he engaged with and worked vigorously at the United Nation to have Ethiopia seat in the United Nation Security Council as Non-Permanent Representative. That was indeed unexpected and historic event. We have too many perfect words to Credit Dr.Tekeda Alemu for his ultimate, exemplary, and quintessential achievements


In Sport, Ethiopia always remembers the late honorable Yidnekachew Tessema (was President of national Olympics Committee and Commissioner of Sport Federation) and the late long distance runners Abebe Bekila, and Miruts Yifter. “Honorable Yidnekachew Tessema was instrumental In the founding member of the Confederation of African Football”. Their devotions to their Homeland remain icon for generations to come. Also Ethiopia is blessed by her beloved, valiant, figurative, and intrinsic sport men and women like Atlet Haile Gebresilassie, Kenenisa Bekele, Derartu Tulu , Gete Wami, Tirunesh Dibaba , Werknesh Dibaba, Meseret Defar, Fatuma Roba, Berhane Adere, Kutre Dulech and the list goes on. Their attainments to their Country are incalculable and priceless.

In Music and Art, legendary and jazz king honorable Mulatu Astatke and the late honorable architecture maître artist Afewerk Tekle flow into our mind right away. It is true that both men are Ethiopia’s precious and instrumental artist in the music and artistic industry specially in jazz music and architecture around the globe. Their delectation and monolithic talent connects Ethiopia with the rest of the world magnanimously.


In the fashion industry, we have an Ethiopian-born Liya Kebede on the front line. Our dearest sister, Liya, is model, maternal health advocator, closing designer, an actress, and goodwill ambassador in the united nation. Her discerning wide aggregated vision inspires millions of men and women around the world. She is a proud, influential and talented Ethiopian daughter and Icon in the fashion business field internationally.


In Business and Investment sector, we have the man that steadfast to his motherland by investing and dispersing huge amount assets and created a number of companies, and manufacturers beneficial to the public substantially. Billionaire honorable Dr.Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi ,major investor in Ethiopia and elsewhere in the World, is playing his magnificent key roles to revive and transform the staggering and tribulation economy during the Derg regime and before to the highest level of self-sufficient and self-reliant economy of the County. This God given man to Ethiopia promised his people time and time again to make Poverty history and transform the livelihood of thousand and millions of Ethiopian. We Ethiopian have deepest respect and admiration to Dr. Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Ali Al Amoudi for his attributions and contributions to Ethiopia and the World as well. The Ethiopian people never forget what they got from this man for years and decades to come.


When we talk to about the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) which is a commodities exchange established in April 2008 in Ethiopia and new in type, we praise Dr. Eleni Zaude Gebremedhin founder and an architect of the commodity market setting. Dr. Eleni,an Economist, former Chief Executive of the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange,has set a record to improve and modernize the marketing system of Ethiopia and she earned the highest degree of admiration from the Ethiopian Government and the People as well. Dr. Eleni Gebremedhin vision and plan uplifted a significant number of Ethiopian Crop Producers to manage and get fair market value to the products they cultivated. Well respected scholar, and beloved by many, Dr. Eleni Gebremedhin serves the World Community at various and key positions. Few to mention, “She has held senior positions in the World Bank, the International Food Policy Research Institute( Washington), and the United Nation(Geneva). Dr. Eleni Gebremedhin accommodates massive and tested skills working experiences on the field of Agricultural sectors particularly in developing nations such as South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. The Ethiopian people have timeless gratitude for Dr. Eleni Z. Gebremedhin for her best achievements and straight record to help modernizing the marketing system of Ethiopia. God bless my sister.


Now we have an African son come to the World to lead the highest Office which is the World Health Organization as Director General. Dr.Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus made another history to his Country, Continent, and the Globe. He is the first ever elected to this position from his Soil and the Continent of Africa. May 23, 2017, the Africans in particular and the World in general delighted by black African son elected to administer the Global Office.Dr.Tedros Adhanom, Career diplomat, Doctor in the Health Sector, and Politician, nominated by the Ethiopian Government to compete to the position and had un waivable and full back support from the World and African diplomats and his People. The reverence of the Ethiopian People, the African People, and the Developing Nations in general hallmarked Dr.Tedros to be productive and flourished.


Dr.Tedros Adhanom campaigned intensely and effectively for the past one and half years by providing precise campaign plans and directions. Above all, his magnitude setting goals such as equitable universal health coverage, justification of costs incur by the Organizational structures, building trust in transforming the work habit of the Organization were key spots attracting the eyes and minds of the assembly. His agglomerated experiences were also stigmatization to the World Health Assembly. The story untimely death of Dr.Tedros Adhanom brother by curable disease touched the heart of millions globally. Our Ethiopian and African son Dr.Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus registered another victory to the history book of his Nation on the World. Ethiopia was very well known by the bad images of famine, drought, and internal self-inflictions for many year and yet true these images getting cracked down and back on track on different ways and Dr.Tedros Adhanom road to the Health Organization clearly reflects the drastic rising and changing the perspective of Ethiopia Universally. Africa earned the right person on the site to tackle in combat serious diseases such as HIV, Ebola, Hepatitis, malaria, and various curable diseases that affect millions of lives around the earth. Dr. Tedros has all the skills and experiences to deal with such conditions. He did it in his Country though he had sharp criticism on the undisclosed cholera outbreak when he was Health Minister of Ethiopia. Dr.Tedros Adhanom obtained a substantial positive media coverages from Local to International enormously.


Dr.Tedros have had very acute competition and competitors since he announced to run for the organization. The road he walked through were rough and tough even though he had Public and Diplomatic supports on his back. Nevertheless, he knocked out and traumatized the evil and the curved roads. The evil, because few his fellow indigenous American Ethiopian descents flashed their red light to attack him for little or no rational reason(s). Professor Alemayehu G.Mariam, Instructor of political science at California State University, San Bernardino, leads the senseless, untimely, and inhuman vicious attack to Dr. Tedros early in morning. The Professor, respected fellow, Father and Husband showed the Ethiopian people and the World how he (Professor) is an ethnic centric, sided and biased politician, and indeed dangerous and offensive person he is (Professor). I have full respect to my brother Professor Al.Mariam not only as scholar but just as my blood. I believe his ancestors rooted and originated in Ethiopia and that nothing else but enough for me to do so. I read his materials at timely manner and share his sharp criticism to Ethiopian Ruling Party on some key points however, when it comes national interest and imaging, l darley disagree with my fellow brother since he paints his dashboard black and white. The Professor appeals and accuses Dr.Tedros not by his performance and ability to run the job of World Health Organization but by his ethnicity blindly and bluntly and that l believe is dangerous to walk with my dear American- Ethiopia descent brother Professor Al.Mariam. l prefer not to walk with Professor Alemayehu Gebremariam and let alone finish what the Professor started about the so called “ Attacking identity and ethnicity” plus “Inciting violence by vibrating fiery speeches and articles consistently”. If doing that makes him happy, nothing but l wish my brother good luck and see you walking on the road.


On May 16, 2017, another Person, this time a Female Ethiopian Journalist Reeyot Alemu appealed to the World Health Organization Assembly one week before the final round to discredit Dr.Tedros Adhanom .One of her claims stated as” the World Health Organization (WHO), an important global institution, is on the verge of falling into the abyss of scandal. I fear that WHO’s reputation will be tarnished and credibility questioned if it elects Dr. Tedros Adhanom. The fact that Dr. Adhanom ( his first name omitted by Reeyot Alemu),one of the top human rights violators making life miserable to the people of Ethiopia, has managed to be the last three candidates ,bidding to take over the position of Director -General, is very troubling and alarming”. Her claim sounds warm and effective appeal but the fact the matter is World Health Organization elected Dr.Tedros Adhanom on May 23, 2017 by 133 Nations strong vote. The main point here is not how many votes have been casted out but it is about the claim my sister Reeyot Alemu tried to fish and mess around was not grounded by factual evidence since there is nothing out of sight and mind of these days. The Ethiopian people know the truth, Reeyot Alemu knows it, and others do. If Dr.Tedros would be criminal to that degree, as you wrote down, Dr.Tedros wouldn't had get 133 votes even he wouldn't had started his candidacy at all period. I have deep respect to my sister Reeyot Alemu for her tireless work and courage as journalist and former Kaliti prisoner however, I have no respect professionally when it comes information distortion. I would like to see evidences not hate, Professional ethics and truth not deformation, love not inciting fear and disorder, unity not divisiveness and disconnection, positivity and solution oriented not self-infliction, vision not backwardness. I can understand what my sister went through all the way down the road in her life. It is touchable in nature as human however, there is always story and that established story has two sided of facts and l left Reeyot Alemu accusation on Dr.Tedros Adhanom to the Ethiopian people to judge. It is healthy and normatic to oppose someone especially People run for Office because they are Public figures. I strongly believe Reeyot Alem did not change anything by cursing and blacking Dr.Tedros Adhanom irrationally and blindly. Reeyot Alem entertains, exercises, vibrates, and shares the ideology of Professor Alemayehu Gebremariam totally. Dangerous people!


The so called “Ethiopian Satellite Television and radio( abbreviated as ESAT), which is a controversial biased media, and political weapon, financed by undisclosed sources, muckraked distorted and fact less information about Dr.Tedros Adhanom to the world unashamedly. The network’s combined and groundless effort did not deter the doctor from becoming the man of the Top. ESAT burned and consumed incalculable amount of energy to adverse ,deject, and divert Dr.Tedros Adhanom road to the highest Institution however, nothing worked out well because the network and the people work for the network controlled and governed by Ethiopian historic adversaries and few Ethiopian mercenaries. It is not complicate to figure out what the adversarial does. The network, which is ESAT staged up unfairly and irrationally to bite the back of Dr.Tedros Adhanom from sunrise to sunset but again failed to stop the unstoppable. The station manages by Ato Abebe Gelaw,former Editor of major Ethiopian newspaper in Addis Abeba,young mercenary, walked top and bottom, prepared and distributed mountain of false and distorted documents from America to Europe to attack Dr.Tedros Adhanom falsely despite the fact that Ethiopia Dearest son Dr.Tedros Adhanom showed us the courage, resilience, and the road to victory and the Whole World congratulated him for his solid willed outcome. The purposeful destructions pumped by ESAT never hurt Dr.Tedros Adhanom even not close to that assumption since the content and fact appeared and thrown to the World by this media network were definitely baseless. Ato Abebe Gelaw swallowed the fact and the victory of Dr.Tedros Adhanom annoyed and bitterly and hope my brother Abebe Gelaw got the point this time. If Abebe Gelaw did not get the point, our brave and reasonable Ethiopian brothers and sisters got the point and they will continue getting the point believe me. God bless Ethiopia. God bless Dr.Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.


The good Wishes and gratifications are pouring to Dr,Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus from the World Society unseen and unheard before and it is my deepest pleasure to thank and wish all the best to my brother Dr.Tedros Adhanom. Well done Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus!!!


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