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Ethiopia: Anyone Can Hold The Helm When The Sea Is Calm.

Ethiopia: Anyone Can Hold The Helm When The Sea Is Calm.

By Ali Sheikh 11-04-17

 Normally we feel indebted of doing a certain task down at our rural or urban homes. As farmer or Camel herdsman, shepherd, cattle herdsman, or sometimes stockier can make you feel so honoured. However, for every duty we do a few specific variables to consider before obligating into that bit of chores. Ordinarily what matters most among others is the appropriateness of your skills to manage the designated task. Much more important is the time we pick. For instance if you are Camel herder, the numbers are much more conscious cause than defence against the raid. For this reason, camel owners are always eager to count fingers about the effectiveness of gestation season. In the pastoralists’ context, the cycle of conception of the Camels starts amid the warm rainy period of the Dyer season [Oct to Dec.]. This is the time for the he-camel to show the stimulus for libido. It will release a dark dye [pigment] from the skin gland mainly upper front of the neck next to the chin. This motivates the male camel to chase and attract the she-camel. This is a very crucial moment for the Geel-Jire (Camel herder man). If the he fails to select, organize and tie downs the female for the male to mount to effect gestation process. 


Then the Geel-Jere’s will miss the golden season. At worst the Geel-Jire will face the brunt of the bullet or face with the wrath of the siblings and the sin of soothsayers. Same is true to agriculturalists. Farmers are exceptionally cheerful when the sun is sparkling and shining brilliantly. In the event a farmer misses the timing he/she may never again get the sunshine to dry the feed up until the next season. On the off-chance, that is when the sky is clear and the sun is shining/sparkling rays of hope and for hurrah. A genuine farmer will never postpone the task of making the feed/hay to dry the next day. The metaphorical importance of these examples donates that any person should not underestimate in utilising the window of chance when it opens by itself, so is the peace.


 Look at what is happening in Somalia. The only homogenous society in Africa continent where they share collective culture, common faith-Islam, same language with mutual identity, yet the daily occurrence of death as a result of radicalized suicide bombers goes beyond the logic. What do you think if the national question of Ethiopia made up of nearly 83 cultural nationalities collapse? In Somalia where there’s only one ethnic nationality suffer a lot from  radicalized terrorism that cost daily loses of persons, properties and businesses by one group called Al-Shabaab. How many ethnic based radical groups you think would emerge in Ethiopia in the unlikely event of collapse? If you see what is going on in the neighbouring countries bordering Ethiopia, a wise person would take a breath to think twice before going mad with the peace at hand.


Somalia is now on the abyss of death caused by Al-Shabaab, South Sudan—on footage of new style of civil war. Yemen— filled with inferno of extremism between the Houthis and Sunni tribes. Eritrea— is a ticking time bomb, while Kenya— is at risk of constitutional crisis taking the country on the verge of civil war. Where is the safer route for escape for those wished to ignore the importance of peace? When you make the best decision to mind your country at personal level, you will receive the sentiment of peace and serenity related with it. When everything is said, it will affect you alone, but not collectively. Remember the hasty climbers would always have sudden falls. The existing fact with regards to ethnolinguistic fragmentation Ethiopia unveils perfect ground to yield the nastiest of civil war ever saw in Sub-Saharan Africa. God forbid! Because of the intricacy and the nature of inter/intra-ethnic cleavages, it’s possible for Ethiopians to face endless conflict and violence of war on the basis of racial, political, and religious divisions, in case Ethiopians fail to appreciate peace and the stability at hand. In most cases, and to somewhat extent, conflicts is indefinite and is unlikely to end once it starts. For those who are thinking they are running out of patience with the plenty pacification [peace] at their disposal should have to consider once that peace falls down, it collapses forever. Very good example is the insecurity situation exposed to our brothers and sisters in Somalia since 1991, same is true in South Sudan, Iraq, Libya, Tunisia and etc. Once the system of peace and stability in a country falls apart it packs to leave for good.  As a result at the bottom of patience to the peace and stability at hand, everyone finds the dream world in the heaven. In Jan 25th 1991 Somalia republic under Gen. Mohamed Said Barre collapsed, afterwards the painful civil war that claimed hundreds of thousands of life started in full swing immediately. Luckiest others fled to the neighbouring nations as refugees. The states that hosted the first wave of the Somalis refugees mass exodus Ethiopia, Kenya, Djibouti, Yemen before going to the western states as asylum seekers. All of these countries had frontiers with Somalia, the community living along these border lines were by chance ethnic Somalis and Muslims by faith. Thus, it was possible to integrate so easily. In that, people they found across the borders of these countries were their ethnic brethren, except Yemen whom they also share with strong Islamic cultures. The physical identity, the language, the culture, the clan connection and the economic pattern were the same, for this reason Somali refugees felt at home and easily absorbed.  Last week, I met a friend called Guled Hassan from Somalia. His visit to Addis Ababa was to attend the seminar to be held at the AU headquarter. Guled request to be taken out to and drive around the city. He was interested to see mainly the Light Train (Metro). The line runs 17km (11 miles) from industrial areas in the south of Addis Ababa to the centre; a second east-to-west line of the same length is still being built. This eased the possibility to make at least some journeys within and outskirt of the town. Without necessarily defying the hectic jam streets across the city as in the case of other African metropolis such as; Nairobi, Lagos or Johannesburg and etc.


Making a fix guess to different big building along the road, Mr Guled was amazed by the roadway crossing roads that are mainly bright, mostly lit and mostly clean, a description fitting African’s fast-growing capital city of Ethiopia. Driving from Bole Road towards Stadium, Mr. Guled saw the traffic police officers dressed with number-one uniform sitting on the latest design, 2017 Harley-Davidson Glide Police motorbikes sporadically monitoring the road use. Feeling sense of sorrow on his face Mr. Guled lamented; 

This is the fruit of peace and security where a government of its true sense can act and exist. I was born May 1990 and I am now nearly 27 years. Until now i have never seen the true sense of government systems in control. All I saw is different style of mass killing, poverty, road potholes, and destroyed buildings. My capital town Mogadishu has horrible traffic jam and in most journeys within the city, say a distance of 1 KM involves negotiating roads clogged with beeping or honking cars and choked with dust and fumes.”


Hindsight of all of these facts is to give teachings the current youth in the Oromia region and caution them not to become agent of fascist externalists whose children’s future are already calculated in Western countries. Everywhere in the country come to an agreement that the present government structures of Ethnic federalism rewards the merit of nationality question. So the ill-fated guys running the centre of the current violence in the Oromia region are only there to destroy your chance of life. They are out there for nothing else but wasting succeeding opportunities as youth of the future generation. The violence and the unrest that was going on in Oromia region in the recent past were quite intolerable circumstances. Students learning were interrupted, farmers businesses with other regional States markets were broken up. Houses were divided and the entire regional economy were marred as other regions were fighting against poverty.


While politicians in the Oromia region were in the past caught amid power struggle mainly on how to share power pie. The social basis of the rural peasant, the colleges and universities and the entire fraternity of their region felt the brunt of the evil intruders. As a consequence, the nationalities question featuring in the “National Democracy” theoretical framework of EPRDF took a nosedive briefly. Such philosophic leniency as a result of internal command fracas resulted from diversion of responsibilities of the OPDO party. Now that the door is widely unlocked evil forces sneak home so easily and revolutionised students and impregnate with the small-mindedness fascist doctrine. To such a degree, the great student and other yet to be employed youths becomes the petty object of interest of "outsiders. “Oh, how bourgeois! “By virtue of their current political position and of the fact that the existing social status attached to it caused them to fade away from the political reality of the ruling party Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) whose main beliefs is/was power-to-empower-peasant. In that way, the great students of the Oromia region become the first instance captives of the external imperialists in pursuant of the so-called “Regime Change” agenda. On top of those heretics, the insignificant bourgeois from exploiting only with their selfish ambition of engaging in the establishment of a system based on feudalistic ideas and values in Ethiopia. At this time, there are growing improvement and students begun to feel pressure from the might socio-economic circumstances frustrated by their unhealthy violence. These have cost them huge decline of economic status, prevailing insecurity fending away regional investors, failure of inter and intra-regional market linkages.


The new generation should always advocate the continuity of real national democracy as the destination of the Ethno-Federalism principles. A comprehensive arrangement of this general goal is the Programme of Action of EPRDF’s policy. All other objectives flow from this single goal. Students should group together and fight vigorously to prevent intrusion of Neo-imperialists and feudal exploitation that constricts their opportunities as the future leader’s whole nation. The struggles of the students should have its principal goal towards achieving the Ethnic based federal system under the surveillance of national democracy. As I said in one of my previous article, the social strata of the country have been infiltrated by the Neo-colonialist, the drivers of illegal regime change. I tell you, the starting point are already vigorous enough to make the first propaganda and marketing effort. 


Although it has been disenchanted tactically by the patriotic security personnel boys by making the entire evil outsiders’ conspiracy attempt to look like a disordered dinner party.
A serious endeavour of reorientation programme should, therefore, be commenced in order to transform the teachers, lecturers, and collage and universities students in the Oromia region. The transformations plan should include the Neo-Cultural inclination in relation to the significance of Ethno-Federalism Doctrine operating under the mercy of National Democratic compass of EPRDF. Again, as part of the transformation plan, EPRDF shall reconsider enlargement factor of their circle from the existing “Four Parties’ Coalition” to a broader and all-inclusive national party. Where membership shall be based on the personal capacity as well as the ideology commitment of the member. Similarly, within that [to be formed] national party, there should be a room for student forerunners membership docket. Student—here I mean those youth undertaking studies in colleges and universities.


Student membership should have an Ex-officio status. This means, they cannot vote, and cannot contest to hold political position within rank and file hierarchy of the party up until concluding studies. One reason why I should propose room for tutees/students within the party membership is fact of growing number of universities in the country. Increasingly more sizable student emerged than ever before in the whole history of Ethiopia. Because of the disseminated locations of the universities across the regional states in the country students forecast special characteristic of mobility and interceptions with large social networks of age mate. Once they grasp the concepts of Ethno-Federal principle for National Democracy, they can fan out widely to transmit these philosophies across to their families, thus making everyone to be on board.



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