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The Diaspora has a sole role in building Ethiopia


The Diaspora has a sole role in building Ethiopia

Tesfaye Lemma 06-06-17

The political space in Ethiopian has been widened from time to time. It has become an inclusive and participatory to any citizen at home or abroad. In this regard, Ethiopian Diaspora community has also engaged in their country’s political affairs, since the coming of EPRDF into power. The political parties at home also have heated participations in the political arena. The continuing dialogue among the political parties is one of the indications of the free and democratic participation of political parties at home. Besides, the space is opened to Ethiopian living abroad.

However, a few of the Ethiopian Diaspora are misapprehension in viewing the current Ethiopian situation.  While the majority of the political parties agreed and continued their political negotiation and dialog at home, a few groups residing abroad have wrong attempt in the democratization process in Ethiopia. Thus, they are still advocating to the interference of external mediators to the Ethiopian politics without any justifications in contrary to the majority of the Ethiopian political parties who decided to have their negotiations without external mediators. 


In fact, these parties are going smoothly, following their decisions to conduct the discussion/debate without any mediator.  Experiences of other countries indicated that, external observers could be invited normally to observe elections, but not to mediate political dialogues.

If we observe the political dialogues of other countries, there is no experience that gives opportunities to foreigners to interfere in one’s own internal issues. In this regard, external observers are expected to make unbiased, balanced appreciation of the situation on the ground in order to draw conscious and wise conclusion.

Now, Ethiopia has a lot of experiences in this regard. It has conducted five national elections and dialogues among political parties were held in all of those elections. The public at large has taken a lesson from previous elections and is now more conscious, well aware and is better prepared to do an excellent job this time.

The political and democratic space has widened from time to time that the reality on the ground shows a very conducive environment for a peaceful, free, fair and democratic upcoming national election in Ethiopia. Even though, few individuals and groups, such as “Genbot 7, the OLF” and “ONLF”, that lost their national interests. These ant-peace groups coupled with some little illusion innocent Diasporas who are assisted and directed by the state in Asmara are also actively engaged in a shameful peace poisoning activity.

Opposing and struggling peacefully against any party, including the ruling party, EPRDF is one thing and there is nothing wrong with it as it is one’s legitimate right guaranteed by the Country’s constitution. It is, however, completely different matter to ally oneself with known and historical enemies of the country and act against its security, stability and national interest.

The inexcusable stands and actions are considered nothing less than treason of the highest degree. Fortunately, however, as the truth always prevails, we have come to a period when the true nature and the evil motives of a few individuals are exposed and the vast majority of the Diaspora has extricated itself from bankrupt and negative propaganda, making this group weak and totally irrelevant with the passing of each day.

Ethiopian Diasporas must advocate peace, love, friendship and prosperity. That is exactly what Ethiopia needs from them. Further, Ethiopian Diaspora must be a source of knowledge. Very few illusion Diasporas have made it their daily duty to provoke violence, anarchy and lawlessness from their sanctuary in North America and Europe. In addition to this, these sources of violence and destruction are trying to poison innocent Diaspora with their lunatic and biased provocations. A few illusions Diaspora has tried to confuse uninformed Diaspora, as if there is no democracy and as if there are no human rights in the Ethiopia. 

On the contrary, Ethiopia has continued to embark on democratization, good governance, poverty alleviation and sustainable development.  These are again a matter of survival and not a matter of choice to the public at large. Therefore, the country will continue to advance following the right trend. Therefore, the Diaspora community should not be misled by a few self serving hard core individuals or groups whose intentions are to bring back the old archaic and dictatorial system.

It is important therefore that, the Diaspora community to build confidence in the economic and democratic process flourishing in Ethiopia and continues their cooperation and collaboration in order to further reinforce peace, stability and good governance in the country.

Ethiopians are aware of their democratic and constitutional rights and they do not need a few self centered individuals and groups from their sanctuary in foreign land to lecture them about issues that they are well aware of.   They know quite well what to do and what not to do for themselves and by themselves and have never been arm twisted by individuals, governments and non-governments.

They have always been masters of their destiny, despite the continuous external pressure and/or interference. The Ethiopian people are ready and willing to cast their votes for the candidate and for the party of their choice, because they know and they are well conscious of their constitutional, democratic, citizenship and electoral rights and responsibilities now more than ever.

This shows that, there is more political maturity within candidates, the different political parties and the public at large. Ethiopians are now ready and willing to show the world that they can and that they will conduct an exemplary upcoming election in order to shape the nation’s future political landscape. Those illusion Diaspora and a few Diaspora who have purposes of jeopardizing the development in Ethiopia have been attempting to poison the situation in the country allied with some terrorist groups. However, the Ethiopian Diaspora at large has been contributing to the country's political, economic and social development that has to be strengthened further as the Diaspora has its sole role in building Ethiopia.


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