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By Tecola W Hagos (2 July 2018)


I.                    Abiy Ahmed’s New Ethiopia

I am aghast that PM Abiy Ahmed would welcome rapists, looters, murderers into the fold of Ethiopia under his Government. I am referring to Kassa Kebede, the righthand man of Mengistu Hailemariam the brutal Red Terror perpetrator and murderer of Emperor Haile Selassie and countless Ethiopian heroes, who showed up in Ethiopia taking advantage of the general amnesty proclaimed by the Ethiopian Government. Even worse, Abiy’s Deputy Demeke Mekonnen held talks with that despicable individual to what end? Probably Kassa is peddling weapon and military hardware possibly from Israeli military industries, his former associates East Europeans et cetera. Shame on you Demeke Mekonnen—don’t you have something better to do? It is now clear to me what Abiy is doing is consolidating his power by allowing into the country the supporters of Ginbot-7 through amnesty of that terror group’s Leadership, enlisting Mengistu’s former military personnel and Workers Party members through Kassa Kebede, appealing to mostly disgruntled ill-informed hateful Amhara individuals from Addis Abeba, Gondar, Dessie, Woldia(who were at times victims of EPRDF’s previous leaders), and members of several secessionist “Oromo Liberation” movements now disguised as Qeerroo. Ultimately, I hold Meles Zenawi and his sycophantic supporters for their childish ideas on ethnicity, development, international relations, et cetera that exacerbated a bad political historyto the racist ethnic evil now facing Ethiopia.

Now, I regret my enthusiastic endorsement of Abiy Ahmed way before anyone else not fully knowing his extremism, his contempt for the TPLF, his sympathy for terrorist leaders, his self-righteous motives, and his religion based tyrannical goals.I was fully supportive of Lemma Megersa primarily and Abiy Ahmed as a second choice before they became prominent leaders, and before Abiy Ahmed was elected as Prime Minister. In fact, I annoyed a few of my friends for my optimism that Abiy Ahmed will bring about profound democratic changes in Ethiopia. I did not anticipate that his priority would be to work through a devious and destructive scheme to consolidate power by neutralizing his own Party especially defanging the TPLF. Though I was worried with some of the content of his numerous pontifical speaches, I held back my thoughts from pronouncing them to give him the benefit of the doubt.

On reflection, even Abiy’s olive branch of peace offer to Eritrea is highly suspect as another bulwark to help him shore up his challenge to the Leaders of TPLF. This scheme of offer of peace by Abiy Ahmed to Eritrea reminds me of the justification of Ginbot-7 to collaborate/solicit the help of the Eritrean Government against the Ethiopian Government. No one can deny that Abiy Ahmed is a truly gifted orator with unusually appealing personality of a mix of humility and kindness. Usually, Ethiopian politicians are sour-faced, rigid and unattractive—who could forget the smirking face of Meles Zenaw or any of his Officials. The most dangerous leader is not the one who is Godless, rather it is the true believer who is most dangerous, for his or herself-righteousness is impossible to reason against. Right now, criticizing PM Abiy is like criticizing “God” in the eyes of most jaded Ethiopians who are captured by his mesmerizing oratory. For such Ethiopians,Abiy is a ray of hope, and to some extent he is.

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II.                  Drastic Solution: Contain Abiy Ahmed

It is no secret that I have advocated for Ethiopia the Turkish Model system of government structure where the military has independence from the politicians and entrusted with the sole responsibility of maintaining the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the state that was true before the current Turkish leader Tayyip Erdoğan destroyed that Turkish Model. It is already a messy situation in Ethiopia, due to a leader who is trying to transform Ethiopian reality into some virtual crypto (video) reality. Ethiopian reality is tragically tittered to our long-standing history of deprivation, tyranny, illiteracy,lack of technology, stagnate social life, acute shortage of water, lack of proper hygiene et cetera. It is impossible to frog-leap such primitive conditions that most Ethiopians live through with the form of flashy development that is being advertised and being pursued with reptilian focus and persistence. There are some fundamental changes that need be in place to make any degree of progress and avoid catastrophic results.  The first item to tackle is the catastrophic over population that must be contained with drastic measures.It is not an easy task and would require basic social norms of change of ethical and moral state of being.

Before things in Ethiopia really get totally out of control, I urge the Ethiopian military to take remedial steps and inform PM Abiy Ahmed to shape up and bring about unity and progress for the people of Ethiopia and not to denigrate the sacrifices paid by the great freedom fighters of TPLF that fought Mengistu’s brutal soldiers for over seventeen years to free Ethiopia from the atrocities of pseudo communist ideology with river of bloodshed. What is needed now is not a preacher who talks about great ideals in public and schemes at night how to neutralize his fellow freedom fighters and courting some help from Ethiopia’s past destructive Red Terror leaders, members of Secessionist movements et cetera.I am advocating some form of military control. No need to declare state of emergency.

Years back in 1991-92, while I was a Member of the EPRDF/TPLF, I had seen some of the files on those horrible Mengistu’s men, I had also heard the voices of agony and cry for justice of people repeatedly demonstrating in Addis Abeba 1991, the voices of tens of thousands of Ethiopian Parents, wives, sisters, daughters, sons, and children of victims butchered during the Red Terror and after. Then, I did advocate for timely adjudication of those who were under arrest. For some strange reason that was a mystery to me to this day, the Leaders of the EPRDF delayed the process. It is truly amazing how fickle people are forgetting now how Mengistu butchered young men and women all over Ethiopia and left their mangled bodies in public places for viewing terrorizing everyone. [By the way, Assefa Chabo was such an individual terrorizing and torturing several victims in GomuGofa region. I have read his horrible files and listened to several of his victims. Some idiots now are applauding such a con-man and a liar who forged documents to get admission to the HSIU Law Schoolas augur.] There are detailed Files on such individuals in the Prime Ministers Offices, and I am sure EPRDF officials must have read a few of them at the very least.

            III. Conclusion and summation

People in Addis, Baher Dar, Dessie, Gondar, Woldia, Kombolcha, in Amhara region in general need not be idiotic and attack Tygreans as their enemies. They are not. The enemies of Amharas and enemies of Ethiopians in general are far closer to you:the Red Terrorists, Mengistu’s ex-officials who are agitating you behind the scene, dubious “Amharas” of recent vintage, et cetera. It is absolutely absurd that Majority ethnic groups who are in history settlers too in every State who are now attacking families of Minorities some of whom with roots over two to three hundred years in the particular area. Ethiopia is the land founded by Agew/Beja over five thousand years ago before Kemet/Egypt or Mesopotamia, for every Ethiopian whether Afar, Amhara, Oromo, Somali, Gurage, Hadia, Wolaita, et ceterais an Agew except the few Bantu/Nilotic recent immigrants. and has every right to live in any part of Ethiopia. Screw the Kilil system and Article 39 of the Constitution. Ethiopia belongs to every Ethiopian, with no exclusive zone.

The elderly gentleman from Afar at a conference at Semera (Afar)of 29 June 2018 where Abiy Ahmed presided condensed my sentiment about the Unity of Ethiopia perfectly. It is worth one’s time to listen to the sage from Afar with ankrot.  [See] In simple form but with profound reach, he admonished the PM not to undermine the great Heroes of the TPLF for the fact of history has recorded they are the one who literally “uprooted” the hated Derg. It is an under- statement to say that I am disappointed with the recent activities and sleep-over of PM Abiy with Red Terror personalities. I urge you tostop this nonsense that you have launched saying “EPRDFdid not defeat the Derg but it was the Derg that destroyed itself.”  As a matter of cuterhetorical statement, you may argue that point, but as a matter of fact, you are totally wrong.  Many of my contemporaries including my close relatives from all over Ethiopia paid with their lives fighting the Derg Military might, and prevailed.

I am addressing you PM Dr Abiy Ahmed: you have done enough damage in such a short period to the fragile existence of Ethiopia. Your ideas on human rights or social life are not that new, you can find them in numerous writings since the time of Plato and Aristotle to date. You have become oblivious of the great sacrifices the Ethiopian people had made in standing against the seventeen years of looting, raping, murder et cetera by Mengistu Hailemariam, his Officials, and his security forces. In fact, shame on you, for even thinking to welcome such brutal barbarians into the fold of the Ethiopian society. Are you going to give Mengistu Hailemariam a State welcome too? What would Ethiopia gain from such actions on your part from “forgiving” such criminal old gizzards. If you have complaints against the Members of EPRDF, take steps in the formal Party Disciplinary process or the Ethiopian Court system. Do not embrace evil to cure another evil.

As an individual, I do have great affection for Abiy Ahmed and his Family. I have the purest form of good will for him, his wife, and his wonderful children: Who will not for such beautiful Ethiopian Family. My criticism is limited to his political leadership. He needs to clear his head from the religion of forgiveness to the upholding of law and delivering justice and focus on keeping Ethiopia whole.

Tecola W. Hagos (2 July 2018)

[former member of the TPLF, my brothers and cousins were members of EPRP/EPDM]


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