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Abraha Desta doesn't know his constituency & can't grasp a political agenda that matters to voters in Tigrai.

Abraha Desta doesn't know his constituency & can't grasp a political agenda that matters to voters in Tigrai.


Haile Tessema, Dec 22, 2018


Abraha reminds me of the "a fool is a fool even if he goes to school" saying. Seems to me the Arena Party leader is the biggest political fool despite his not only studying, but also being a "political science" instructor at a university level.


Abraha spent most of his political life /activism/ at internet cafes, Abraha Castle & Zemarias Hotel WiFi places, but rarely at grassroots community level.


This of course is not entirely his fault as TPLF's repressive political system and machinery of govt. has made it difficult for his party, Arena, to make a breakthrough in Tigrai.


Still, instead of trying to find a loophole; manipulate an opportunity when it presents itself (as it's somewhat the case now) and maneuvering among the people of Tigrai to political relevance and power -- Abraha is still in social media barricade.


Not only that, the Arena leader appears to perceive fb friends as voters, and under a state of delusion that the "Like", thumbs-up & love emojis he obtains on fb would turn into votes come election time.


As a result, with fb audience in mind and so as to please his political groupies, Abraha is making countless unforced errors.


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Let's, for instance, take his recent post that calls for the handing in of suspects wanted by federal and regional govts. (No doubt he means the former while the latter is added just to spice it up thereby make it appear "fair & balanced").


This raises the question – in a country that is in turmoil and where law & order is in a clear state of disarray; a highly concerning and divisive unconstitutional formation of commission has been ratified by parliament – how is this a top priority for an opposition party leader?!


Another thing, a call for the arrest of those "hiding in Mekelle" may very well be popular and politically profitable in Addis Ababa; to followers of Jawar in Oromia as well as in the Amhara Region, but "It is [not] so" in Tigrai.


To the contrary, dismissing selective justice as injustice, a good number of Tegaru have been expressing their strong opposition to ethnically motivated accusations, trial by media and arrests. If so, why cannot Abraha see this thereby adhere to the  know your audience rule and listen to your constituency basic principle?


There is no shortage of people who perceive Abraha as merely a retailer for political distributors outside Tigrai and some who go as far as accusing him of obtaining dirty money for treasonous work. But I don't buy that.


Rather, what I still see in the Arena leader is someone cut out more for political activism than leadership; lacks political maturity and savviness and is too stubborn to listen to voices of reason with his pre-determined mindset and irreversible "It is so!" decision.


Thus, if Arena Party leadership and membership is serious about being a contender to the throne in the next election; recognizes none other than the people of Tigrai as a giver and denier of political power (as Kidane Amene correctly emphasized recently), they ought to hold a vote on Abraha's leadership.


And the sooner the better as the election is right at the door. Otherwise, crying out loud that the vote is rigged is not going to benefit the party or the people of Tigrai in any way.


Note: I keep hammering on Abraha not b/c I've got a personal vendetta against a guy I personally don't know. Neither am I a TPLFite. Rather, from a sheer political interest of seeing a serious alternative party voters in Tigrai to give their voice to.


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