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Response to Petros Tesfagiorgis

Response to Petros Tesfagiorgis


Getachew Reda Ethio Semay 04-09-18



I have some disagreement with Petros Tesfagiorgis, the author of “The absence of peace is ruining the life of Eritreans and the neighbouring people-Time to start peace movement” article posted at Aigaforum on 04-08-18.


I just went through his article in the hope to get some new substance from an Eritrean fellow who is genuinely concerned with the unpleasant status of both people due to lack of peace surfacing in the atmosphere of both the Eritrean and Ethiopian people. The fact able to see and touch on the ground is not primarily worst damage to the people’s peace than the absence of peace inside Eritrea and inside Ethiopia which is perpetrated by TPLF and EPLF system. Hundreds, if not thousands and thousands of people are leaving from each “country” every month or every week to neighbouring countries fleeing from the atrocity, repression and lack of peace inside the said liberated “countries” (Eritrea and Ethiopia) is indeed worst to explain and deserve more primary to focus how to neutralize (alienated) both systems from their internal life, than the said secondary subject mention at the heading of his article. So how is such claim taken seriously that “The absence of peace is ruining the life of Eritreans and the neighbouring people-” than the true fact which is ‘the absence of peace is ruing the life of Eritrea and Ethiopia by the above mentioned repressive systems than what Paulos is claiming to focus?”


 Why such unpleasant and destruction of war occurred is something all of us need explore and expose the responsible parties, which so far not seen any single Ethiopian (Tigrayan) or Eritrean elites acknowledged the cause. (with the exception of few –perhaps one or two individual out of hundred thousand people). The root source of the conflict begins not with Badime conflict, but with the illegal separation of Eritrea and the blockage of the sea ports to Ethiopia illegally agreed by TPLF and EPLF. This was the first conspiracy and root cause that Eritreans and TPLF followers  intentionally avoiding to talk about it,  knowing they felt guilty involving with such conspiracy (at least for the Tigrayans).


Be it the Zala Ambessa, Badme or Adi Murug (Bada) conflict,… etc, etc,  has nothing significant issues to bring peace in both sides even after let us say, the so called Badme conflict zone is agreed by both sides giving the said conflict zones to Eritrea.  This is because, there is a bigger unsolved issue than the Badme conflict. The illegal separation of Eritrea and the illegal blockage of the sea ports to Ethiopia is the principal issue that Eritreans (also Tigrayans – TPLF followers)  seemed to deliberately ignore this significant key causing future conflict.


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Brother Petros is talking about the importance of organizing peace conference or create friendly connection between us the Ethiopians and Eritreans in order to meltdown the unpleasant iron fence guarded among them. Such is not going to normalize the conflict. As I said, the Badme conflict is only significant in the eye of the Eritreans. Eritreans do not have other issues from us other than claiming Badme land to Eritrea. On the other hand, Ethiopian’s claim is not Badme to remain in Tigray (which is legitimate for many reasons) only, but the issue of the illegal separation and illegal blockage of sea port.


Remember, the Eritreans themselves told the world, they got their sea ports and Eritrea as a whole not legally, but by force! So, here is the point: - they got it by force and we will get it back by force. Is it fair? Yes. Will Eritreans and some crazy Tigrayns who believed this bogus Maoist Leninist and Walelign Mekonnen’s rhetoric of “self determination” agree with me? No. Why? because, each of them has their own distorted reasons to give you. Remember, Isayas of EPLF and Tigrayans lead by Meles Zenawi and his clicks told us ‘The Amhara are no longer colonizers of a “country called Eritrea”, so, peace is prevailed in both sides of the border”.  At the time, we disagree with both liars openly argued our position that there will be a future and extended future conflict.  What happened later after they lied to you? What happened was…… a shocking first world  war look alike occurred and took over 80 thousand life and uncalculated destruction of properties and destabilization of farmers on both sides!!!!!!


As we clearly argued, conflict occurred after 10 years of exploiting Ethiopia’s banks, Airline, commerce and commodities and all the black market activities inside Eritrean Embassy in Addis &  Mekelle by Eritreans openly with permission of the TPLF government lead by Meles Zenawi.  Remember, Eritrean oppositions in Ethiopia were allowed to be kidnapped & murdered all with the permission of Meles and his groups (read Gebru Asrat’s book). So the peace of the people was not disturbed started with Badme conflict. It was there before Badme. Eritreans in Ethiopia or in Eritrea have never had a freedom to oppose EPLF or the new country or the referendum. If they did, the consequence was murder, disappearance, arrest or fled from torture. Even Ethiopians never had the freedom to talk about Eritrea. If they do, the same fate was applied against them similar to that of the Eritrean oppositions subjected.



So, let us stop believing the conflict started with Badme. Perhaps that is only for Tigrayans and Eritreans only!!!! The rest of the Ethiopians have different peace or conflict issue than the two cousins experienced (as the milliner Dawit and his groups told us Badme is not Ethiopia, it is Tigrayans territory. And his friend Muluwork also claimed nothing occurred to Tigrayans in Badme- if it does it was a conflict between Tigrayans and Eritreans and the Tigrayans at the end of the day freed Bame not Ethiopians “per Muluwerk claimed)  Yes, undeniably, Tigrayans and Eritreans were dancing, touring all over the world,; eating together, laugh together, conspiring, insulting Amhara ..the Neftenga, the defeated and so on. That peace is what is disturbed my brother Petros. That peace was not of the Ethiopians , but the /ErTig/ the Eritrean and Tigrayan peaceful relation. Let us not hide. Let us talk openly!  Ethiopians never had power to deal or a chance to talk or decide the peace to be disturbed. All was housed between these two armed communities lead by TPLF and EPLF (both followers of them and comrades in arm)! Ethiopians were only invited to participate in the emancipation of Badme when TPLF militias failed to defend Badme (though now some Tigrayan elites does not appreciated Ethiopians for helping the Tigrayans , though they were there by request to help them). Nothing more, nothing less!


 Though, each of them has their own issues and causes. All Eritreans and TPLF followers believe the root cause of the conflict was Emperor Haileselassie which is minor part, but not entirely responsible or cause the conflict.  We can agree to some extent, but, who exacerbated and stretched the conflict to the extent accusing the Amhara people responsible for all the mess and sufferings in Eritrea and Ethiopia is a question to focus for answer –who the colonizer was and who was the colonized. (Remember TPLF send a convey of 6 individuals to apologize Eritreans camouflaged as Amhara represented/ I will give their name to you below later.


Remember brother Petros Tesfagergis what did you said to Amrit Wilson’s book,Women and the Eritrean Revolution (1991) in the Haileselassie University in Addis with another EPLF cadre by the name Werku Zerai on your interview (if I am not mistaken it is was you)? Let see what you said;

<<  “Ethiopian students took a long time to recognize the Eritrean question as a colonial question. In student demonstrations those who would bear the brunt of any attack were Eritreans. Ethiopian security agents were trying to appeal to the Ethiopian students that they were being used by Eritrean secessionists. Then the Eritreans decided at a secret meeting to support the student union but not be at the forefront of the leadership. The right to self-determination continued to be discussed by Ethiopian students. An Ethiopian student leader Waliling [Walleligne] discussed it openly in front of 2,000 students. Members of the EPRP were sent to the Sahel (Eritrea) to get training. Waliling and some others including an EPLF cadre tried to hijack a plane, but they were caught and murdered by security men. Martha Mebratu is one of the martyrs of the Eritrean struggle…”  (Highlight added) >>

             Really? Do you still believe Ethiopia was a colonizer? If not why and why did you believe Ethiopia colonized you at the time you believed she colonized you? By the way, I like to correct you that Temesgen Haile you mentioned was not tortured and put to death in 1974 as you wrongly claimed. Temesgen Haile was the coordinator of the underground Eritrean secessionist group inside the Haileselassie University comp under the “group name” TihiSha (his father’s nickname) died when Derg tried to capture him while he was running to up stair building and committed suicide by jumping himself to the ground from the high-rise building in Addis Ababa. That was the story if you are talking about Temesgen Haile (Tihisha).

          For your information- Traveskis who was chief official under the British administration in Eritrea from 1941-1948 Eritrea: A Colony in Transition (1960) said;- “Italy created Eritrea by an act of surgery by severing its different peoples from those with whom their past had been linked and by grafting the amputated remnants to each other under the title of Eritrea. Eritrea had never enjoyed any form of unity, had never had a government of its own, and had never even had a name ….”.


             Yes indeed! It is true they never enjoyed a unity among themselves while they were in the jungle or after their fake freedom.


          Now, for the shame of all  you Eritreans believing Ethiopia was a colonizer repressed the Eritrean people is now witnessed by you (by the same people who claimed Ethiopia was a colonizer and repressive) is now complaining the same complaint even after you are freed from Ethiopia! Here is what you wrote;-


         You wrote:


      <<  “The people inside Eritrea cannot organise a campaign for peace, other than express their wishes and pray. There is no freedom of expression, let alone the right to demonstrate for peace. But the Diaspora can do it.”>>


           Before we talk this rhetoric of talking peace, there are many issues that we want to hear from you guys responsible for such caused all this mess. What happened that there is no freedom of expression now in Eritrea? Was not there repression, murder, arrest and torture while you guys and gals are serving the same leader/s , the same organization while EPLF was in Sahal, Barka and NaKfa? Why can’t you guys apology your own people for accusing and bringing up depressed maniac group to the life of the people of Eritrea?  First of all, you are not creating peace among you; why coming here is strange for me.


           Okay, that is fine to create peace and harmony with is good intention. But, on what term? We can’t even create our own peace let alone focusing with you guys. The problem is not here currently between you and us- the problem we are having an issue is dealing with your comrades in arms called TPLF. This group is brutally disuniting our nation and it is hard to focus now with you guys and gals of our brothers and sisters of Eritrea when our house and unity is on fire and uncertain. I have very close Eritrean friends who scholarly recognized throughout the glob who are working similar project like yours. But, I just do not see it as significant as focusing our own problems here at our hand with TPLF ruing the nation’s survival first. I can’t call you guys naďve and ill informed, because, you are all scholars who knows what you are doing. I just do not buy its significant. What you are mentioning is not a primary issue right now. TPLF and EPLF and neutral opposition followers on both sides can disagree with me, that is fine, but the reality is there is an issue in Ethiopia currently forced us to focus all of us on the county which is brutally heading down to the cliff. So it is dumb to think on our side the importance of creating peace and reconciliation with Eritreans, while the problem is worst than what the problem we have with you.


        Brothe Paulos, you left me to laugh with your following distortion.


<<“Co-operation in the fight against the Military Junta that deposed Emperor Haile Selassie in February 1974 built strong bonds of solidarity and trust among both people.”>>


No, that was a complete lie. The strong bonds of solidarity and trust you are talking about was not a solidarity built among Ethiopians and Eritreans. The agreement, the bond, the trust, treaties and comradory and conspiracy was made between TPLF (Tigrayans) and EPLF (Eritreans). We can argue all day long on this issue, unless we want to fool other as usual. The largest society in Ethiopia “the Amhara” (based on Dr. Berhanu Abegaz study) and (The Ormo as 6 million (unmixed ‘ Oromo’  based on his study made by the popular Ethiopian historian Dr. Haile Larebo)  which disputed your declaration Ormo as 45% of the Ethiopian population-m some said 35 some said……. That is not my interest anyways.) never created a solidarity and trust as you claimed with Eritreans. How so? Your own EPLF and all Eritreans elders and youth accused Amhara as the colonizer. And your war was not against Haileselassie government as you claimed- your war operation was against Amhara people. Which you romanticized your struggle as “AnTsar Amharu” (Tsere- Amhara) was not it so- am I not Right?!  That is why the following persons were send to Eritrea by the Tigrayans (lead or ordered by Meles Zenawi and his committees “TPLF”) to apologize the Eritrean people in the name of Amhara!!! Do you hear me? In the name of Amhara!!!


 Tesfaye Habis (Kabata) Not Amhara!!!!

 Endrias Eshete (from Menz. A close confidante of Meles Zenawi and a friend of the CIA Paul Henz)

 Tadele Yimer (unknown- but he was working as Hotel workers’ federation)

         Negus AsgeleTew (deceased) from Ministry of finance. ( a friend told me his  close families died in Eritrea

         fighting the secessionist Eritreans while he is apologizing in the name of this gallants who have nothing to

         do with ethnic issue or promote the colonization of Amhara in Eritrea. How do you explain this brothers/sisters!

         Yet, no one, no TPLF or any TPLF followers apologize for such fabrication


       Besides what you false claim, that there was solidarity and trust with Eritreans and Ethiopians- your war was not with Ethiopia which on your claim as ‘30 years battle with Ethiopia’.  No, not right. Solid 10 to 13 years was a war between you the EPLF (Shaabiya) and the ELF (Jebha). Am I right? Let us talk the talk. Not only Eritreans to Eritreans, but also Tograyans against Eritreans (TPLF against ELF/Jebha). When you talk about solidarity and trust with whom are you talking about? My brother Paulos!?


 You said;


<<“In late 60th the Haile Sellasie 1 University students were extremely concerned of the poverty and lack of development that prevailed in Ethiopia:.>>


May be partially true- but their extreme concern was with their fabrication and fancy that Amhara was colonizing the so called nations and nationalities and people”. The rest is history. It is time not for distortion- it is time to talk their obsession, they were engulfed with that bogus claim. We have seen the destruction and result of it after many years of their nihilist ideology.


You also said”-


<< “The Eritrean university students saw a light at the end”. >>


   But, where did the light went to? I can see the Eritrean University students and Ethiopian most radical students in Africa destroying the peoples’ fabric that gloomed them for millennia years all in the name of Self determination and colonization.


You concluded saying


<< “The Eritrean students were encouraged to involve more when, for the first time, the question of the right to self-determination of the oppressed nationals was raised by an outspoken activist, Walelegn Mekonen (1).  After that the question of Eritrea was being discussed openly, but informally between Eritreans and Ethiopians and this worried the Imperial Government.”>>


Why I can’t laugh?! Indeed, the “Imperial Government” was correctly and surely knew its worrisome. Look what you brought to your own Eritrean people after all the death, destruction, hate and conflict to create worst life than it had? Look what these radical Maoist gurus brought to the Ethiopian people? I hear the Eritreans are now saying “we were better off with Haileseallsie, even with the Derg than your EPLF- the brutal Isayas who is a threat to their existence. So the peace you are talking/initiating between the two brothers/sisters in blood is not bad idea,,,, I have been there, done that- but as we speak it is not time to deal with such. The burning issue is let us focus each people how to remove the brutality and destruction of the unity of each people in their own territories carried on by EPLF in Eritrea and TPLF in Ethiopia.


By the way, can I ask you and all Eritreans to answer me why the Eritrean people cant or  felt shy to revolt against Isayas’s atrocity against them when they were able to up-rise and fight back or revolt against the said “Amhara/Ethiopia colonization/foreign invader”?  is it because, your Isyas is local murderer and the foreigner “Amhara” was a unknown people to you, that never belong to your bone and blood who you think came from the sky as alien to repress you? How is Isayas closer to you than the very kind and generous and outgoing people of Amhara?


How on earth people who claimed “they are lions” able to allow Isayas a permission to murder you, chase you out of your home and your beloved mother cry in front of you?  I want to hear this bogus claim that Eritreans described as lions. Where are the lions of Nakfa that are now tremor like a polite mothers in front of the notorious Eritrean Pharaoh, who is cleaning the entire Eritrea population from earth, with no one standing against him with gun to gun as they did it in the fake years of lionising themselves.


How on earth people who claimed as hard fighters allowed to infect Eritrean doctors with HIV virus just because those medical doctors refused to take the order of murdering people orchestrated  by EPLF high officials or by Isyas’s himself or by his notorious security?  This is the cruellest criminal act never heard in our history. I just want to know where the bravado of slogan “we are lions of Africa faded or went away?”! Was it only Isayas who was the lion and the rest were his stooges or what is going on here when your survival as human being on earth is seriously challenged? 


Look at the Ethiopians! They are fighting bare hands with a brutal gun holders (be allowed or not- even under the brutal martial law)! I just want the answer form the so called Eritrean opposition sitting in Ethiopia? What are they doing in Ethiopia? They have trained young armies by thousands sitting at the different Tigray inside Eritrean refugee centres begging the Eritrean opposition leaders to arm them, and yet, nothing significant action is taken. This refugee only needs gun not trained. They are trained already by Isayas, so what seemed the problem, what happened to the self lionising bravado when it comes to challenge isayas Afewerki is bizarre to say the least!? So do initiate and deal that first before focusing with us.


Thanks Aigaforum for letting us discuss with our brothers/sisters.



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