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Something wrongly printed in our mind

Something wrongly printed in our mind

We didn’t really study English in the way we ought to do so. Especially, we Ethiopians as second language learners have been adopting the wrong way of learning. We neither got the proper material nor proper guide to proceed our English language learning. Most of our English teachers weren’t the ones trained in the field properly. Some years in the past even a sport teacher was assigned to teach English in some unlucky classes. That is why most Ethiopian students scare while speaking English.

The way we adopt to utter English words is quite different from the others and we could not hear properly the words spoken by native speakers. We use to pronounce English words wrongly and this may result in misunderstanding and lack of effective communications.

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When one observes the way we developed writing in English are difficult to be read by English Speaker. This is because we don’t focus on the rules of English spelling. For instance when a word ends with the letter “y” preceded by the letter “a”, its sound is /ei /, but most of us read it as /ai / sound such as the words following. Way, say, ray, may, fay, lay, nay, etc. But when one is asked to spell one’s name, one ends with wrong sound. Look at the spelling below.

       Wrong   ones                             correct ones

1.     Girmay                              Girmai

2.     Senay                                Senai        

3.     Neway                               Newai

4.     Aregay                              Aregai

5.     Tigray                                Tigrai

6.     La’elay                               Laielai

7.     Tahtay                               Tahtai

8.     Tesfay                                Tesfai

9.     Tuemay                              Tuemai

10.  Sisay                                   Sisai

11.  Zeray                                  Zerai

12.  Dubay                                Dubai

13.  Tsehay                               Tsehai

14.   Belay                                Belai

15.   Tsegay                              Tsegai, and other similar names.

Hence there ought to be transformation in teaching of languages in particular and the curriculum of the nation in general.

Haile B.


Mekele, Tigrai- Ethiopia.