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Healing the Wounds: What EPRDF Government Must Do!


Healing the Wounds: What EPRDF Government Must Do!

Zeru Hagos April 01, 2018

The EPRDF government has done a lot to improve the lives of all Ethiopians. This is fact everyone should agree with no ifs and buts. However, over the last three years, a lot has been done to undo the fabric of the country and people and peoples! Going forward the government must use all of its power to correct past mistakes so what we saw over the last three years is not repeated. Few of the main issues that need to be addressed are:

 1) Protect all Ethiopians to live in peace where ever and anywhere.

 2) Use the law to the maximum to punish those who knowingly disseminate false narrative – Ethiopia is not controlled by 6% of its population.

3) All EPRDF member organizations must openly and publicly educate their members and constituents about the EPRDF resolution- all regional TV stations must give coverage to the EPRDF resolutions!

 4) All foreign reporters and journalists must be monitored so they do not become a mouthpiece for foreign enemies of the state- there is clear evidence some of the talking points of the past few years used by reporters and journalist are meant to divide the country.

 5) The government must make sure all federal roads and institutions where ever they may be located are federally protected.

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6) Establish a riot or national security forces that will be stationed across the country to protect and control any future civil disturbance. The Army should not be used to quell every disturbance, it is has a better job to do protecting the country.

 7) The government must immediately start an active engagement policy to address the issues with Eritrea, Red Sea and the forces that are establishing a foothold in Djibouti and elsewhere in the neighborhood. It is a dereliction of duty for the government to sit idle while foreign forces are closing the door few kilometers from its border.

8) The government must start in earnest to widen the democratic process. It may not be the job of the EPRDF to help opposition forces become popular but it is the government’s job to facilitate and open the playing field to all. The last three years have shown us a 100% win by OPDO and ANDM is not wide enough! Let people elect whoever they want, what is EPRDF afraid for?

EPRDF was given the mandate to govern for five years. It is unfortunate EPRDF has squandered almost half of its governing years without any meaningful development work and institutional building. If it cannot govern properly going forward it should call for a nationwide election. The constitution must not be undermined to appease populist and foreign agents. The people and peoples sacrifice must be respected. There is a limit for everything and the EPRDF government must say enough is enough and play its mandate accordingly.

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