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The symbolism of the vengeful mistreatment and cowardly acts being meted on Bereket Simon and Kassa Kebede .

The symbolism of the vengeful mistreatment and cowardly acts being meted on Bereket Simon and Kassa Kebede .



Hatsani Daniel  4-27-19


Four recent incidents pushed me to write this article:


1. I viewed a broadcast about a visit by the current Amhara kilil leadership to Wag Agew zone. The first question from the public in that meeting was not about their zone, but telling the Current Amhara kilil leadership to withdraw their military Liyu forces from Lasta Agew ASAP. This is very historical and shows the state of the Agew peoples.


2. I viewed a discussion about Afar kilil being just an extension of Tigray and was made a kilil for no other reason, but to weaken the Amhara. This discussion included a person that was introduced as Afar. This really shocked me. When the parts of Afar that were focused on were Wollo and Shiwa provinces only, then you get the idea and the reason for the vitriol and undermining the Afar people.


3. I listened to a BBC and some other media interview done with the Wife of Tinqishu and Bereket Simon, stating that the way they were arrested, the way they are victimized with hooligans and officials with personal vendetta, the way they cannot have a lawyer since someone high is using hooligans to threaten anyone to defend the two leaders, the way they complained that there is a threat on their life simply going and coming between court and jail.


4. “Ye zer politika”. This lately has become fashion and from current government officials to opposition to some neighboring country, has been made the slogan of the times. A so called professor who lives in London UK talking to a Scottish Nationalist Party memeber of British parliament has the audacity to call for a ban of nationalities parties in Ethiopia. It’s obvious there is a culling going on in Amhara movements. They have a big problem when it comes to ancestry. Every other promising politician or activist happens to be with Tigraway or Agew ancestry.

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Then I remembered this:

“Agew mis Kunama Irob Ziteqlele

Afar Deguea Tigray Habiru Telaele”

Roughtly translated “The people have risen in unison. The Agew people, the Kunama people, The Irob people, The Afar people and the Tigrigni people. This is from some 44 year old song, of the young Dagmai Weyannie.  As much as the young fighters knew then who their immediate people were, who they were primarily responsible for, so do the enemies, and ill-wishers of these peoples.


These peoples have been target of the venomous hate campaign by Dergists, failed parts of EPRP, opportunists and corrupts from inside, everywhere in Ethiopia, Diaspora and in neighbouring country.

Tigre as used in Ethiopia, was the wrong name, we thought it’s because they do not know any better, yet now it’s a code for these 5 peoples. Those who intend to harm these peoples are not in the business of recognizing languages, cultures, nationalities like we and our ancestors have always done.


It is not surprising to see that current Amhara leaders consider the Agew as if it’s a Tigre creation. Actually as peoples go, it’s the other way around. The Agew is an ancestor of the Tigre. The talk among the current Amhara leaders is..they are all the same...which is partly true. We are connected by ancestry.


The illegal and wicked treatment being meted on Tinqishu and Bereket are now the latest symbols for the underlying target of the hate campaign. Both Tinqishu and Bereket are symbols of the bravery, dedication of the people. They stayed and continued the fight to victory when thousands of their peers abandoned the struggle and went in different directions from surrendering to Derg to immigrating to America and Europe.




What were the steps taken to attempt to humiliate the people by a gathering of different forces united by revenge on the people that made the seemingly impossible a reality? Its an open secret that groups that would kill each other any day are united on this mission. From Ayte Isayas in Eritrea to Mengistu in Harare, to PM Abiy and Co. government, to a failed coup member Gen. Assaminew Tsige. Leaders of G7, to Akrari Amharas, to others that always suffered from inferiority complex including the Jewish, Christian and Islam being originating from these peoples....its a  collection of disparate groups. All these elements cannot stay in one shade/shelter even under heavy rain.


Concerted steps taken as symbolized on Tinqishu and Bereket:


1.  For months a concerted campaign was conducted both from Federal and Kilil Media under the new leaders to show these persons are Tigre-Tigrigni and if push comes Agew. The Agew Qimanti blame the EPDM fighters for leaving them in such a dreadful status yet the propaganda is that Bereket and Tinqishu and all with Tigrean ancestry or blood are the reason the Agew Qimanti are asking for self-government.


2.  For monthes a concerted campaign was condcted to show that these two leaders worked only for the interest of Tigreans and Agews peoples. Again this is contradictory considering these two participated or lead most of the food security projects which people in Amhara kilil pride themselves with including the Amhara Kilil leadership. Actually Agew areas are least beneficiaries of the development projects.


3.  Then as preparation for their arrest it was then openly associated that they are thiefs of Amhara property to give it to Agew-Tigray. Therefore they are Tigreans, they are thiefs. The current PM Abiy government was echoing this campaign as well with “yeqen jibotch”.


4.  3 persons that have personal vendetta, with this two leaders, and open hate against Agew Tigreans were elected to new leadership in Amhara, One of them was made in charge of security of the kilil a person that clearly in a Gonder city meeting declared Tigray and Qimanti Agews hands will be cut.


5.  Both of these leaders were arrested in such a way made for face book, new style in Ethiopia. Bereket for example is one who fought and led others to fight in battle. Yet now he is an old man physically. Yet it was so organized for show and to send a message to the peoples that it was announced more their being jailed in Bahirdar than what the reason was.


6. Another clearly stated campaign was, we don’t care if they are born and raised in Amhara Kilil, we do not accept to leadership of the kilil, if one is not pure Amhara. This was extensively campaigned theme. Whoever governs the Amhara kilil should be pure Amhara in the first and in addition like Col. Demeqe, Gen. Assaminew.etc in the second. I don’t want to quote Professor Mesfin and others on the first and the public knowledge in the second.


7.  Since the new Amhara leaders were not sure of themselves, they even organized a mob and burned businesses, knowing full well that Bereket was not in the area, yet it was designed to prevent Breket and Tinqishu from coming to the next meeting. Somebody was so cowardly, did not want to speak to their face and chose to double down on the hate campaign on Agew Tigreans. It has come to light now that the meeting of CC, where it was decided Tinqishu and Bereket were to be jailed, had not even the minimum quorum. The meeting was participated by only 25 members of the CC and out of these only 13 decided that Tinqishu and Bereket have to be arrested.


8.  No case was established, no case filed for their arrest. Even month later still no case was ready. The arrest was out of panic and gangster style with no quorum, Regulations rules procedures be damned.


9.  It is to be expected that not only their rights is being violated, but the whole purpose is that somebody who suffers from inferiority complex or identity crisis is trying to show us the wider population and to the two leaders that our tradition does not mean a thing.

This person or persons suffering from inferiority complex know full well that our culture demands that even Melaku Tefera is brought to justice. Who could be visiting there and trying to break these two leaders, from ‘EPRDF’, Derg, ex-EPRP, Higdef, you know?. Is it beyond unreasonable to suspect that whether kilil, Federal or even other country officials are going there and say to these two  leaders, ‘nobody can save you, you are in my hands’.


Persons with weak morals can invite from other country and just show them Bereket or Tinqishu in chains. When one is a coward, he even mistreated dead body of Emperor Haileslassie. When one is a coward he even killed Amora and Co. Who were under total physical control, just like Bereket and Tinqishu are now?


10. In any half decent society, you do not bring to court someone where you have created a total situation where any lawyer is afraid to defend them for life and limb. The wife of Bereket just confirmed this. It’s the worst kind of confinement where you have created hooligans to harass them and knowingly that no Tigreans or Agews will come any close to ask them.


11.  Not only Bereket and Tinqishu are not going to get justice, but not even the road to justice. What protection are they getting in their way to court? The current Amhara leadership has created enough hate campaign on the Agew Tigrigni Ethnics that, its public knowledge that both Brereket and Tinqishu have asked the judge to allow them defend themselves through Video and not transport them back and forth, since their safety depends on Gen. Assaminew Tsige and Co. Who are out to exercise their hate on these two brave leaders?



It all looks so obvious, why the federal attorney general is not intervening. Basic rule of law is being violated here. The law not only does have to be fair, but has to appear being fair. Basic rights and rules of conduct are being violated here. The current Amhara kilil officials are using mob to intimidate and humiliate Tinqishu and Bereket as symbols of the target peoples.


So far every action taken by the current Amhara leadership is very clear and unambiguous:

1.  To show that these persons are Agew Tigre so nothing to worry about

2.  They did to Gen. Assaminew and Co. yesterday so it’s now open season on Agews Tigres.

3.  This will contribute positively to alliance or friendship with PM Abiy and Ayte Isayas Afwerqi.



 Both Bereket and Tinqishu are now suffering and being humiliated for the peoples. It’s symbolic. Its sole purpose is to intimidate the peoples whom the young Weyannie fighters sang for 44 years ago.



Message to Both Presidents of Afar and Tigray Kilils and Political parties in Agew, Tigrean and Afar territories.


A heavy price has been paid to gather all the Afar people in Ethiopia from 5 different provinces and regions into one territory, one language, and one government. This was the foundation that would allow for the culture and language to be preserved and then developed, for the Afar people to govern themselves as one nationality. No matter how many opportunists and corrupt politicians are around to undo this victory, it cannot be surrendered unless the people are totally defeated. It was a failure of all of us that the Agew peoples are now suffering for self-government.


All the hate propaganda that is being conducted in Ethiopia by various forces should be pre-emptively confronted. Responding to agenda of various forces which have nothing in common other than revenge for the defeat they suffered at the hands of the peoples, is a waste of time and resource. Responding to Dergists, responding to failed EPRPs, responding to Opportunists corrupts who worry about their homes outside of the said territories more than the people’s survival and development, responding to Ayte Isayas simply leading the people in different directions. Playing into hands of each one on their individual agendas.


There has to be a division of work. I lately observe that all politicians from these territories are either defending federalism, kilils, hate campaign..etc. What happened to the structure, governance system, planned and strategized methodology that made the Weyannies both Afar and Tigray to pull victories much much heavier than their weight? I observe as well Agew parties are trying to address every issue facing the Agew peoples. This is wrong. There need to be most critical, less critical. issues to the survival of the people. There has to be certain persons in charge of safety and security, others of the economy, yet others of politics and media. Division of labour. The people should be encouraged to contribute in all facets and activities, but every specialty needs dedicated leadership.


These peoples have survived thousands of years with their cultures, languages, traditions, faiths. While so many peoples around the world have disappeared. This was done in spite of the population numbers, in spite of material wealth which goes up and down for every peoples around the world. These peoples survived by shear will to to survive and bravery and dedication to doing the work of survive and thrive.



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