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Have the self-appointed Oromo elites, activists and politicians lost their mind? It sure seems


Have the self-appointed Oromo elites, activists and politicians lost their mind? It sure seems

Zekarias Ezra 2-15-19

Something is seriously wrong with our brothers, the self-appointed Oromo elites, activists and politicians.

Of course, it has been wrong for many years now, but we just thought, with the ascendency of one of their vowing to do differently than his evil predecessor, they have changed. Alas! They have not a bit. They in fact have ratcheted up a notch.

The thorny case of Addis Ababa

This has always been a hot issue among the self-appointed Oromo elites, activists and politicians. But I doubt the gallant youths of Oromo have died for a mere name change; from Addis Ababa to Finfine. They were pro-democracy and anti-EPRDF and have died for democracy and freedom.

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They have succeeded, aided by their brothers and sisters, the Fanos and others, at least in giving TPLF a run for its money and hiding in Mekelle abdicating power to their former comrades from OPDO.

Ethiopia is now run by ODP-EPRDF; and not TPLF-EPRDF. Yet, day in and day out the self-appointed Oromo elites, activists and politicians keep crying foul every time they show up on TV or any public gathering. What really is up with them?

Dr Abiy had appointed, illegally I might add, Eng. Takele as Mayor of Addis Ababa. It is widely reported this Mayor has been busy doing many questionable actions since taking office and his deputy W/O Dagmawit was removed. Even then the cries of the self-appointed Oromo elites, activists and politicians have continued unabated.

Just this past week, Ato Jawar has made his intentions known. By hook or crook, he and his Queero will make sure Addis Ababa will be a ‘Finfine of their dream. The special privileges and rights guaranteed by the Woyane legislation will be implemented. No one has yet told us what those privileges and rights are. As for who is Mayor, Jawar has advised us we can bring from China or planet Mars, for all he cares. If one reads between the lines, he is basically saying ‘it does not matter, one way or another we will execute our, (jawar’s and his team) plan. By the way, all this is taking place in Addis Ababa, the seat of the government.

When we were still processing what has transpired, another self-appointed Oromo politician, Ato Lencho Bati, showed up on LTV, with Bethlehem Tafesse, and rehashed the same old-fake story with a twist.

After letting us in with a little secret that he and his group were in-the-know of the activities of the ‘Team Lemma’ group as far back as 2012, he declared that they have effectively changed things in the ground. He gave an example. In the past to find an Oromo speaking resident in Addis was difficult, now, according to Lencho, 3 out of 5 speak Affan Oromo. Anyone who has lived in Addis Ababa for any length of time would know this is utter lie. Shame on this politician! Our Oromo brothers and sisters had been an integral part of Addis Ababa for generations. For Lencho to imply Addis Ababa was closed for Oromos until Dr Abiy ascended to power is an absurd statement that has no equivalence.

You wish he has stopped on this absurdity, but he did not. He added another two for us to process. The legislation to grant Oromia Regional State special privileges in Addis Ababa should be construed, according to the self-appointed legal expert Ato Lencho Bati, to mean ‘Oromia just want equal rights and privileges, not any special one’.  Does he think we are gullible fools? Let along for those of us trained in law, even for a non-lawyer person, the intent of the provision of the legislation is clear. We are just waiting to see the regulations that implements or outlines what those special interest are.

Ato Lencho and W/t Bethlehem Tafesse also defined for us who are not the true heroes of the struggle. Getting imprisoned, so they argued, does not make one a hero even if that person suffered repeated imprisonment on account of his political views while he/she could easily avoid such suffering by fleeing from the country as Lencho, Jawar and others have done. They made it clear that Eskinder is no hero because he said, ‘the Addis Ababa electorate will punish Mayor Takele in the upcoming election’. Ato Lencho also echoed Jawar and advised us to hire a Mayor from any other country in the world. Translation: “The Oromo plan for Addis Ababa will be executed.”

The rest of us shall wait and see what plan they have in store for us!


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