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Ignoble Nobel Prize: trinket 

Perish the thought

Get the Pupates ducks in a row

So with gonzo publicity they aglow

And you know, yes you know!

The spangle you decorate shoulder below

Would help ascend to power grow, 

Thus adversaries dealt a blow.


Just because one is white

One felt the pride

The rest of us must submit

To what one thinks is wrong or right.

Just because you have the material means

You keep turning philistine.

Cross the line

Crushing other races opine.


Just because one is rich

The rest must be obligated 

To what he/she preaches 

Because he/she has mazuma filled pockets

One can bend and twist facts on the ground

As vivid as they are:

Written on the wall 

Glanceable, not very far

for everyone to see

Except for his/her greed-dilated eyes.

But are we surprised

By the nature of such an enterprise 

Or the stature of some who won the prize

The likes of Aunt San  Suu Kyi and others 

Who are Implicated in ethnic cleaning,

Or ethnic strife-ravaged nations they govern?

How could people live in peace

When those well-greased

could not cease, 

Grabbing yet more with no intention to release, in the name of Nobel Prize!


Yared Huluf



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