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The Great Political scandal in Ethiopia: Join the dots and you can see the figure clearly

The Great Political Scandal in Ethiopia:

Join the dots and you can see the figure clearly.

(Serbessa K.   April 16,  2019)

Prior to April 2018 (mainly in 2016 and 2017), the Oromo activists, politicians and professional in Diaspora  made several  open, public  conferences and secret  meetings with the participations of their “cells” with in the then EPRDF regime to come up with detailed strategies and plans  how to achieve  Oromo dominance in Ethiopia after TPLF led EPRDF regime is gone;  and if that fails,  how to secure an  independent new country called 'Oromia'.

The International Oromo Lawyers Association organized meeting in London, UK  “Oromo Conference for National Consensus” from 22 – 23 October 2016 and The First Oromo Leadership Convention held in Atlanta, Georgia from November  11- 13, 2016 were two prominent  meetings of the several open meetings and conferences.

The detailed plan was well kept secret from Ethiopians though the strategies were obvious for those who observe. They have successfully managed to achieve the initial objectives by April 2019  while majority of Ethiopians are blind of their action,  considering the effort being as part of the popular Ethiopian people struggle against TPLF's led regime.

The  Oromo Leadership Convention held in Atlanta  in November 2016 agreed and organised  specific  structures to achieve those  objectivesThese were the Supreme council , The command post, Foreign and Diplomatic affair  and Domestic affair  which comprises Diaspora Oromo elites and Oromo politician  in prominent position in Ethiopia, each with specific task. These secret organisations held  several secret meetings and assessment of the implementation of their action plan on practice. All worked tirelessly  specially the “cells” in EPRDF to achieve  the initial objective. The "cells" in EPRDF were the current ODP leaders  who  worked  secretly  as hand and gloves with these groups.

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They realised that TPLF's led regime will not be toppled by armed force which OLF have tried for more than three decades and failed. They concluded that  the regime only can be crumbled from with-in  EPRDF by  using OPDO officials and members (who has the regional state structure to organise popular youth movement “Qerro” up to the remote rural village) and  use other EPRDF members mainly ANDM  to weaken TPLF’s influence.  Other registered opposition Oromo parties like OFC inside the country also to play great part in  organising grass root youth movement (Qerro).

They have realised as well the second resistance will be from citizen based Ethiopian political movements  and non-ethnic affiliated citizen based population which could  hinder their objectives. The strategies for this was to appease  these parties by talking sweet language on Ethiopian unity, glory of the past and encourage fighting TPLF as the master evil as solution for all. For such purpose, the OPDO “cells” successfully managed to  form alliance with ANDM at home and  the ODF with Arebegnoch Ginbot 7 in Diaspora to dilute them and use them.

Those attractive speeches  made by the OPDO Oromo leaders ( ኢትዮጵያዊነት ሱስ ነው) in regard to   Ethiopian unity, historical and inclusive looking speech to appease unionist and the mass were part of this great scandal while covertly  running the Oromo élites  agenda.   This resulted the  two popular men from OPDO  who belonged to the  “cell”   to national prominence.  The outcome in April 2018, one become Prime minster (Dr. Abiy Ahmed) and the other, Lemma Megersa  as President of Oromia (de facto  leader of Ethiopia).

The Supreme council , The command post, Foreign and Diplomatic affair  and Domestic affair  formed by the November 2016 Oromo leadership convention in Atlanta  worked hands in glove with their EPRDF "cells" and  paid significant focus in the domain of media, civil uprising and military terrorist activity as strategies listed below and implemented them.

  1. Strong propaganda war through media (OMN) and social media led by   prominent  charismatic  and young “Activist” Jawar Mohammed.
  2. Youth uprising  in most part of Oromia  by “Qerro”  led by covert OPDO “cell”,  OFC and other registered Oromo parties in Ethiopia.
  3. OPDO  "cells" in leadership position direct confrontation of TPLF with in EPRDF meeting  using ANDM as subsidiary  to weaken TPLF’s power.
  4. OPDO leaders who are the "cells"  to use colourful  national, historical and unionist speech  to deceive the majority Ethiopians from uncovering their mission
  5. Infiltrating in main land and periphery  Oromia region and adjacent regions armed insurgents  (OLF solders) from Asmara and other neighbouring countries  to displace, cleanse  non Oromo from their “Oromia”, to kill and terrorise those  all others . This has objectives of clearance of non-Oromo from the land they believe belong to Oromo as preparation for independent Oromia.
  6. Infiltrating citizen based opposition  national movement like AG7 and forming coalition to deceive and use them for their agenda.
  7. Once the OPDO "cells"  assumed Power, to  release all OLF prisoners, armed OLF to control part of Oromia , dominate the media  through Oromo agenda  and  to weaken and kill citizen based politics  agenda by systematic approach  using the power within the state and their OLF militia and hidden force  called "Qerro".
  8. To declare "Addis Ababa belongs to Oromia". To appoint a mayor who would facilitate such in due time.
  9. Oromiffa to be the national working language.
  10. To rule Ethiopia through Oromo  domination agenda, if not to declare independent new country, "Oromia".

While majority of Ethiopians waged the struggle believing that Oromo movement as noble and decent while the covert Oromo elites mission have been  for Oromo dominance once TPLF is away.

All the above are put in practice from April 2018 until now once ODP controlled the state power. Jawar Mohammed  sometimes  admit and boost during  slip of tongues whenever he delivers speech in the public area and  interview sessions. Jawar admitted  his relationship with Dr. Abiy Ahmed prior to April 2018 but he refused to disclose give more information saying "ዝርዝር ኪስ ይቀዳል".

From April 2018 onwards, Abiy  and Lemma have continued  to desensitise Ethiopians by talking sweet and what Ethiopians want to hear while they are still on target for the Oromo elite mission. The Diaspora Ethiopians held  meetings with Dr Abiy in US and Germany with  hope our country is to change for good, but the reality is another king with covert ethnic dominance agenda is emerging. They talk unity and peace, while on the ground they displaced millions and killed thousands. Poor Abdi Ali, the then Somali region president  (he is criminal too) was incriminated for the Somalia Ethiopians and Oromo conflict and displacement while OLF army and OPDO regional  leaders were equally criminals  in causing that mayhem. On their watch, millions displaced in Gedeo, South Ethiopia, Assossa, even in Wolega,  near Addis Ababa  in Burayu, in Gonder and now in Amhara region Kemisse and North Shewa.

The  praise  Abiy and Lemma  get from deceived  Ethiopians and international audience or government or Western media  for their "democratic  measure” they have taken  is not sincere.  Abiy and Lemma  know  and planned well who will benefit by releasing prisoners, opening the media  and inviting banned political parties. The truth is more than 85% the benefiters are those who are in mission for Oromo agenda.  Majority of the prisoners released were OLF members, while few journalists and human right activists from non-Oromo side released as well.  Opening up media and free speech has helped the well organised Gulf Arab and Egypt financed OMN to advance hate and division  than others. What others got "ለነሱ ሲዘንብላቸው ለኛ ትንሽ አካፋልን".

Inviting banned political parties, the most beneficiary is OLF which was given green light  and all support to advance in the  country without disarmament (this is great conspiracy and treason by these leaders).  Other non-Oromo armed political groups disarmed.  For the millions poor Ethiopians  displacement and thousands death  by OLF atrocities,  a day will come all will be accounted for their act of commission and omission.

Abiy mystified the international audience by nominating female president,  chair of Supreme Court judge and 50% female minsters in the cabinet;  the truth are they are his “yes “ persons who will not  confront him or challenge him in the cabinet. The writer is not undermining these female sisters due to their gender but  the truth is Abiy is their god to whom they obey.  As Hailemariam obeyed TPLF as he was with mind-set that "I, from the neglected  part of Ethiopia (Wolyta) and belong to the minority Pentecostal religion is given the Prime minster post by angels  and gods called TPLF in country no one like me offered such, therefore I should serve them unconditionally", the same mind set goes with our female minsters appointed by him.

Currently it is  obvious  who leads the country, set agenda, dominate the media and armed with in Ethiopia. Part one mission is achieved. They are in control of most issues : TPLF is away, they used ANDM effectively,  dominated every aspect of socio-political agenda and paving the way for remaining mission.

The most important city in Ethiopia (economically, politically and socially and internationally) and its dwellers  have to be handled accordingly. Abiy  placed  Mr Takele Uma, one of the OPDO “cell” as mayor of Addis Ababa  illegally. Abiy dared to do even what Meles Zenawi didn’t dare.  When Kinit (CUD) won the Addis Ababa assembly and mayoral  responsibility in 2005 Election,  Meles Zenawi suppressed Kinjit and made it impossible and  the Kinjit refused to take Addis Ababa;  Meles Zenawi  didn’t put his own man; he acknowledged that in Addis EPRDF lost the election and until new mayor  “elected” an independent  person  to be appointed as mayor which happened though it was for short time.   Abiy trespassed  all norms and assigned the OPDO  "cell"  Takele Uma who is not member of the Addis Abeba assembly. The purpose is there is mission to be accomplished.

It is so sad  to see Addis Ababa, an international city being denied to have an independent mayor until next election who has the right knowledge, experience  and attitudes for bigger metropolitan city and its residents. He  assigned a young  inexperienced man who  doesn't express himself well, let alone lead such great city; it doesn't matter  as long as he fulfils the mission, suppress any opposition specially citizens based politics.

The political party Abiy and Lemma lead, ODP (former OPDO) declared Addis Ababa  belonging to Oromo region as  planned  in 2016  while in secret despite Addis Ababa  being an Ethiopian capital. Abiy and Lemma have given confusing account when asked directly. The issue of  "urban politics, demography  and settling Oromo in Addis" have been denied contrary to  the obvious reality. This is all to  burden the people to accept Oromo dominance. Addis Ababa residents are smart and aware of the hidden mission clearly.

The Oromo elites  are currently confronted with unexpected but terrifying and panic shock opposition against their agenda  from Addis Ababa residents. Addis Ababa residents  through the famous journalist and human right advocate Eskinder Nega  (who was imprisoned 10 times by TPLF regime while Abiy and Lemma served the TPLF as medium ranked spy and security heads)  peacefully and rightfully confronting their agenda.  He is like Gibraltar stone. Abiy as Prime minster  who tolerated millions displacement and thousands death without uttering any words against OLF (well they work in synergy), he barraged unexpected threat of his power as state to declare official  war on the peaceful  human right advocate Eskinder Nega and "Baladeras group" who  advocate city dwellers legitimate demands. Abiy, unusually and surprisingly shown his emotion betraying him. Despite calls from known intellectuals from Diaspora who supported his "reform"  and he agreed to meet and talk with Eskinder;  what followed is total embarrassment to deny simple meeting  rights and places. He used his official state apparatus, Police to deny their right to meet and later to send  their "Qerro" force (whose  leaders are unknown and it is not legitimately registered even in the government he runs).  Although this seems surprise for most people, it is an implementation of well thought plan and strategies by the Oromo elites.

Dr Abiy and all Oromo politicians are pushing  for Oromiffa to be the national working language. Abiy mixes this message in between preaching of unity, peace and solidarity to easily disseminate the message  to desensitise the public to accept their agenda. They want to impose on the majority Ethiopian people to begin era of Oromo dominance in Ethiopia.  People are happy to speak and use Oromiffa where there are majority residents are speakers, like in Oromia region but to impose on other people is another  form of suppression. Why not Somligna, Tigregna, Sidamegna etc.

They have successfully dissipated and weaken citizen-based Ethiopian political parties from the agenda. They fragmented them easily. The prominent Arbegnoch Ginbot 7 (AG7) is easily disarmed  (while OLF is armed). They used AG 7  leaders to campaign against Addis Residents like Eskinder Nega  who is fighting for their right. Sadly the good professor, Berhanu is outsmarted  and used to condemn Eskinder,  not in a media like ESAT for which he has enormous access but on Oromo media.

Folks, join all these dots with line, see the big figure and reach to your conclusion.  Ethiopia is in imminent danger. The state is under the control of Oromo  elite who believes in Oromo dominance. Citizen based politics is almost dying. Abiy refused to form transitional government comprising all stake  holders as it will deny their mission. The top agenda  in the  country is ethnic politics promoted  by Fitawerari Jawar and his OMN media which  works collaboratively with those on power.

It is not just Oromo brothers are on power that we should resist, but the  Oromo dominance and possible disintegration of our country by their agenda.  Look whatever they planned, they are putting it in practice. TPLF led for 27 years with such agenda and we are now being prepared for another regime to follow the same suit, possibly disintegration of our country. Ethiopia needs citizen based politics which treats every Ethiopians equal under the law.

It is worrying that the people who lives in Ethio-Somale, Southern Ethiopia, Afar, Gambella and Benshagul who are  next onslaught from Oromo elites for thier expansionist agenda; they have done enough on the those people whom they call "Ethiopianist or chauvinist or Minilik Sefaris"

Ethiopian of all ethnicity, gender, age, ability, religion, political opinion be aware and avert such disaster, and once again save the country from this evil agenda to dominate others and possibly disintegrate  our country. For those on power, lets learn from TPLF and their leaders, please don't let the country to vicious circle. Let you be what you preach in public and ditch the hidden agenda.


Abbreviations used:

AG7:     Patriotic Ginbot 7

ANDM:  Amhara national democratic movement

CUD:    Coalition for unity and Democracy

EPRDF: Ethiopian people revolutionary Democratic Front

ODF:    Oromo democratic front

ODP:    Oromo Democratic Party

OFC:    Oromo Federalist Congress

OLF :   Oromo Liberation front

OPDO: Oromo democratic party

TPLF:  Tigray People Liberation Front



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