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Let All Hell Break ... I shall not cower!

Let All Hell Break ... I shall not cower!


Yared Huluf  22/10/19


Let All hell break loose

anhedonic and confused

To places unbeknown vamoose

Only to agonize and ruth

I shall not accept,  I refuse

a dictator's douceur

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to spy and military serve.


A dictator’s douceur

To accept I refuse!

The earth shakes in tremors 

Its abdomen rapture wide open 

Boulders running down the mountains

As if they are in a race

To bottomless precipice

Crashing each other to pieces. 

I refuse a dictator’s term of peace!

Honey coated trice entice

I refuse!


Le buildings be reduced to rubbles

No facet standing whole

But I shall stand tall

In  cri de Coeur  I shall not bawl


Let argillaceous  diluvial flood awash

The face of the earth 

nonchalantly an assault inflicted 

Daunting all the creatures beneath, 

that breath,

Their time has come to cease.

I shall not be perturbed 

And my soul disturbed.


I have a mind to noodle

I shall never be a fool

And turn to Isayas’s poodle

Whimsically pushed  and pulled

I refuse!!

Let the sea devour

With its mighty power

As I crossover 

The cursed boarder

I shall never cower

To this salient murder

Nor to a dictator’s roar

And blazoned parol

Pulled alive or cadaver,

From the depth of cold water.


Let the treacherous sand

Bury me alive as I trudge or stand

I shall never cower 

To the smugglers’ torture

Human organs dealer.

I shall never pine

To align with a bovine

And toe the line;

With my eyes folded blind.


And let the volcano erupt

Heaven’s tranquility abruptly disrupt

The brontides heard

From afar and near

Eardrums couldn’t bear

Nothing could hide

Its high ride, 

Enveloping the sky

With miasmic tides,

That showers back

To earth as a magma pie 

Anything in contact only to fry

I shall not cry

Even if my body gets awry


All these biblical threats,

Be as they are septic

Are less of a menace

Compare to Procrustean Amhara chauvinists;

Who are raring to swallow

All other tribes into their visceral shallow

Of what they call Unitary hallow

As in the past to flex their domineering elbows

That had given them an edge to glow

Over others they managed to pulverize

To dust to blow,

Rendering it  much easier to control Callow,

With their self respect at all time low.


This I shall never allow 

In the name of those buried below 

I shall not flinch  even an inch

I shall not permit a retreat even a bit

To a cheat who connives to pull the strings

In a broad daylight

So as to flourish at expenses of the ill-treated;

operose labour and sweat.

I shall not fear

Even if my eyes are laden with tears.


Oh no! I shall not permit, 

The Amharas masquerade up and down

The street,

In conniption fits 

Kydooling ዘራፍ skimble-skamble 

Brandishing the sword in trance 

Flaunting their allegiance 

To the rule of dominance.

I shall never allow bogus alliance

My voice to silence 

And keep me prisoner in my own place 

Of residence.

I shall not retreat  a bit  

Such a furphy to beat,  

Nor shall I be reduced to a cucurbit

With no means to stand on my feet.

To fight the fight!!


yared Huluf


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