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The Sun Rises in the West!

The Sun Rises in the West!


Tadis Aregay​



These days anything is possible. The Sun rises in the West, if you have doubt ask the new scientists, the old ones are fake! And so it goes,  hard to believe one's own eyes watching a Fake-News of  would be Face-Book TV channel  presenter,  ጆስ ዳውን ( - Joseph Gebre (ዮስፍ ገብሬ) -accompanied by   amateur ensembles  walking in to the residence of former General Kasaye Tsemeda (ካሳየ ጨመዳ) of the Dictatorship of the Derg era with fifteen thousand  Bir   as a Christmas gifts that included a  live sheep dragged on leash for all to see and a basketful of cake propined  by Habessha Beer, Coffee International Bank and Motherland Agro-Industry firm for his gallant job defending the country from Eritreans(EPLF) and Tigray People Liberation Front.  Joseph probably was not born when the general and his cronies were maiming, marauding, murdering and terrorizing the residence of Addis Ababa, leave alone what epic atrocities they committed in Eritrea and Tigray. Weird it may seem but the day has come when people like Joseph feels nepenthe enough for  monsters likes of ex- general Kasaye  to  welcome and shower them with gifts and abrazos. I ask every decent and peace loving person in this world to boycott purchasing and using the products of these three firms operating in the country, that business is not as usual, to teach them a lesson that anyone out there in the market is to sell and make profits and  not get involved in politics for the wrong or right reasons.

In his own word, putting aside the customary exaggerations and lies such people are renowned for, he claimed to drive the TPLF and EPLF as far as Dedebit and Nakeffa respectively whilst at the same time he admitted trampling to death hundreds of thousands  Eritrean peasants on his way. I remembered many military truckloads of disemboweled cattle used to arrive every time there was a foray to the low land of Eritrea to the camp and each carcass was sold for 5 Bir. One day we were told the army separated the men from the women and one person as he was dressed in gelebia, (long gown) he hope to pass as a woman, as he crossed the line to join the women, a soldier stopped him and question whether he was a man or woman. The lowlander replied he was a woman indeed. The soldier asked him to raise his gown under gun point, the person did. In anger, the soldier retorted: And what is this sticking out? The person lowed his head and checked and swear to god: We - Allah; I have never seen this before, he replied. That did not save him and he was shot on the spot.


Listening to general's   pococurante assessment, and by the way the PM, Abiy Ahmed has used the exact same words, that the Dictatorship of Derg led by Mengistu Hailemariam, fell not because of the liberation movements' advance but because of its political bankruptcy.  He also criticized those he did try to bring down the dictator as untimely and ill advised. Those who were not born or too young to remember anything, the likes of Joseph may want to believe these lies but people like Teka Kasa dwelling in the military camp, as I did, and as young as 13 years of age, not only were aware of the imminent fall of the Derg, but we were worried about the guerrillas who were miching in and out of Asmara city but also of the military guard at the entrance gate. Every time we came back from outside to the camp at about  6.00pm past, when it got dark, the guard would perform corybantic moves pointing  his gun with a shout commanding us to  halt and not move when we approached  the gate.  We had to shout back as quickly as possible with the day's password to let him know we were not enemies in disguise before he unloaded a fusillade of bullets and he perforated us out of existent.. Yes, Tekas' story posted on Aiga Forum, would tell you, not only the tragic death of his father, the pain and smell of recovering wounded soldiers in the Nissan huts where 30 families per hut serried and lived in a single hut each separated by a not more than the length of tall man/women height, where you hear the breath of the person living next door let alone doing other hanky-panky activities at night.. Everyday hundreds of dead and wounded soldiers would arrive to the military hospital.. If this is not a military defeat what is if I may ask the general who never had to share his car let alone his home as we did - a corrugated iron from the base all the way round, like a tunnel? It looked like the underpass leading to Debre Sina from Addis except there were no herds of baboons to worry about. But then we had the guerrillas to think of in case they made a raid and bring the huts down.

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Even if let us say, the Derg’s defeat was brought about as a result of political corruption and/ or ineptitude. Isn’t political ineptitude a product of military failure to achieve the main aim of the central government dominated by one group’s (Amharas) interest that was cardinally set out to be at the expenses of marginalized nationalities treated as second class citizens? It was the lack of military par excellence that led to political bankruptcy. After sitting for 27 years in a cozy house the general  is proud to own  (there is no ill feeling about that, everyone including the general needs to have a place of his own, if he has nothing guilty to worry about),  rather than in a prison cell. The general's wife when asked stated that they have four sons and daughters and they are well and secured - that is good news too, but she failed to note that the general was responsible for the death of thousands of Eritreans and Tigryans in their homes and the fields of the regions. If Eritreans and Tigrayans lives do not mattered, and do not mean anything to her and those who share the same views like her and her husband, tens of thousands of others including Amharas were also killed and thrown  in the streets and corners of Addis Ababa, and other cities as well. They too had fathers and mothers who were hurt. The general lacks  the mental capacity to figure out how lucky he is to be alive and well; and  instead of being grateful  to the  Ethiopian people, and his captors, , and instead of asking for forgiveness, he calls himself tough and ironfisted -  who is now   left brooding and waiting for the moment to revenge - revenge it was when he called TPLF “she” as if being she (woman) is an inferior creator , like the old times  when women were granted the status of  domestic servants and  gratifiers of  sexual desires when at someone's beck and call. . By the way the liberation army that drove the general   and his crony out from Tigray and Eritrea were made of men and women of equal calibers and statues unthinkable and an unbeknown to him. What is the point of appointing 20 odd women nowadays to the mistrial level if the mentality of these people have not changed an iota about the very women they have now deployed at the highest level if only this is to be used as a political card game to play and to deceive the public at large?


The TPLF may be corrupt, but so also all the people who served the same government of EPRDF and that includes the officers of the Derg. Didn't Mengustu Hailemariam embezzled the bank and carried a plane load of cash when he skedaddled to Zimbabwe with his family?  Hasn’t PM Abiy Ahmed securely kept his family in America and spent millions of dollars to train personal bodyguards to look after him and his family in America? Isn't it a moral insanity to have a birth day party on board of a plane when at the same time an innocent Engineer was killed in the streets of Addis Ababa? Isn't it malfeasance when Gedu and Co commissioned a jet plane to crisscross the USA to galvanize support for their Neftegnas' project they have in mind to implement?


Isn't it a moral decay when a cabal seized power not with people's consent but by plot, the way this group now is running the country?

The Germans wronged, the Jew, the Gypsies, the Polish, the Africans and the world at large during the two European wars. They wanted to dominate the world and in their unrestraint desires to achieve their bedeviled project, they inflicted untold misery to their victims and eventually made a mess for themselves.. Once the war was over, most Germans realised what a mess they were led in to. They were hoisted with their own petard Sooner or later they went through the peculiar rites and thereafter they began to hooly assess their actions and role they need to safely play, Here in this country no wrong doing against fellow countrymen/women amounts to clean the mind of wrong doers; they want to cling on to their habits as addicts. What can you say except pray for God part from them and the road they have chosen to take?


The most puzzling thing of all is to see an Eritrean leader running around with people who in the long run do not seem to have the best of intension for his own self and the Eritrean people. If the Eritreans allow this madness to go on unchecked there may came time to regret. But what is a regret after a damage being done. The best thing to do is so something while they can before it is too late.


I rest the case and God bless all, including those wrong footed and going to hell!

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