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Unforgivable treachery and betrayal from comrades and friends

Unforgivable treachery and betrayal from comrades and friends 



Feb 1, 2019


ĎStab the body and it heals, but injure the heart and the wound lasts a lifetimeMineko Iwasaki

Growing up in a small community, my mom would always tell me how betrayal is the mother of all sins. I have heard it during my ethics and bible classes too. Especially, betrayals by your brother (like Kyle did to Abel), comrade or disciple (like Judah did to Jesus) are spiteful. They hurt physically but hurt more emotionally deep down inside. 


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The betrayals we are witnessing in our country by Abiy and his ODP cronies, Demeke and his ADP cronies and some western countries like the US is what Iím calling unforgiveable betrayal. These hoodlums are people who got the mentoring, training and undeserved grooming to become leaders by those who sacrificed their youth lives fighting the brutal Dergue. Some were high school dropouts and some were just low life teachers but they were entrusted by the selfless veterans to be loyal to the constitutional order and party discipline. However, they have been conspiring for years against those that selflessly created the environment for their development and even nurtured them to learn a leadership mantel. They conspired to steal power through resurrection by youth. They did this at any cost including destruction of property and mayhem of our people. While the veteran fighters could have fought back, they gave these goons the benefit of the doubt to govern the country to avoid further destruction and disintegration of the country. However, they didn't stop at assuming the highest power through coup díetat but they have continued to conspire with neighboring countries to jail and torture the very veteran fighters who gave a lot to them and their country. I canít fathom what Berket, Tinkishu, Kinfe and others might be saying from jail. Iím sure they are saying, ĎHow come we missed the evil in these people when they were subordinates?í Itís hurtful and spiteful by any standards.


Abiy and his cronies should know that the chickens will come home to roost soon. They might think they outsmarted their former comrades but their betrayal is going to catch up on them. Betrayal gives birth to betrayal by none other than those who are closer to power. It will happen sooner or later by the very people who are now clapping their hands hard. Sadly, while I thought the cycle of violence was decidedly defeated in 1991, it looks like that it is going to repeat itself if current trends continue. A lot of displacement and mayhem! Mob justice and government sponsored attacks on civilians (eg. Asaminew Tsige and his militia attacking Kimant and Sur construction workers) have become rampant. The federal government and its media apparatus are fully engaged in promoting hateful speeches and sponsoring revengeful attacks on their former comrades and anyone who they think Ďyaltedemereí. Sad and concerning!


The others that betrayed the veteran EPRDFites are governments like the US and some in Europe which follow US policy. Itís absurd that the people who sacrificed too much of their own and family life to get rid of the communist dictatorship, to destroy Alalitahd, to defeat Alshabab (brutal enemies of the US) are now seen as enemies. The US government is giving tacit approval for their jailing and unfair treatment. We havenít heard a peep from the noisy HRW and state department when more people have been killed and displaced the last 10 months than the last 20 years. These government sponsored entities who never spared time to accuse the past government for human rights violations for relatively minor offenses are now very quiet. In fact, they seem to be doing the opposite. Iím shocked to see the picture of a western diplomatic group with Gedu/Lemma and an Eritrean team in the Netherlands doing what is unknown to the Ethiopian people. But why? What is the US trying to get out of this? The mayhem and destruction thatís going on is not good for anyone including the US. More enemies will be born that would haunt the US population. Itís sad that the US has become an enabler of a government that jails & kills opposition and whose policy leading to the displacement of so many people- all in the name of democracy! Hope MrNaggy addresses this issue as soon as possible. I believe he remains to be a true friend of Ethiopia not just to the few who are trying to stay in power at any cost. To those who are true friends (even though I donít believe that there are long term enemies and friends in politics), if push comes to shove, it must be known that a government that doesnít take any strong measures against a government that chops a humanís body in its embassy canít have the moral ground to cast blame on a government that put Ethiopia in the limelight of development and hope. 


I will conclude my opinion piece with some modified version of my favorite quotes by Oscar Wilde ĎA betrayer kills the thing he lovesto some with a bitter look and to others with a flattering word. Acoward does it with a kiss while the brave does it with a swordí and by Mineko Iwasaki ĎStab the body and it heals, but injure the heart and the wound lasts a lifetime


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