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Calling Abiy Ahmed Mohammed Ali to resign immediately

Calling Abiy Ahmed Mohammed Ali to resign immediately


Gebreselema Hailemichael




The whole universe exists on the realm of cause and effect relativity of existence.  Everything in this world have cause and effect which means everything is dynamic and  has cause and effect. There is no effect without cause.  All human problems have causes either driven by human or by natural cause.  Things which are caused by the force of nature includes earth quake, Tsunami, flood, hailstone, thunder, lightning, Hurricane, and cosmic disorder when a star falls on earth from another planet.  Other  problems are caused by human beings which includes war, manmade famine, poverty, conflict, killing, murdering, road blocking, discrimination, racism, injustice, oppression, repression, abuse,  molestation, blackmailing, slanders, defaming, marginalizing others. For this reason, all the current problems in Ethiopia are purely  man made.  All the problems in Ethiopia of the past, present are  created by human beings who  live  in stone age mentality.  Without  going back  to recount the past  man made  heinous crimes by Ethiopian elites,  I wanted  to focus on this piece on the current human monster who is  living on the blood of  people on daily basis, Abiy  Ahmed Mohammed Ali.  


I have high moral integrity not to call Abiy a PM.  I believe it fits him well to be called a Prime Monster who lives by shedding innocent bloods everyday directly and indirectly.  All countries have problems.  There is no country with any problems.  What makes the problem in Ethiopia different is that the problem is caused by one single man who betrayed and sold 110 million people by allying with Arabs and with other neofascists who bought him by money.  Abiy Ahmed Mohammed Ali was a multiple agent spy hiding in EPRDF Who spent 27 years collecting free salary and selling his country and his people to foreigners without any shame.  Based on the revelation we are told on broad day light by Mr. Andargachew Tsigie the man whom his wife was lobbying for his release by claiming he was innocent.


We have to believe Mr. Tsigie and we must thank him for his honestly for telling us Abiy was G7   under EPRDF.  To my surprise, this G7 ring leader in EPRDF who is now a fake, fraudulent PM in the name of EPRDF has no any shame to keep on talking, talking his trash. He has a long, forked tongue. He spent much of his time talking. He likes self emulation, reward, parting, novel peace prize, his dirty novel shit price or prize. 


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I believe he has been ruining Ethiopia because Ethiopians do not know their right.  Otherwise, such fraudulent person would not have been allowed to ruin the country on broad day light.  The reason he has been destroying it is because the 110 million people do not know their God given, democratic and human rights to live on this planet.  This is the reason people never ask him to step down. If this was somewhere else, people will remove him. This man has been full time engaged in serial murder from day one.  Why the people of Ethiopia keep quiet?   It is puzzling how backward Ethiopians even than ever before.   What was the point of opening fifty universities if the university makes them dumber than ever before?   Why Woyanes did created scholars who do not know their rights and who do not stand for their right?   I think this is the main cause of the problem.  Abiy used this background to hide and to pop up as monster from within.  This reminds me a horror movie called the slaters where people get transformed into monsters and start eating each other.


Abiy sold himself to Arabs, Americans for money. To please his sponsors he has to destroy Ethiopia and its people.  To realize this he has to start cruel terrorism in Ethiopia where he started it by chopping 30 Somali into pieces like onion which is still overdue which must be investigated.   All the heinous terrorism is started by Abiy Ahmed Mohammed Ali when he chopped 30 Somali into pieces.  That heinous, never seen, never heard, inhuman, subhuman, sub animal cruel crime   caused the displacement of one million poor Oromos. This was the beginning of Abiy’s medemer terrorism in Ethiopia.  Medemer means a new red terror. You kill people and you add them.  That is how I see medemer. As you have witnessed and seen, all that love, forgiveness crap propaganda was fake. So is medemer.  Medemer is the new red terrorism where you kill people by saying Ethiopia Tkdem.  Does it sound familiar?  Ethiopia Tkedm also sounds much lovely words more than medemer. But Ethiopia Tekdem was red terrorism where you go house to house and kill children and sell their bodies back to their parents. That was Ethiopia Tekdem.   As such Medemer is the new Abiy   red terrorism that started chopping Somali into pieces like onion. The master of that terrorism that started the terrorism in Ethiopia is Abiy Ahmed Mohamed Ali.  AbiyAhmed Mohammed Ali is the mother of all the current problems in Ethiopia.   I have reason to say this.


You all know all the terrorism Abiy has done so far.  Must I list them?  Abiy’s terrorism includes the following:

1.  Chopping 30 Somali into pieces like onion which is overdue for investigation

2. Bombing his fans to death killing 3 and injuring 170 unsuspecting young people on June 16, 2018.

3. Calling Eng.S.Bekele from GERD to addis to slaughter him at Meskel square by removing TV camera 2 days head

4.   Invading Somali state illegally with a mere reason to kill people and violating the 10 million Somali people’s human right, and appointing a fake leader for them.

5.  The genocide on Gedeon people displacing one million and causing about 3000 death and about 7000 orphans   plus famine, diseases imposed on them.

6.  The genocide of 500 Gumuz

7.  The closure of road from Addis to Tigrai since he has assumed power

8.   The broad day light invasion of Amhara state and killing all leaders he did not like on June 15, 2019.

9.  The cold blood, murder of General Saere and Gezaee with 15 bullet which is coward act .

10. The invasion of Sidama people and causing bloodshed.

11.  As you know Abiy and his sponsor USA opposed the state of emergency before Abiy came? But now Abiy misgoverns Ethiopia using illegal state of emergency which his sponsors got no problem with it.


12. People are dying every day and the country is on garage sale to American multinational corporations.  The beautiful Ethiopian airlines are on sale for no reason. The Ethiopian bank is on sale to American city bank.   The Telecom is on sale for American.  Country is fighting to buy Ethiopia like bazare or Garage sale.  If your bank, Telecom,   Airline is sold for America. You are defaulted by under American neocolonism.  It is real. You will be slave of American forever and ever,   ለአለም   አለም ወአዲ


  Does it mean there are no men and women in Ethiopia anymore?  Why allow all these to happen? Why? Why?   Change does not require murder, death, displacement, road blocking , killing, lying, deceiving, hate,  conflict, famine, diseases, lawlessness, anarchy, …. Change does not require selling your country.  


Based on the above and others crimes done by Abiy  in just one year, Abiy is not a leader. He is not even elected. He is installed by Arabs and America.  No Ethiopia elected him. He is not elected. He is not a man. He is a lair, a master of chaos and destruction.  He is a man with no integrity and a man with no personal integrity, with no capacity and a man with no human conscience.  What are the people waiting for? Are people waiting until he sheds more blood?  Until more people being killed, displaced, murdered,   until the country is fully sold?   What is good in Abiy? What are the people afraid of losing?   Is there any lose much worse than losing the peace of your everyday life? Are you letting him to do more damage, more bloodshed, more parting, more dancing, dancing?


People please wake up?   Know your right. You deserve a leader.  You do not deserve a broad day light human monster who sells you to foreign countries on broad day light.  Come on, the more you giving him time, the more blood will be shed and the more things will get worse.  Do not wait until he knocks your door.   Where I live, the PM was warned seriously for misbehaving. Do you know why he was warned? He was passing fast and he touched another parliament member by his   hand.   It was a gesture he did without realizing.  But it was a big issue. He apologized he will not do that again.   Why do you give license to man whom you did not elect to take away your peace, your life, your beloved ones, and sell your country? Know your right.  


Join me, demand for his immediate removal before he causes more damage, and more bloodshed and before he sells the country.  The man does not not  know what he is doing.  We have had enough of his medemer terror.   Let him go hell with his medemer. But enough bloodshed because of him only.    Say enough bloodshed and do not wait until he knows your door. Protect every life in Ethiopia because tomorrow it will knock your own door if you keep quiet. You will never be safe by fearing or keeping quiet.   


Abiy Ahmed Mohammed Ali step down immediately because you are living on the blood of people.






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