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Why the border between Eritrea and Ethiopia closed so soon so unexpected to officials?


Hatsani Daniel  4-27-19



I saw on TV an attempt to explain the border closure from the Ethiopian government. It ended up showing clearly that Isayas decided this in person. As far as he is concerned the purpose of the guayla and Hindu dance was only against the two bordering kilils. Mission accomplished. From here on Isayas has no expected benefits, but only sure fire problems.

No Ethiopian official can say anything. Ethiopian officials have become same as Eritrean officials, where only Isayas have the say. It looks terrible, just to see the faces of these Ethiopian officials. Embarrassing.


They all look like a stunned life partner, who faced an unexpected incident and being dumped.


Alliance are made for purpose and are always done between incompatible sides. If you are compatible in the long term, you work towards unity, but if Mengistu and Isayas can make alliance, its only and only one purpose, common enemy. The rest is just for show. Those who boarded the bus are now shocked and stunned when the bus has stopped long way away from their destination.


There is a simple answer for closing the border. Isayas is extremely worried of what comes next. His calculation that if he appears beside PM Abiy, he will make PM Abiy stronger, did not fan out. He actually made him weaker. Arresting Bereket and Tinqishu in a very childish, cowardly, illegal..all typical Isayas style has exposed the weakness of both allies.


The expectation of both of them was to continue arresting if not killing Weyannie. It was obvious from the beginning that was the only purpose. Isayas only request to America, to Arabs was that of supporting PM Abiy until he arrests or kills a list of Weyannies all over Ethiopia.

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The fact that its a personal vendetta and not interest of the two countries for both of them was obvious from day one. Ayte Isayas, who hardly does a tigrigni dance, doing a Hindu dance made it obvious even to the most humble or blinded by Tigray hate that he was in sheer terror from TPLF.


I hate to put him on the radar and bring him unnecessary problems, but Eng. Yiliqal Getnet description was the most expressive and descriptive. Roughly translated from an interview:


“I think the relationship between Ethiopia and Eritrea is going the wrong way and will be destructive for Ethiopia. I do not see anything good that comes out by allowing Ayte Isayas to be a player in Ethiopia’s internal affairs. The problem was between TPLF leaders and Ayte Isayas. It was never between people. Now the reconciliation is being promoted as if its between peoples.

To me it was very disappointing and even embarrassing to see PM Abiy and president Isayas twisting and bending as if they are boneless in the Arabs platform”.


From recent memory From Mengistu Hailemarim to ESAT have stated one very clear message. The people of Tigray should be dealt with and clearly exterminated. PM Abiy seems to think this is a child’s play. All these folks do not have any capacity to implement their wish, but this has caused the suffering and death of many Tigreans and Agews in Ethiopia and Eritrea. Half a century of open unrelenting hate campaign, by highest authorities and their cadre has caused a lot of dislocation of Tigreans and Agews. If PM Abiy called us day hynas to please his Derg, Shaebia and failures of EPRP, he is only adding to the long line of hate politics.


Its also another sign that the emperor has no cloths. No red line, no moral boundary. When dictators are scared anything goes.


In Eritrea Isayas is telling his cadre that if it wasn’t for the two bordering kilils, Abiy would have had free hand. We have to help him by pressuring these two Kilils. The Afar in Ethiopia will not go against Tigray and in Amhara kilil the Agew will not go against Tigray. We should shut down the border and help Abiy squeeze them from Ethiopia side.

For the other Eritreans they are being told that Tigray is always dangerous. We need to be careful. Tigray has a lot of things to sell, it has manufacturing. It will take over Eritrea very fast. You know how Tigreans dominate business fast. Now they have more educated segment as well and will take even jobs. We have to protect our country.



Ethiopian officials on the other hand have nothing to say. If this was not reality, would have been funniest comedy or best fiction.


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