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Loosing what you have while looking for more


Loosing what you have while looking for more!

Tadis Aregay 1-10-19


From the 1st to the 7th century AD the forefathers of the Tigrian people (Endubis-  270AD, Aphilad, Wazeba, Ousanas - 320, Ezana 360, Mehadeyis, Eon-400AD,  Evans, Nexool, Ousas-500, Kaleb -520,  Alla Amidas - 540) were organized and talented enough to mint coins, build ships and obelisks. They were also literate in many languages including their own. In one of the inscription Ezana left behind, the chauvinists would have love destroyed,  it reads “I Ezana king of kings of Aksum, Damot, Nubia, Moreo, Saba, Beja, Salhen, Himyar, Dhu-Raydan; the unvanquished ruler. ...By this Cross you will conquer...”. Further, Ezana’s brothers Saizsnana and Hadefa were sent to quell an uprising and control the Nubia and Beja regions.  Upon mission accomplished they relocated the remaining sixth Beja tribes numbering 4400 to Metlia near present day Begemedir. 


The Aksumite rule of Nubia, Meroe, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Northern Somalia and Djibouti would not have been visible if Welkiat Tsegedey was not part of their empire, unless the present day Nefteghas would want to believe that the Aksumite had umpteen squadrons of warplanes that they manned and dropped the payloads to submission of the region..That said, to claim the Welkait Tsegedey has never been and still is not part of Tigray is just like a burglar claiming the property he stole were his and his alone to begin with. የሌባ ደረቅ ዓይን ኣውጣ: ስው ባቓቓመ መሬት የኔ ነው ብሎ ድርቅ:: But one ought not be surprised if one sees and hears the Neftenaghs would go a long way  to spin, fabricate and lie in the hope that they would hoodwink the unsuspecting innocent people.

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Imagine, a person called Colonel Berkele Zewde and the cabals behind him paraded in public applauding his claim to be an Amhara by birth. I mean anyone can be anybody he wants For that matter he can be a the anthropist, and claimed as he did that his acquired ethnicity (Amharas) are the one of the only 46 tribes known to God as mentioned in a Divine text, The rest of humanity is under the washing sink. Likewise, he could be riding high under the spell of Zoabthropy and one day he could claim to be a donkey and another day a dog. That sad as it may be but it is his inalienable right to exercise.  But what he cannot claim and speak in the name of the Welkait Tsegedey as Amharas when it has not pronounced by the people themselves. Colonel Demeke has no right to do so. Even his father registered his opposition to what his son claimed. If one prostrates and appears to fight for a cause that does not hold water, sooner or later it will fall apart. How could sane people in the name Amhara follow such a gonzo furphies in their name by a delusional person?


It is not only Colonel Demeke who is suffering from metanoia; you have also the MP and Isaias of Eritrea, These are people leading nations but mythomanes that they are, they promise one thing and do the antinome of what they promised. They close borders at one end and open another at another end in complete contradictions to the reasons given as justifications to close in the first place. Isaias’s state of mind has been a suspect for sometime; it is the new one that is a sad case. That said, you may not blame for his actions.  The PM appears to have his legs landing on two different ledges but not in goldilocks, more inclined to the one that prophesied   power and comfort. And as foretold, thus far it has been relatively easy for him to get whatever he wanted. He might have thought, he could get away doing more reckless things in the name of the people banking he had one leg in one heritage and the other somewhere else as an insurance policy to support his actions.


There is no point appealing to or requesting for him to change his course of actions. ኣውቆ የተኛ ብቀስቁሱት ኣይነሳም He is in company of destructive elements and he is fully scienter of what is taking place. In fact he seems he is enjoying causing Jimjams and heebie-jeebies on those who fears the worse is to come.  He appears to want to revive the feduo-colonial empire Menelik had set up initially and mainly with the help of the Italians and later by Haileselassie with the British support (when the help crashed the first Weyane). I am fully aware of the Western definition of colonialism: the need for captive market to dump industrial products economies of scale has produced and secure raw materials all the same for the insatiable factories operating round the clock that led to mass productions.  The  advent of Italians and the Whichalle  treaty signed  created the necessary conditions on top of providing  the  financial and military assets needed  to turn the rest of Ethiopia to be a colonial and vassal states of Menelik, the warlord, who could not  on his own merits managed to have had  succeeded to achieve - a complete tread  of the none Amhara nationalities under his feet,   neither  Tewdrows nor Yohannes were able to accomplish. Twedros and Yonannes had to negotiate and compromise with different would be war Lords of the Era of the Warlords ዘመነ መሳፍንት . The Neftenaghs like the white supremacist would never clear wash their hands and their minds from the guilt and past sins, no matter how low they prostrate. In fact whenever possible they feel comfortable to perpetuate the system that gave rise for them the upper hand in life they would never have got on their own merits.  The rest of Ethiopia was compelled to learn their language at an early age and throughout the adolescent. All official institutions had to communicate in the one and only one language. Ethiopians have to adopt the Amhara culture, dream the way they dream at nights, the currency speaks the language, have the photos of the rulers in note books we carry all the time as children, even the even the drinking beer vessel has the photo of Menelik, as the dear leader everyone had missed in case we forgot who they were and how grateful we are to be their slaves.


To date if one board on the Ethiopian Airlines one would be compelled to listen on takeoff and landing, 40 minutes each, classical Amharic songs and one wonders in a nation of eighty odd nationalities one and only one language's lyrics are imposed to listen to. Even the TPLF wrote their epic armed struggled journey in Amharic- Teraran YenKeTeKeTe TweLed (ተራራን ያንቀጠቀጠ ትውልድ). Everywhere and in every bookshop there are only Amharic text books to purchase. The media and news paper are infested with the same language.  What more do the Neftenaghs want that they go around and cause problems? የባጡን ኣወድ ብላ የብብትዋን ጣለች We are told to internalize this concept that we are midget’s ኣናሳ ብሔሮች a derogatory term to use. ኣናሳ is not the same as minorities it means midgets. In a world and at a time where everybody has inalienable rights to self determination including session, the Chauvinist Amharas would want to gobble and swallow minorities. Even in a society where there are no ethnic, religious, race or colour distinctions the majority of 51% could not force abide the 49% if the 49% would not wish to be ruled by if they feel something untoward is in the mind of the 51%. . That said, the 49% does submit to the rule of the 51% because they may believe they were defeated in a fair plain field. They feel they have a chance to win over next time they try if they work hard and convince more than they showed up the first time. The other problem nobody has a solution is that the 49% live and work interspersed and mingled with the majority and even if they wish to exercise their inalienable democratic right not to be ruled by the 51% but set their own government,, they could not do so because there is no geographic and demographic locations they alone could say is their own. That is the problem the 49% in a homogenous society could not overcome.


Such are the privileges the present Nefteghas are craving and wanted them back reinstated and the rest say no. This could happen upon our dead bodies. 



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