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To Be or not to BE!

To Be or not to BE!


Gee! Free  at last free!

The Norwegians know better

And they could not be any crystal clearer!

Eritrea has a peace loving leader

Under the auspices  of a Nobel Prize winner.

Henceforth, no  more trouble,  no more war

Signed and sealed a piacular  tripartite decree

Faustian pack whigmaleerie.

The world has now  nothing to worry!


Hold your horses thee!

Respectfully, I disagree!

The Norwegians know no better

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Rather than meddling in African affairs

If they really care

They ought to look after

The penguins that are endanger

From/and  the fast collapsing glacier

That has caused constrictions world over.


Far from it, Eritreans are not happy

How could they be,

Oppressed by a home grown zombie!


But blame no one to moan

Except themselves, stand alone 

As architects of their own 

Misfortune overblown.

My friend rest at ease

with heartsease,

Odd as it is,

There is no war there is no peace!

Apart in the anoetic recess

Of Pollyanna Norwegian Esperance.


That said, one thing is clear,

Eritreans have no longer to fear

The nightmarish  terror of a garrotter

Among equals they  are now  in a common sea

A garrotter chord they do not have to fear or see


Free, yes at last free!

From Amhara colonial misery.

The future is full of hope



Unlike Tigrians who chose -

Side by side to live with

Their former bosses close

Rubbing nose to nose

Washing from the same hose

Trudging the same old course,

After waging Pyrrhic victory

To redress history,

Hoping against hope 

to meet Liberty they eloped

So common sense

Equality and respect would prevail,

But to no avail.

Hoping  a gleam light would turn bright

Past wrongs to put right.


They were foolish enthusiasts,

To trust

A genetic trait,

That would feel the guilt,

To abandon the status quo inherited.

and do the opposite but right.


They would rather keep the  chain on their feet

Which  grantees submission  complete.


And like the Eritreans 

They should blame who else

But themselves for their predicaments

More so than the poltergeists:

How on earth could they expect

Even a zoo bred hyena 

No matter how domesticated

Could be a goat’s friend?

ምስ ኣግም ዝተፀገኤ ቆልቃል

ዘላኣለም ብኽያት: ምስ እንቃል!

'A cactus  that is fated to  come to pass

breeds to speed

Where Acacia spreads

Only to  profusely bleed

until the day it cedes.


Yared Huluf




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