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War Free Ethiopia


War Free Ethiopia


Berhane Alemayoh February 18, 2019


Open Letter to:


My humble appeal to the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, the Parlama of Ethiopia, all Ethiopian activists, all media outlets, all regional governments, and all citizens:


I am writing this appeal to all Ethiopian people, to do my part to defuse the underline peril of civil war facing the people of Ethiopia. For this writing, I have chosen to be as neutral as possible in addressing the concerns that I have, and I pray for your understanding and support in every step of the way until Ethiopia is at peace with itself.


On one hand, it is a matter of fact that all Ethiopians have different ideas on which direction Ethiopian politics should go. Our differences vary from what kind of flag, to the kind of constitution we should have…, how the election should be handled…, who should go to jail and who should stay free…, what statues to erect, who was the great king or who was the best leader, which region owns what territory, and so on....


On the other hand, I understand there are things that tie us all together as people. Some of them are history, the love for our country, the hunger for peace, the will to eliminate poverty, the passion for freedom, our love for our country, the love for God, and more......


It is what ties us as one that should make us strive to solve our differences in a respectable way!  It is the only way. It is urgent to calm the rhetoric of hate and promote tolerance amongst all regions and ethnic groups. We must respect the law of the land and allow due process to take its course before we prosecute people on Social Media and other outlets. We also must refrain from spreading hate in any form. Politicians must use politically correct language in order to avoid offending people. Social Media activists must STOP insulting tribes or groups such as Amara, Tigre, Oromo, Somalia, Islam, Christian and so on.

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If we care, we really must stop promoting hate and destabilize Ethiopia! News outlets should refrain from broadcasting inflammatory news and should stay focused on just the facts without being biased.


The Government of Ethiopia must create a law to fight this dangerous behavior of hate based politics.

I am sorry to say, but a country that has existed over thousands of years should NOT be standing to survive the ills of our behavior, instead we should work in concert to pull Ethiopia out of the madness of hate and mistrust…we must, all of us, do our part.


In doing our part, we must compromise and we must not allow our pride to stand in the way of Ethiopia's journey to “swim out of the troubled waters.”  We must see the bigger picture.  We MUST stop …”Hate Preaching!”


I decided to write because as Martin Luther King once said, “The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict.”  I can't remain silent when I know Ethiopia must change for the good of the people and advance its peoples plight for peace and prosperity.


On the spirit of tolerance, we should all help to create a condition for all Ethiopians the following:


We need to voice our concerns until all Ethiopian citizens from all tribe and religious backgrounds are free to move, at will, within all Ethiopian territories without fear.

-All Ethiopians should express their views any way they wish without fear of prosecution whatsoever.

-Ethiopian business owners should be able to travel to any part of Ethiopian territory to conduct legal business with confidence, safe and without fear of harassment from anyone or any group.

-Not even a single Ethiopian should be evicted from his/her home and made to be homeless for any reason.

-All Ethiopian citizens should be able to own, sell and trade property(s), own a business (or more than one business), and have full rights in all Ethiopian territories without discrimination.

-The Government should protect all people from all criminal activities such as vigilantes….no one should take the law into their own hands.

-All citizens should be careful not to encourage crime and criminal behavior of any sort.


We all must be responsible citizens by cooperating and abiding by the rules. We must mind our behaviors and not take the law into our own hands.


I am calling on all Ethiopians to cool down, compose themselves, and tolerate each other’s faults and ask what is needed to bring us together as people.  Finger pointing does no good.


Another quote from Martin Luther King…. “We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.”


No one will win through violence. We must NOT promote “lawlessness.”  We should know better!! War has gotten us to nowhere.  And, again as Dr. Martin Luther King said, “I was not afraid of the words of the violent, but the silence of the honest.”


So I ask the influential people to step up to the plate and do the right thing.  Do not choose silence!!!


Where are the principled Ethiopians?  You must speak on behalf of the peace loving majority. The very few haters must be stopped from overtaking the peoples dream and immerse us in a messy civil war.


We must do our VERY best to bring Ethiopia to the top of the list of countries doing well, both free and prosperous.


God bless Ethiopia and its entire people.


I challenge you all to do your part!!


I pledge:

For the sake of Ethiopia I promise to do my part to STOP HATE...And Promote Peace…as follows:


Because Ethiopia cannot afford to ignore the Hate being promoted, I promise to promote peace and unity without compromising on freedom of speech!!


May God protect Ethiopia and its People!


Note: Although I am not against freedom of speech, I ask that you refrain from promoting culturally unacceptable messages that are offensive, and I am strongly against religion, tribe, and ethnic based Hate messages. It is also immoral and in some cases illegal. It could cost you your freedom. Beware!!


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