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A call to all Tegarus and their friends


A call to all Tegarus and their friends

W. Yilma  12/13/2020

First, I would like to express my appreciation for the heroic resistance of the people of Tigray against the axis of evils who are united to eliminate the people of Tigray from the surface of the earth. The only choice what the people of Tigray have at this very crucial and challenging time to exist as a society is to be strong and resilient; prepare psychologically and morally to overcome those challenges ahead us. We have to organize better than any time, come together as one, and as much as possible arming in every aspect ourselves to fight the enemies till death. Tigray is a land of millions of braveries, and a symbol of heroism, a center of Abyssinia civilization. Without any exaggeration, Ethiopia at this time is not only a hostile but also an enemy for all Tegarus. This is the reality of today, every Tegarus should and must accept. Our struggle for freedom and dignity is to free our people and homeland from the savage and treacherous invaders. Death is unavoidable whether or not we join the struggle or subdue to the wishes and conditions of the enemies. But to pay the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of others to enjoy life and liberty is martyrdom. This kind of sacrifice has special place in the hearts and minds of those oppressed people.

Tigray have experienced war of aggressions in the past. But the challenges Tigray has facing today is not seen only in the history of Tigray, but also in the history of the mankind. I said this for the following two reasons. The first is the illegal treacherous government of Abiy declared full-fledged war because the people of Tigray held an election (with all its shortfall) to choose their government. Second, Abiy betrayed his people by openly allowing external forces, such as Eritrea, and some Arab countries to help him to kill, displace Tegarus, and destroy and looting public and private properties. Beside this,

 Abiy allowed the Amhara militias and civilians actively participating in killing, looting, invading land that belongs to Tigray state, raping women’s, mass killing of Tegarus and committed many other crimes that could be considered as genocide. What make exception the war in Tigray is that nearly half a million well equipped Abiy and foreign military personnel has involved to attack Tigray from many fronts. The aims of this invasions are to inflict total destruction on properties and infrastructures, displace people and create long term humanitarian crisis to loosening the social fabrics of Tegarus. Thanks to the Nobel Prize winner, he drags Tigray back to the 60’s, both economically and socially. For this (allowing Isayas to create more conflicts and animosities in the region) the western countries, in particular US America should nominate him as a candidate for another Nobel Prize.   

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What the people of Tigray should know about Abiy is that he is a replica of Satan, disguised himself as an Angel of light. He killed, and arrested not only those who bravely opposing him, but also those who show slight criticisms about his utopian indoctrinated ideology, so-called “Prosperity Party” administration. He is a pathological liar, cruel, intoxicated with hate agai9nst humanity in general and in particular against the people of Tigray. He is totally unaware of how government works and how to run government offices. And, most importantly the same as his teacher Isayas Afewerki he is the true enemy of the word democracy, and election. He uses the Nobel prize not only as a tool to kill, tortured, and arbitrary arrest people but also to commit crime against humanity, in this case against the people of Tigray. Abiy crime is not limited what has been said above. One thing what should be clear here is that the people of Tigray are fighting with the people who have not only have sinister missions, but also with those who have evil intentions to exterminate Tegarus from the surface of the world. With spearheaded of Abiy, Isayas and with the approval of current Unite States of America administration and their geo-political partners, and together with the Amhara and other few Nation, Nationalities and people who are either naive or bribed by Abiy, are in active actions in committing genocide against the people of Tigray. Ethnic profiling was already completed and what is now left is to commit genocide before the international communities interfere to stop the war. With all these vivid crimes, and as if lessons have not been taken from Rwanda, other than leap service, the international communities are unable to take tangible measures to stop the ongoing slaughtering of Tegarus by Abiy, Isayas and by Shifta, rapist and burglary Amhara militias. As history is repeating itself, the modern fascist Abiy and his collaborators, the Amhara Shftas, and Isayas, a replica of Hitler not only brutally killing Tegarus, but also, they burnt their crops, killed their livestock’s, either burnt to ash properties or looted and transported to Amhara regional states and Asmara. As if it is not enough, currently they are searching door to door to disarm Tegarus and stealing their jewelries, properties in the name of restoring law and order. While the world is watching idly, what is going on in Tigray at this time is beyond Genocide.  


Isayas and Abiy are promoting the Amhara interest to commit ethnic cleansing against the people of Tigray, and to give Tigray territories to Amhara expansionist. Not only ethnic cleansing but also cultural invasions and looting of Tigray historical antiques. All Ethiopian problem in the past and at present emanated from Amhara starved appetite to have everything for themselves. Like a child who grown up in poverty, they greedily want to grasp everything what they saw.  No people in the world experienced what the people of Tigray has passed through at this time, in the hands of blood thirsty Abiy. No country in our world show resistance against well-equipped half a million modern military aggressors. Tigray is the first in the history of the mankind to resist such huge international military aggressions. Tigray youth should keep this tradition of resistance by joining the defense force of Tigray. In time like this fighting for justice and for your peoples right is a blessing.  As far as the current Amhara primitive and medieval thinking continue to exist, and their vocal media outlets continues to spread hate against other Nation, Nationalities and People, Ethiopia no longer keep its unity, and disintegration is in its way. The Amhara are not only enemies of Tigraway, but also to the rest of Ethiopian Nations, Nationalities and People. Besides they have been, and they are the ardent enemy of the Eritrean people. Their current friendship with a Dracula Isayas is fake and will fade soon. Therefore, the people of Tigray should keep their unity to regain their territories and beyond which is now handover by the traitorous Abiy Ahmad to Amhara. Abiy will ignite another civil war front in Oromia in the name of eliminating Oromo Liberation Front. There are rumors that he made an agreement with his Kenyan counterpart to launch a joint military action against OLF. This indicate that if they succeeded to “defeat” the people of Tigray, the next war of aggression will be in Oromia. This will be a blessing for the Amhara expansionist who have interest in expanding their territory with the help of mentally unstable Abiy and Isayas.

One of the evidences which indicates the illegal prime minster mental sickness is the speeches he delivered to his rubberstamp’s parliament regarding the rebuilding of Tigray. He said, “We are going to build the infrastructures and other manufacturing factories damaged during the war, and many countries are asking us to offer support”. When he said this, he did not show any kind of shame in his false face. What the illegal prime minster said is not only an insulting for himself but also for the entire Ethiopian people. It shows not only how the Ethiopian publics are ignorant but also shameless. The Ethiopian people supported him to go to the destructive war without cause, and he as a small child going to a picnic with adults hunting, declared a war without full understanding of how to finish the war. Now he destroyed the public and private infrastructures built for 27 years, and asking foreigners to build it again? What kind of mentality this delusionist prime minster has? Shame on you!!! If the prime minster and the people of Ethiopia think as human beings, first they should not advocate to go to civil war and second, they should not ask other countries to build the infrastructures deliberately destroyed by their prime minster. For how long Ethiopia is continuing to be the problems of the world? For how many years Ethiopians unable to feed themselves? Look Tigray for the last 27 years has been self-sufficient in food supplies. Look now how the so-called prime minster forced the people of Tigray to be dependent on food aid. This is crime against humanity. For how long Ethiopians are going to war with themselves while there is a means and ways to solve political differences through political negotiations, either by ourselves or with the help of outsiders? Who rejected this offer? Not the unelected prime minster?  Whose advice is this? Not the Eritrean dictator who is intoxicated with hate against the people of Tigray ordered Abiy to reject the call for peaceful settlement of the conflict? Is the war declared by Abiy and Isayas have justification to sacrifice tens of thousands of innocent youths, forced millions to leave their areas, starved them, destroyed their properties worthen billions of dollars?  Why in the first place Eritrea allowed to involve in Abiy’s war of aggression against his own people? The cruelty of the Eritrean mafia group is that they did not even inform officially their own people about their direct involvements in Abiy’s war of aggression against the people of Tigray. How many thousands of poor Eritreans buried in Tigray soil without notification to their families? Leave alone their families, the Isayas loyalist “yes” generals do not know how many lives they lost in this war. This is why Isayas was ordered his armies generals to kill those Eritrean solders who sustain injuries during the ongoing war? What does it show? The cruelty of Shabia or their defeat in the war? To me it is both. The same is true to Abiy mercenaries, and Amhara “Fotalebash” Shiftas militias!


What I want to remind to all Tegarus inside the country is that other than secretly but actively engaging in arming struggle (urban or rural, or both) for self-defense, exposing yourself to the enemy is not an option. Hence, instead of dying without action do your best and use every means to protect yourself and do what is necessary to neutralize your enemies whenever, and wherever it is appropriate for you. These beasts are at your doorsteps with gun to hunt and kill you, your sister, brother, mother, father, relatives and all Tegarus without mercy, hence do what is necessary as self-defense, with no remorse for the action you take. Tigray is at war with the axis of evils. Keep an eye on Arch of the covenants, historical places and antiques and age-old religious items and artifacts from looting and stealing, in particular by your enemy the Amhara militias. One of their mission is to steal the history of Tigray. Do not cooperate with invaders, do not talk with them, do not provide them any kind of help, do not comply, or assist them with any request coming from the invaders, keep recording every atrocity savagely committed by the enemies against your people with photo, video, audio, picture and pass this information to your families, friends, and other reliable media outlets. In the absence of internet and electricity or communications, keep in writing what you know, saw, what you experienced at the hand of the enemies, and record every pieces of information you may got from witnesses who tell you their stories or others what happened to them or friends, neighbors during this difficult time. Give detailed information to foreigners what you know. Please, do not make stories as our enemies does (in particular the Amharas) to coverup their crimes they committed against the people of Tigray. Tigray and its people have experienced millions of atrocities committed by our enemies within this short period of time. You have many truths with you to tell the world communities the tormenting experience you and your fellow Tigrians inside the country has experienced at the hands of savagery invaders. There is no Tegaru at this time who does not have a true story to tell the world communities. This is what we said the war is not with TPLF, but with the entire people of Tigray. If someone denied this truth, I recommend them to go to kindergarten to get baby siter.   

Tigray will prevail!

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