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A call to legal experts to take actions before it is too late!



A call to legal experts to take actions before it is too late!


W. Yilma

November 13, 2020


As we all know, in today’s Ethiopia by the order of the warlord Abiy Ahmad Ali and his associates, ethnic cleansing, crime against humanity and genocide becomes a daily life for ordinary Ethiopians. Ali is the western countries darling and a winner of “Nobel Prize”. Innocent Ethiopians were killed by Abiy and his security apparatus conspiracy. To coverup their crimes Abiy agents are capable to accuse others, in particular OnegShene and Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF). As a result of false accusations by Abiy agencies, Tigrayans, as a community at this time are the target of Abiy conspiracy theory. Because of this Tigrayans living in different parts of the country are arbitrary rounded up and harassed, beaten, jailed, tortured, killed, humiliated and their properties were confiscated by Abiy hooligan security apparatus. By the order of Abiy all Tigrayans who are working in different governmental offices, including in military and security apparatuses, either they are fired from their job or they are kept in concentration camps. Those Tigrayans living in their regional state are bombing daily by Abiy’s loyalist air force. To fulfill his dictatorial ambition, almost all Ethiopian defense forces are now involved in conventional war against the people of Tigray. What is more alarming is that Abiy openly declared a civil war between Amhara and Tigrayans by saying “the Ethiopian defense forces together with the Amhara regional states special forces and militias are waging war against what he called TPLF junta” to regain the territory taken by TPLF. Because of this it seems Abiy together with the Eritrean dictator Isayas Afewerki are declaring war on Tigrayans to satisfy the interest of one chauvinist group. Abiy has managed to create an irreversible damage to the historical relationship of the Amhara and Tigrayans, in which both societies are considered as a core of Ethiopia state hood. Beside this since Abiy came to power, he is working closely with number one the arch enemy of Ethiopia, Isayas Afewerki and Eritrean troops are directly involving in Abiy’s war of aggression at this time. The danger looming on Tigrayans now is that Abiy, Isayas, and some chauvinists Amhara elites, are intoxicated with hate against the people of Tigray and if the international communities do not take tangible actions without delay, they will commit ethnic cleansing and genocide against the people of Tigray. The so called Ethiopian Human Right Commission knew the atrocities committed against the people of Tigray but ignored due to siding with the government because of siding with some chauvinist Amhara elites.   

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What Abiy is doing against the people of Tigray is beyond comprehensive, better to leave this issue to historians. Other than committing treasons to the people of Ethiopia by using foreign country dictator to help him the fight he ignited without cause against Ethiopian Tigrayan’s (if some chauvinist Amhara elites accepting Tigrayan’s as an Ethiopian) the war lord Abiy took the following illegal measures:

·         As if bombing Tigray towns are not enough, his fighter jets cause damage to the Tekeze Hydropower, built by foreign loans for the people of Ethiopia. Because of this people who are at surgery left to die. This means, too many people will die as a result of a psychopathic Abiy reckless action.  Damaging the country infrastructure by the government is an act of terrorism and a crime against humanity.

·         Abiy closed all roads and air transportations that connect Tigray with other regional states, with the aim to starve the people.

·         He stopped and denied the flow of basic necessary goods and supplies, including medications that can be used to the people of Tigray during this COVID 19 pandemic; where community transmission is at its highest point; where those sick ( estimated 6000 people) need oxygen and other supportive care while in hospital; where the people denied to be tested for COVID-19 due  to government unwillingness to send diagnostic supplies to the region

·         He denied the people of Tigray the right to get information flow due to the blockages of telecommunication and internet access.

·         During locust invasion, Abiy and his associates denied Tigray from sending necessary materials and finance to combat the locust. As if this is not enough, because of unjustified war he imposed Tigrayans farmers are unable to harvest their crops left from the locust infestation, due to the bombardment by his fighter jets.

·         Abiy stopped to send the safety net funds donated by foreign countries and other international humanitarian agencies to help the poor by participating “work for food” program. He also deliberately taking actions against Eritrean brother’s interests sheltered in Tigray.

·         As if denying facemasks to kids is not enough, he warned them not to go to school or outside to play because he is carried out unstoppable bombardment within Tigray.  

·         Due to unlawful war launched by Abiy, many people forced to stay at home. These are people whose livelihood depends on daily work to feed themselves.

·         Because of Abiy many children’s, and adults are become vulnerable to mental trauma due to the ongoing unlawful Abiy war crime and the continuation of Hitler style propaganda machines spreading by him and his supporters, in particular run by some chauvinist Amhara elites.

·         By Abiy direct order, all Tigrayans who are government employees are fired from their work and some arrested because of their ethnicity.

All these and other atrocities committed by Abiy and his associate against the people of Tigray constitutes ethnic cleansing and genocide. As a result of this, every Tigrawai have a cause to fight until death the war declared by bloodthirst Abiy, Isayas together with some chauvinist Amhara elites. History shows that sooner or later, those who declared unjust war against innocent people are always a loser.   

I kindly request those legal experts who are living abroad to take notice and document all atrocities that are committed by the psychopath Abiy Ahmad Ali outlaw regime against the people of Tigray. This could help to take necessary legal actions at international level. The crime committed by the illegal Ethiopian government against Tigrayans is incomprehensible, and unseen in the history of Ethiopia. All Tigrayans at this time become a victim of physical, psychological, economic, and social isolation, similar to the Jewish communities suffered in the hands of Hitler in the second world war.  We as a people should know that collecting and documenting every pieces of information are important to support the legal process.  Since Abiy came to power, no ethnic groups in Ethiopia are free from Abiy’s and his cohorts systemic, and deliberate killing, torturing, jailing, and displacing from their places. What is strange is that in Ethiopia under Abiy administration, countless crimes were committed, executed very carefully and innocent people were massacred, but not a single crime got legal and transparent settlement in the court of justice. This is because it is, Abiy who planned, organized, and executed the crimes against whom he thinks are a threat to him. The killing of innocent Amhara’s in Welega recently and the drama we saw in the rubberstamp parliament (a group of baboons in banana farm) is a work of Abiy to get excuse to declare war on Tigrayans. This will continue as long as this psychopathic, manic and bloodthirsty person is in power.  What Tigrayans should know is that the true intention of Abiy, Isayas and some chauvinist elites from Amhara is that it is ethnic cleansing and at the end to commit genocide against Tigrayans as a whole. There should not be a confusion with this truth. Talking about TPLF is a pretext and tactical. Their strategy is to destroy the fabrics of Tigrayans and then to continue this action to the rest of Ethiopian Nations, Nationalities, and people.  Keep united and do not trust the outsiders who are part of the ongoing killing of Tigrayans by dictators with his collaborators.  Without any doubts, what has happened now in Ethiopia, much of the blame be laid at Abiy’s door. However, I do not have words what to say about those Ethiopians who choose silent while their country is going to irreversible dire situation where no one could control to reverse once it goes out of hands. Now is the time to act collectively, by saying stop the war! 


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