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Abiy second assignments by foreigners to eliminate the identity of Tigray

Abiy second assignments by foreigners to eliminate the identity of Tigray

By: W.Yilma                                       November, 2/2020


I asked myself what is the cause of the illegal war declared by illegitimate government against the people of Tigray? I discussed with many people who have different opinions about this war. The responses I got from them are compiled in three categories. The first group said that the cause of the war is to root out what they called “Woyane and his cliques” from the political landscape of Ethiopia. The second group called the ongoing war as a war of Amhara to conquer land that belongs to Tigray. The later also added that the war is sponsored by Amhara and Isayas in which Abiy is serving as a messenger to execute what he was told by these two groups. These two groups have deep rooted hate against the people of Tigray. The third group are indifference to the ongoing war, which indicates some Ethiopians are tired of hearing the word war. Do not ask me about my sampling techniques or methods. It does not change the outcomes, whether or not I increase the sample size or applied scientific methods of sampling technique. The issue here is to understand the perceptions in which the majority of the Amhara and their supporters from other ethnic groups have in their minds about the ongoing war. Sometimes ignorance and hate hindering someone to comprehend the reality and to understand what truth means. Simply the majority follows those people with a bad habit of thinking badly of others. Hence, rather than spending time to discuss on this issue, the people of Tigray should focus on how the future struggle should be to determine the future of Tigray. I guarantee you, Abiy understood not only he does not have acceptance by Tegaru, but also, he knew Tegaru have already cut their ambilocal cord from today Ethiopia! I am sorry to say this but this is the reality. I am not sure what kind of reconciliation process or compromise or political solutions heal the broken hearts of Tegaru. I have never been the supporter of TPLF, but now I am WOYANE, the same way as body and soul! Because I strongly believe that the future of the people of Tigray destiny in particular under Abiy administration will depends on the survival of TPLF. So, every effort by Tegaru should be Focused on this reality.


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When individuals are guided by emotions, and vengeance without conscious and reasons, it is he/she who will be responsible for the outcomes of the decision he/she made. On the contrary, when the public do the same, the consequences and the repercussions will be a disaster. In Ethiopia the new rulers are very well knows the psychic of the mass. Although the past prime minster is a pathological liar, I believe him only one time what he said about Ethiopian people. What he said is “the Ethiopian people have short memories”. Abiy and his cohorts speaks not what they will do to improve the livelihood of the people, but what the mass wants to hear, an empty promise! This is what we are seeing currently in Ethiopia, and it seems the public is satisfied no matter what the living standard is going downward spiral. War consumes not only human life, but also the economy. Abiy start the war without exits strategies. Abiy know the war he personally ignited reaches to the dead end, and no way out. The way Abiy falsely declared as if he completed the illegal military intervention in Tigray, and the celebration organized by the public, in particular among the Amhara ethnic group, shows something is brewing in Ethiopia politics. In this 21st century no one want to live in the country where every different social groups do not have the right to enjoy happiness, liberty and freedom. I personally do not care about ethnic politics. However, leave alone ethnic politics, any forms of political organization should have the right to excersise its right as long as it does not violated the right of other groups. It is the choice of the organized political group to decide their political doctrines. Attempting by one group to decide what kind of political organization should exist in Ethiopia is not only undemocratic but also a violation of basic human right.

Ethiopians failed to think critically, while their country is plunging into  unstopable civil strife. My advice is, If we are not thinking for ourselves, let’s think about those donor countries who become tired of helping us for centuries. What is Abiy doing in Tigray? Is it not he who gave orders to his personal mercinary solders to distroy infrustructires and manufacturing factories built in Tigray? Allowed the Eritrean terorist solders to looting Tigray factoris and universities properties? The government in power planned, and executed conspiracies, but he accused others for the crime he comitted. Abiy and his groups are criminals, but they acted as police, jundges, atorny general, and witneses. As far as I know, the majority of crimes comitted since Abiy came to power a single of them do not get verdicts. This is because it is he  and his leautenats who are comitted the crimes. But he always have some one as a skapegoat to accused. One of his favorite name he loved to call, but deeply hate is TPLF. By the way for Abiy and the majority of the Amhara people TPLF is a pretext. They are not only hate TPLF, but also the people. This is real not a fabricated opinion.

If the illegal and “past” Abiy got the chance to stay in Tigray occupying the teritory, what does he and his mercinaries  and undiciplined military personnels can do against the people of Tigray?  

1.   We have to understand that Abiy’s personal military personnels are intoxicated with hate against the people of Tigray. Because of this systematically, but surely the armies will start to create divisions among the people of Tigray most probably at awraja level. However, I am not sure if the people of Tigray get into this conspiratory trap designed by the enemy. To oppose and to dfuse this conspiracy, Tegaru living inside and abroad should work hard to aware the people to keep their unity.

2.   He will systematically continues to crush the spiroit of Tigrawai, and to humulate them to the extent no longer actively paraticipate in politics, economic, socil and cultural affairs of Ethiopia. This project is a continuation of the camapagins conducted by Amhara ethnic group, since EPRDF came to power. The architecht of this project is Isayas Afewerki of Eritrea.

3.   He systematicaly will put in jail, and terminated from their work the majority of Tegaru in particular the intelectuals, civil servants, and military personel. By doing this he will bancrupt the region with trained man power.

4.   He will paralized the regional in economy, and will not show interest in reconstructed the infrustructures he and Isaya has delebrately demolished, and some stealing and taken to Asmara (Almeda textile factory, Adigrat  pharmaceutical factory, Axum university, marble factory and many others).

5.   He will give large portions of Tigray teritories to Amhara and Eritrea, and if Abiy achived what is in his mind, it may not be long to see different map of Tigray. Infact, by disolving the current Ethiopian administration map Abiy will change it, but this will be in a way it will hurt the people of Tigray. In fact this approches will follow to other regional states, in particular from Benshangul Gumuz, Metekel area will be given to Amhara regional state.

6.   He will systeatically impoverishe, and delaberately starved the people in particular the childrens, and will forced the people to leave Tigray. Internally displaced Tegarus are estimated at this time raeched a millions, and people who need assitance of any kind reached half a million. Meaning the entire Tigray population is under thnic cleansing declared by Abiy for the last two and half years.

7.   His unorganized and undiciplined militaries together with Isayas military personnels are now stealing peoples properties, violated and deprived the right of the people to live in peace, sexually harrased and rapped womens including childrens. 

8.   Abiy completely changed the spirits of Tegaru, not to think about Ethiopia in the future. The brutal measure he and his cohorts has taken aganst the people of Tigray is beyond repaire.

9.   I am not sure to what extent the ancient treasuries and historical places are kept unharm at this time. But knowing the behaviours of Abiy’s and Isayas military personnels, they may ordered to steal or distroy those old treasuries and historical places belong to the people of Tigry.   

What the people of Tigray should know is that Abiy and Isayas are the real enemies of the people of Tigray. Actions speaks louder than words. If this is not true, why they burned poor farmers crops? why they cut fruit trees on the ground?  why they shoot indiscriminately poor farmers livestock’s? why they killed innocent people with drones and fighter jets? why they denied people access to leave war zones areas? why they denied access to entering Tigray basic commodities, and other necessary supplies for nearly 2 years? In general, it is hard to count the crimes and atrocities Abiy is committed against the people of Tigray and it will never forget from the minds and souls of the people. Any kind of reconciliation will never and ever heal the pains and suffering of the people. This is why the people of Tigray do not have choice except fighting the enemy till the end! Every Tegarus should ask themselves are we really considered ourselves as an Ethiopian citizen? Why Abiy destroyed universities, churches, Mosques, manufacturing factories? Why the illegal government at Arat Killo Infront of the world communities actively engaging in ethnic cleansing against the people of Tigray? Why indiscriminately arresting and killing because of being Tegaru? Taking the on-going animosities of the people of Ethiopia and its rulers towards the people of Tigray, I stopped considering myself as an Ethiopian citizen. Millions of Tegarus feel the same. I think we reach to the point where we Tegarus should focused on thinking collectively about our existence and future.

Last, no matter what the Ethiopian people terribly failed the people of Tigray at this crucial and unjust war declared by their own government, no matter what atrocities committed by Abiy against our people, no matter what our infrastructures and manufacturing factories are deliberately dismantled and destroyed by Abiy and mercenaries from Asmara, no matter how many Tegarus killed, starved, arrested, humiliated, and displaced from their ancestorial land, Tigray will prevail and will rise from the ashes by the sacrifices of its own brave Sons and Daughters.   


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