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Beloved Tigray: As You Recalibrate for Eternal Peace, Document for Justice!

Beloved Tigray: As You Recalibrate for Eternal Peace, Document for Justice!


Hailemariam Abebe



Those protagonists of the crime against humanity could not have timed it better for their genocide against the people of Tigray!  This was the season for the people of Tigray to harvest the crops in the fields.  It would not be rocket science to imagine what the deadly and catastrophic consequences would be should the people are prevented from harvesting their crops!  This has also been the season where the people of Tigray needed to continue to devote their undivided attention toward fighting off the other deadly enemy determined to wipe out the crops and anything green and edible off the map of Tigray!  It was as they were fighting off the locust invasion and the COVID pandemic, made worse by the duplicities of Tigray’s historical and new enemies that are the Amhara Unitarian elite and Abiye Ahmed, respectively, the enemy struck!  

As it was transparently apparent for the last two and a half years, the Amhara Unitarian elite and Abiye Ahmed along with their handlers have been conducting both covert and overt operations not only to weaken the Tigray Nation economically but also done everything they can to maximize the adverse impact of the pandemic and the locust invasion.  There is no question that they knew that there is no better way to execute a genocide of mass scale than having the locust and the pandemic do the job!  But as the people of Tigray appeared to triumph over the COVID and the locust invasion, and held the internationally observed elections, that was when the Amhara Unitarian elite and Abiye Ahmed and their handlers realized that nature alone was not up to the task to conquer the Tigrayans!  After all, despite of all the adversity of both nature and man-made, the people of Tigray spoke loud and clear that they do not live for the bellies!  

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As God’s people living the life of the unadulterated faith of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, the people of Tigray are cognizant of the biblical truth which tolls “that man does not live by bread alone, but man lives by everything that proceeds out of the mouth of the Lord” (Deuteronomy 8:2-3).  And so, as the people of Tigray fought off not only the locust invasion, the government imposed economic and political blockades, and the COVID pandemic, they never lost sight of what truly is worth living for!  They never, even for a second, buckled for fear of hunger and thought of compromising on the covenant they have with their faith or give in on their deeply held belief that “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” being not only “inalienable rights,” but God given rights!  Hence why, no matter what Abiye’s regime and its accomplices, did to seduce and when that failed, even when they imposed punitive ethnically based political and economic measures, the people of Tigray chose the sublime and ushered, for the first time in the history of not only Ethiopia but also Africa, a democratic election complete with the leaders of the various political parties, debated their platform live on Tigray TV! Indeed, “true life comes from God and is found in His word!” And the corollary? The life lived for eons of time by the people of Tigray: never bread over liberty and honor! Unfortunately, we live in a neighborhood not only where the “one-eyed” man is King” but worse where the moral, ethical, legal and intellectual “shitholes” live by serving as “House Negroes” for the other Arab “shithole” who in turn serves as the ultimate global “House Nigro!”

Let’s be very clear about it.  As out lined above, at the time the Amhara unitarian (Ahdawee) elite and Abiye Ahmed unleashed the genocide upon the people of Tigray, the people of Tigray have been busy fighting off the locust invasion, the COVID pandemic and the adverse impact from the ethnic based economic, political and Constitutional crimes!  And despite of all these crimes and roadblocks, the people of Tigray had concentrated on electing their representative government and sustaining their peace!  Despite of the daily and sustained provocations both on the ground and from on the air, the people of Tigray never wavered from their mission of fighting the scourges of underdevelopment as they concomitantly, invested on peace, advocated for the rule of law and dedicated themselves toward the building of a democratic government!  It was while the people of Tigray were on this path and trajectory, the Amhara unitarian (Ahdawee) elite and the Abiye regime backed by the Eritrean mafioso and Ethiopia’s historic enemies, invaded Tigray!  Hear Ye Hear Ye, the people of the world: it was at the time when the people of Tigray were trying to save their crops and fight the COVID pandemic, they were invaded by a total of thirty-eight divisions with a combined force of over four hundred thousand soldiers equipped, among other things, with drones from the UAE!   

Hear Ye Hear Ye, the people of the world too, that at the time of the invasion or anytime before, the people of Tigray did not fire a bullet at anyone, invade any other territory, and never declared war on anyone!  They has stayed put in their own State minding their own business as they also advocated dialogue involving their fellow compatriots from the Nations and Nationalities of Ethiopia to solve the Constitutional crisis in Ethiopia!  By any measure, the State of Tigray was not only minding its business but also playing a constructive role when it advocated an inclusive dialogue to solve Ethiopia’s existential predicament! And so, it is not only fair but imperative to ask what the justification was for the Amhara unitarian (Ahdawee) elite and Abiye Ahmed to usher such a death and destruction upon Tigray?

Of course, there can never be any justification for what has taken place!  Accordingly, the Amhara unitarian (Ahdawee) elite have, along with foreigners, not only done the people of Tigray wrong but they have done the people of Tigray harm the likes never seen in the history of Ethiopia (not even Menelik’s duplicity with Italy would come close), and one whose wound would never heal!  And so, as the Tigray Nation, recalibrates for peace, please rest assured that the Tigray Nation, will forgive Abiye Ahmed for the façade that he had been used to but it will never not only fore give the Amhara unitarian (Ahdawee) elite but also will hold them to account, for the sake of justice!  After all, Abiye Ahmed is only acting on what his mother had told him he was to become, but the Amhara unitarian (Ahdawee) elite are following through on a mission born some hundred years ago!  A mission that dehumanized and relegated the Oromos and other ethnic groups to just about a subhuman property, and the rest, such as the people of Tigray-Tigrigni, to a never-ending holocaust of extermination!

Rest assured too, that the Tigray Nation knows the Amhara unitarian (Ahdawee) elite, only the Amhara unitarian (Ahdawee) elite and only the Amhara unitarian (Ahdawee) elite, have attacked her, and killed its children by the thousands and much more rendered refugees both internally displaced and driven out to a foreign land.  No Oromo, Somali, Kembata, Hadiya, Sidama, or any of the people of the Nations and Nationalities has attacked Tigray!  In fact, except for the Amhara unitarian (Ahdawee) elite with their a unitary state pathology, all the people of the Nations and Nationalities, as well as our people in Eritrea, have stood with the people of Tigray!  The Tigray Nation will never forget this brotherhood and kindness during the Tigray Nation’s darkest hour!  The Sudan too, has extended its love for our people and it is caring for them!  Only the Amhara unitarian (Ahdawee) elite, have not only driven Tegaru from the Amhara regional state some four years ago, becoming the first to conduct ethnic cleansing on the people of Tigray, but also now, these very force has come to the home of Tegaru to do even much more unspeakable crimes!  So, go ahead and celebrate the joy from the crime of the century!  But rest assured, the Amhara unitarian (Ahdawee) elite may be dancing at the time the Tigray Nations buries her heroes and heroines, Tigray will never be under the belly of the beast for much long!

What is sad is that the people of the Nations and Nationalities of Ethiopia had thought they had overcome the menace of the Amhara unitarian (Ahdawee) elite and its unitarian state pathology.  We thought all the evil had vanished with the Derg!  But the events of the last month say otherwise!  Clearly, Derg 2 has resurrected!  And so, please know, that as the beloved Tigray recalibrates to do away with Dreg 2 for the sake for eternal peace that we cannot live without, its children are documenting the facts not only for posterity but for the justice that must done right now! 



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