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Wolde S. Asfaw 11-12-20


The Horn of Africa is the most strategic geopolitical location in the world. Thus, all-powerful military and economic muscles of the world are stationed in the Horn, staring at each other with the most sophisticated weapons, while the people of this zone are made to scratch the soil for their survival. Powerful economies have decided centuries ago to play the world that way. The EPRDF at its zenith had worked hard to change the twin evils of man and nature and succeeded that it was possible to overcome our immediate problems for a better and bright future. But it was not meant to be. The double-digit economic growth was classified as the “era of darkness”. From one feeble and ill-equipped university before EPRDF, today, there are over 50 state universities. Almost a miracle was performed in the medical sector. Ethiopia became an emblem of peace and security and envy of state-managed development. The regime that usurped power in 2018 is vehemently anti-progress, ant-democracy, anti-federal arrangement, anti-constitution. The police, paramilitary, and the army have jointly increased the death toll in the urban areas all over the country. The regime of Col Abiy has become the latest member of the anti-people dictators’ circle. Abiy and Isaias are hell-bent to destroy federalism. While the rest of the population is for a federal arrangement.


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Today, Col. Abiy Ahmed Ali declared War on Tigray: but this was taking place on all federal nations and nationalities of Ethiopia since he came to power nearly three years ago. Col. Abiy, before coming to power was working in INSA (security wing of the government). As Andargachew Tsege and Shemeles asserted it, the Col was heavily engaged in spying for foreign governments. He was spying for financial and political gains by soliciting national security and sovereignty of Ethiopia to the highest bidders’, from the arch enemies of the state to benign governments who do not care much for details. A former Intelligence officer recently said Col Abiy was an embedded spy for at least 12 years. Instead of going through the due process of law, his friends elevated him to power to finally become the “seventh” emperor and fulfill Meneliks dream of, unitary state, sell more territories or balkanize it as a last resort. They may have said, Ethiopia does not deserve to exist at all. Whatever Col. Abiy is doing is part and parcel of what he was doing for the last dozen years. He tried to deceive the Oromos by claiming he was one of them, In no time they knew he was a fake Oromo, who was concocting events only to buy time. Col also attempted to pursue the people of Tigray, by insinuating that “Tigray is the engine of Ethiopia” etc. It did not take time for the ordinary man on the street to see through the imposter. The venom was spilling all over. Weak administrative regions became victims of bullying and forcefully appointed his “yes” men, Somalia, Afar, etc fall one by one. In no time, the hero went to zero like a punctured balloon. However, Col. is doing what he is best at doing. And that is disuniting and destroying Ethiopia at will. He is armed with money to cheat, bribe and deceive. He has seasoned advisers from the World Bank who were engaged in terror during Augustus Penoches time in Chile, Argentina, etc. The old master of intrigue, brutality, and torturing his people to Initially he was loved by many and suspected by few. Ethiopians showed him their heartfelt love and admiration. The treasonable act and treachery on the sovereignty of Ethiopia, would under normal circumstances incriminate him. The avalanche of the downhill slide was fast. The obvious death of Engineer Semyeneh became the first victim. The engineer who was dedicated to building the biggest dame in Africa was decided by someone that he should not live long. The death of prominent Amhara regional leaders Dr. Mekonnen and three of his workmates were assassinated in their office. On the same day, Let. General Seare Mekonnen and General Gezehegne were assassinated in General Seare’s home. A year later, Artist Hchalo Hundessa, a young Oromo activist was the last of the prominent personalities to lose his life. All these political assassinations show that someone in the blood thirsty Menelik Palace is responsible. The truth is that the nameless, ordinary citizens who lost their lives are estimated in thousands, the number of people rotting in prisons all over the government-controlled region's ore again in thousands. In Oromia alone, the number of people imprisoned after the death of Hachalo well over 20,000. Ledetu, Jawar, Bekele Gerba, Eskinder, and of the make-believe reasons to stifle the national election if at all the election takes place. The former prime minister likes to act to the public to the tune of the urban fast street-talking, penny-pinching, delinquents of Marcato. What he says today, is certainly not the same tomorrow. Honesty, consistency, statesmanship are rare commodities in his possession. A few weeks ago, Abiy promised that he was not planning to attack Tigray. On the 5th of Nov., he declared a war on the people of Tigray including full-fledged persecution of all Tigreans in Ethiopia except in Tigray.


War is an extension of politics by other means. War may not bring the anticipated and required solutions to the prevailing problems. Without exhausting peaceful negotiations, to try to bring a solution by other means, will not be a satisfying long-term solution for the other parties. Col. Abiy Ahmed Ali, the upstart dictator of Ethiopia, wants to surpass Isaias Afeworqi. The two partners in crime are on a joint venture of extricating or plotting a scheme that neither the Eritrean nor the 115 million Ethiopian population knows about. The Eritrean old terror maestro, who willfully is on the verge of obliterating the young state of Eritrea, which liberated itself from Ethiopia after thirty years of bloody war, is in cahoots with the junior dictator who is already soaked with blood ever since he assumed power in April 1918. Ethiopia is shocked by countless political assassinations. The intensity and variety of these atrocities had not been experienced in Ethiopia before. Prominent figures, of the stature of Engineer Semyeneh, Chief Engineer of the millennium dam was the first victim who was assassinated, and his body left abandoned in Meskel Square, central Addis Ababa. Lt General Seare, & General Gezae were both assassinated in broad daylight in Lt General Seare’s residence. Although the killer was apprehended right away, the officials seemed to be looking for an easy way out for the criminal who might be incriminating people in the position of power. Thus, as it is said, for the victim’s family, ‘justice delayed is justice denied.’ Few hours before the assassination of Lt Seare and his friend Gen. Gezae, the Head of the Amhara Regional administration and three workmates were gunned down`. The “killer”, Gen Asamenew Tsege was murdered before ‘leaking’ information outside the inner circles who are implicated Col. Abiy, Demeke Mekonnen, and co., of the higher political echelons who were ‘ganged’ in the conspiracy of crime. The recent information circulating on this issue is that Isaias Afeworqi ordered Col Abiy to relocate all military commands away from Eritrea to southern Ethiopia. Seare was adamant and replied negatively. The reasoning was that all the invaders of Ethiopia came from the north. Making the north vulnerable was not an easy option. Col. Abiy consulted the Amhara Regional Governor Dr. Ambachew Mekonnen on the idea of taking the Central command to the Oromia area. The answer was again blunt ‘no’. Then someone has to do another ‘clean’ operation.


Col Abiy Ali declared a couple of days ago, (3rd of Nov.) war on the people of Tigray from his fortified Menelik Palace in Addis Ababa. Shocked, but unruffled by the sad news of the novice dictator. Although many Ethiopians are hesitating about his mental stability, Tigreans are firm in their belie not. This has happened because the former head of state, who in broad daylight cheated not only 120 million Ethiopians but the whole world including his western sponsors, (including Norway). The small alme they gave to Col. Abiy, Tigreans are now the direct receivers of the brunt of the unstable egotistic and power-mongering psychopath The death of young artist Hachalo Hundesa in June 2020, sparked an uprising in the Oromo area, where an estimated  160 young Oromos were brutally killed. Abiy Ali’s regime is still killing and imprisoning thousands of protesters. It was officially declared that over 300 were killed at the time. If the Shashemene protest is to be included, the total of causality will increase to over a thousand. Abiy, a bloodthirsty dictator had flourished under his mentor Isaias Afeworki and their relationship and pact to destroy Ethiopia as a state goes back to over 12 years ago.


Abiy was involved in treasonable crimes in passing highly confidential materials to the enemies of Ethiopia. The national security and sovereignty of the country were compromised since then.  Today, in front of the world, Abiy is passing all national security and intelligence materials, highly confidential national security confidential documents to Isaias. The security officials of Isaias are not only engaged in emptying the Ethiopian coffers but also the secret files of Ethiopia, are being drained to Asmara.


No wonder then, Isaias and Abiy, the fraternal criminals, have found a common enemy to pound with their criminal acts. On the 5th of Nov. Abiy declared war on the people of Tigray. This fascistic aggression was conspired against Tigray, by the two-criminal fraternity. The question is why Tigray and why now?


The Oromo (Kero) and Amhara (Fano) youths were exploited to stand against the EPRDF with all the initial good intentions, the EPRDF self-criticism was abused. Its acritical self-analysis was, to say the least, daunting. The whole aberration was breath-taking and shocking. The clique of leading politicians was caught napping. The Lema’s, Abiy’s, Demeke, Workbeneh’s, etc were slowly but surely recruiting more and more dissatisfied upper echelon officials, of the TPLF.


The Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes (1547-1616). EPRDF, like the character Don Quixote who failed to see ‘the elephant in the room’ by mainly worrying itself with indulgence while few were preoccupied with insignificant details. The tragic failure of the then leadership is the heavy cost the nation is repaying today. The Amhara and the Oromo who joined in the “Belgena” party, were conniving and colluding as they found it deemed to do so.


The INSA leaders were diverted by the sleek ‘Markato Chulule’s who were selling the national silver plates to the mortal enemies of the nation/ FDRE. The military intelligence and INSA were at loggerheads. The rats were proliferating and constantly changing their colour & size. At one time they become as small as Lema, at another as big as Aba-Dulla.


Cairo paid millions (c.$500m) through the management of Isaias to distribute to would be oppositions to wage a war against Ethiopia.  ESAT, Arbegnoch Gembar, coordinated against the TPLF which became the flag-waver of Ethiopia. All Amhara organizations capitulated to the mighty dollar irrespective of its origin. The new wheeler-dealer’s eye was on who gets a bigger steak and not on how to save Ethiopia. Due to professional political prostitution, Ethiopia was stabbed at the highest level by its sons and daughters. When he was alive, the strong fist of Meles was working miracles on the political economy. Double-digit growth, international respect, and reverence, high-quality contribution to International peace and security. Nonetheless, the untimely death of Meles Zenawe, was a delight to the vultures and foxes, hyenas, and serpents. An inept, weak, and indecisive Haile Mariam would have been eaten alive for breakfast had it been for the rescue mission of the TPLF. Haile Mariam was not like his physical presence for he was not able to see, ‘the wood for the trees.’ When the cobras rattled, the dinosaur panicked and quivered in front of the yelling and crying scavengers. The concerted anti-Tigrean political agenda of the few Amhara elites and intellectuals’, who believe Ethiopia and Amhara are synonymous and interchangeable, was contrary to the accepted agreed principles of the FDRE. Addicted to absolute power, the rest of the Ethiopian nations and nationalities must be subordinated to the will of the minority view of the Amhara. The contention and colluding of the fake Oro-Mara brand, faded because their treacherous bag of tricks became obvious to the other party. There was no room to maneuver in the art of the possible. The Amhara divisive and scheming art become blunt by the current Houdini’s, Shemeles Abdisas’, shiny armory.


The people of Tigray fought for seventeen years for national self-determination. Ever one sacrificed more but gained less than others. The simple layman’s argument and a weapon of the attack were “we are being ruled by 5% of the population”. “So let 95% of us get rid of the 5% Tigreans,”. This Rwanda style Interahamwe genocide is what the extremists Amhara were/are campaigning for the last two decades. Today, they are on the verge of preparing the ground to implement their extermination programme. The fascist junta led by Col. Abiy has started his campaign in front of the international media openly. To imprison Tegaru, to isolate and grossly hamulate them in public,  selectively pick Tegaru and serve them house arrest, to force them to pay unsubstantiated money to the coffers of the ruling juntas, are preliminary stages to discriminate and eliminate a race under your control. All public officials are sucked from their work without notice. The Junta in power, with psychopathic tendencies, have aligned people of similar inclination. Driven with power, money, and fame or fear, his lieutenants know the brutality of the man. On the other hand, there are willing participants, who are driven by hate or naturally motivated to punish others. Among the pool of numerous hate mongers, Abiy is recruiting Eritrean security personnel to organize and manage maximum atrocities on the people of Tigray, their joint enemy, whom they love to hate. If anybody questions these facts, let them explain the offensive war declared by Abiy and his partner in crime, Isaias Afeworqi.


Let the two illegal leaders, Abiy and Isaias, dive and dyke any way they want. It is almost three years ago that they claimed to sign the so-called peace agreement. Three years on, no one knows what the agreement is all about. Even their close friends and trusted friends do not know what the contents of their signature are all about. The Ethiopian Parliament does not have a clue what the significance of their peace deal is about. It could be a deal of selling Ethiopia to other governments. It could be, as well, a gift given by the young tyrant in Addis to anybody.  As far as we are concerned, he might have sold half of Ethiopia, to his soul mate tyrant Isaias. What we are extrapolating is that if the parliament has not discussed and approved the peace agreement, one can conclude from the Declaration of War of the 4th of Nov, 2020, the way he is acting, no one will trust him. Primarily it is not at all an issue of trust. It is a matter of FDRE concern. The peace agreement is to all intent and purposes, null and void, in other words, it is annulled from its inception. Eritrea and Ethiopia could do much better and come up with a reasonable conclusion after these evil-minded ruthless dictators are out of their sense.


The development of the current situation in Ethiopia concerning. Tigaru are being selectively handpicked and put in temporary detention centers. Tigray is confronted by two vindictive dictators. One is in the north and the other is in the south. It is not for the safety of Tigaru that they are hounding them in every urban area in Ethiopia including Addis Ababa. One recalls the history of Jewish people when Hitler started imprisoning them and preparing them for state lead extermination in over one thousand concentration camps in parts of Germany and other controlled territories as well. Thus, the junta running Addis Ababa is waging state terrorism on nations, nationalities, and people, of Ethiopia. Seemingly, arbitrary, and random acts of state terror become structured and focused to attain explicit political objectives. This is on the main to subdue, confine, and subjugate the politically organized body which is becoming a threat to those in power. Persecution is continuing unabated. Ethiopians and the International community are getting the information from NGOs and Humanitarian organizations. As long as the persecution and threat of genocide remain as a political instrument instead of dialogue, the tragedy that happened in Rwanda may be replicated in Tigray.


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