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Isaias’s Troops, Feral Children: Hybrid of Social Engineering and Cave Environment

Isaias’s Troops, Feral Children: Hybrid of Social Engineering and Cave Environment   

G. Amare, December 31, 2020


I know there exists a bit disagreement whether to call the troops as, “Isaias’s Troop” or “Eritrean Troops.” With all due respect, I opted to use “Isaias’s troops” as opposed to “Eritrean Troops” in this piece because I have the feeling that calling the troops as “Eritrean Troops” may cause uneasiness to the greater majority of the Eritrean people. As everybody is aware, Isaias Afeworki and his stooges denied the Eritrean people from practicing their right to vote and elect.


So, to speak, Eritreans do not have elected representatives and legislators. No parliamentary system and written constitution exist. The decree of authoritative orders, declaration of war and decisions on matters that are of high importance and ramification to the Eritrean people are solely made by Isaias Afeworki, wicked and dictator president.


Under these circumstances, it may not be fair to call the troops as “Eritrean Troops'' as the Eritrean people have no say and are not represented by elected legislative and executive bodies to decree authoritative orders and declare wars. Taking these into consideration, I hope readers wouldn’t be puzzled if I opted to call the troops as “Isaias’s Troops.”


However, it would be relevant to ask why the Eritrean people have remained silent, reposed and chosen to accept what is unacceptable and intolerable for 30 years. It is perplexing to see Eritreans allowing a single man rule, a tyranny with an absolute power; and of outlandish and satanic behaviours.


No need to say that Eritreans are politically conscious, diplomatically smart, and had enjoyed the values of democratization early on. They had struggled and died for their freedom and sovereignty, now under a threatening condition more than ever before. So, why have they permitted themselves to live under the yoke of oppression and suppression, permitting a dictator to commit all kinds of human right violations such as citizens lifelong imprisonments without any court due process, banning freedom of speech and press, denying civil and political rights, and right to education?  Why have they let him run and act freely and declare wars solely and repeatedly? What happened to their guts? Are they politically fatigued, or they are satiated and comforted with the single man rule; or…? Not sure but something is wrong here.

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Let me get back to Isaias’s troops in Tigrai. The deeds of these troops are not something that anyone of us would expect to see and hear happening in the real world. Unfortunately, it is happening. It is an undeniable truth. It is not a simple allegation, but an accusation substantiated with proofs of assertions and evidence. Any human being who passes through a normal human development process and those who grow up in a robust society and social environment would not, at any cost, engage themselves in such uncultured, callous, baleful, and inhumane acts. Very difficult to understand but Isaias’s troops are engaged in limitless and boundless crimes of cruelty and barbarous in nature. Their actions are causing excessive embarrassment, consternation, and feelings of guilt conscious to Eritreans with the exception of Isaias Afeworki’s slaves, stooges and hard-loyal supporters.


However, I am moved, delighted, and inspired when I see many Eritreans who are boldly opposing and denouncing the acts of Isaias’s troops in Tigrai to be barbaric, immoral, and inhumane. They are extending hands and expressing supports, concerns, and affections to the people of Tigrai. Again, I am moved and delighted by such efforts because, to me, this is a big deal. In the past, it was rare, if not none, to find Eritreans who openly narrate, advocate, and champion the social, cultural, language, genetic, geographic and historical connections and relationships that exist between the people of Tigrai and Eritrea. 


I am greatly encouraged to see many Eritreans tearing down the wall of hate and fighting against the agelong enmities and deep-seated dislikes. These emboldened Eritreans have freed themselves from the trap of hate machinations, purposely created and introduced during the Italian colonial period and later adopted and fortified by the Amhara rulers and chauvinists who systematically, maliciously and masterfully worked hard to breed and spread hatred among the people of Eritrea and Tigrai at macro level. Even, at micro level, they have exploited such ill-fated techniques and intrigues within different localities of the Eritreans themselves. They have utilized the same techniques within the people of Tigrai at different localities too. They did this for centuries and they are doing it now, resurrected from death. 


Thanks to Eritrean and Tegaru scholars who have researched and made critical reviews on history and social ties between these two people. They have reached a common understanding when it comes to the political schemes, intrigues and conspiracies of the Amhara rulers and chauvinists and that of Isaias’s and his stooges.


The Amhara rulers and chauvinists have been successful in using hate as a modus operandi to create enmities between the people of Eritrea and Tigrai. The Amhara rulers and chauvinists narrated wrong and vengeful histories to create disagreements and resentments among the people of Eritrea and Tigrai. The Amhara rulers and chauvinists have fooled and let the people of Eritrea and Tigrai bite and fight one another using phrases such as “One civilized and the other backward”; “One of special personality and the other ordinary'';  “One superior and the other inferior”; “One lice breeder (ቅማላም) and the other of a good hygiene”; “One virtuous and the other evil”; “One assailant and the other a victim”; “One benevolent and the other malicious”; One fortunate and the other ill-fated”; so and so forth. Apparently, these have created tensions and damaged the social fabrics and bonds of the people of Tigrai and Eritrea. For years, the people of Eritrea and Tigrai have failed and still are failing to critically understand the sophistication and complexity of the chauvinists hate machinations. They have failed to get out of this trap for over a century. As a result, the people of Eritrea and Tigrai have been and still are biting each other, on trivial matters, to only rightly fit and serve the chauvinists’ cause.


Sadly, it is an undeniable fact that there are subsets of the Eritrean people who are still bogged down in the mud of hate mongering. These segments of the Eritrean people are busy stirring up hatred and negative thoughts as opposed to preaching and spreading words of love and unity. They are living in a state of hallucination and delusions. They are in hallucinations because they hear, see and feel something that no one else does and not a real one. They are also living in delusions because they reflect traits of delusion of grandeur: they have the belief that they are someone other than who they are. They think that they possess special identity, acuity, or other grand traits that are not true and not a reflection of reality. They are suffering from a severe sickness of identity crisis.


Isaias’s hard-core loyalists and stooges are serving as accomplice of Isaias Afeworki who is working hard and with great determination not to develop and democratize Eritrea but to secure the cause of Amhara chauvinists. Isaias Afeworki is widening and deepening the gap of resentment and pushing the people to continue biting and fighting each other. Isaias Afeworki and the Amhara chauvinists know very well from history that if these two people (Eritrea and Tigrai) come together and work in collaboration, they are unbeatable and would become a threat to their political intrigues. Once these two people managed to create harmony and unity, by sorting out their differences, it would be tough for Isaias and the Amhara chauvinists to manipulate them (The people of Tigrai and Eritrea) to their end. Thus, Isaias and the Amhara chauvinists hate to see these two people living in unity and harmony. They hate to see these two people becoming stronger; and stand out as shining stars by investing their resources (hard working, skilled, and pragmatic people, natural wealth, time…) appropriately and to a full scale in creation, innovation, socioeconomic, and political developments.


Again, let me get back to Isaias’s troops. The involvement of the Isaias’s troops in the war in Tigrai, in support of the Ethiopia’s prosperity party defense force and militias, is sad and unfortunate.  What they are doing is dreadful, hard to believe, hard to express, hard to forget, and proven to be the acts of an elusive foe. Difficult to find right words to explain but the situation in Tigrai is heartbreaking, painful, mind-boggling, frustrating, depressing, disgusting, and infuriating.


Isaias and his stooges have practically and effectively implemented extremely dangerous social engineering, a discipline in social science that refers to efforts that influence particular attitudes and social behaviors in order to produce desired characteristics in a target population. They have intensively campaigned to alter the behaviors and attitudes of Eritreans with a desire to create new Eritreanism by misinforming, undermining and completely denying their rich and well-documented history, origin, and social bonds that they have with the people of Tigrai. Isaias has used fictitious and bogusly authored books, movies, dramas, propagandas, and tactics to spew hatred and change the Eritreans’ values and relationships.


Isaias Afeworki, one of the evil and totalitarian presidents in the world, has successfully secured a one-man centralized rule in Eritrea. He controls every power of the government to manipulate and regulate the behavior of Eritrean youths. He closed the one university that had existed and located in Asmara, Eritrea prior to becoming an independent country. Closure of this university disallowed Eritrean youths from pursuing their tertiary education. Instead, they ended up to be slaves of a compulsory and indefinite military service. He has turned Eritrea into a pariah state and a cave environment, which is static in nature compared to an open environment that is subject to continuous changes and interactions.


Of the note, Isaias’s troops who are at the war front in Tigrai, have been in trenches and concentration camps, isolated from families at their early ages, where Isaias Afeworki and his stooges only allow them to learn, read, hear, talk and share information about HATE and ENMITY. Isaias and his stooges have fed, bred and instilled negative thoughts and perceptions against the people of Tigrai. The troops have not been given the chance to read, research, examine, validate, and filter out the information or find out the root causes for such bitter hate breeding campaigns and thoughts. They don’t have the freedom to access unbiased and independent sources of information.


Isaias’s troops have lived in wolf holes for a greater part of their lives. Now, Isaias Afeworki has released and let them go out of their burrows, ordered to invade, loot, dismantle, burn, destroy, and cruelly kill Tigrai and Tegaru. They are accomplishing the mission of Isaias and stooges as ordered and what they are doing depicts their lack of basic personal and social skills to integrate into normal societal norms. Now the troops are acting as a feral child. A feral child is a human child who has lived in a cave environment with wild animals, isolated from parents/guardians at their very young age and has no experience of human care. A feral child lacks basic social skills that are normally learned in the processes of a human life. He/she misses the chance to learn basic socialization and develop skills typically needed to function morally, normally and independently.  When an effort is made to integrate into society, a feral child continues to manifest the characteristics of the wild animals with whom she/he has lived, associated and socialized with while in the cave.


For example, a feral child who has lived with monkeys continues to exhibit affection towards monkeys. She/he (feral child) will have trouble learning to walk upright after walking on fours or exhibit a complete lack of interest in the human activity around her/him. The same happens to a feral child who has lived with wolves. She/he would exhibit wolf-like behaviors when reunited to family and integrated into society.


Isaias’s troops, feral children, are apparently matured physically but they lack mental, social and spiritual maturities. As they have lived in wolf holes for years, isolated from their society, they have missed the opportunity to pass through the normal learning and skill development process of mentalization, socialization and spiritualization, typically needed to function humanly, morally, rationally and independently. 


Without question, Isaias and his stooges are working 24/7 to materialize the Amhara chauvinists’ cause: widen and deepen hate and enmity; and secure the chauvinists’ divide and rule tactic and principle. The Eritrean president, Isaias Afeworki, and his stooges are the mortal enemies of the people of Tigrai. But the involvement of the Isaias’s troops in the all-out war in Tigrai, in support of Ethiopia’s prosperity party defense force and militias, is not expected to occur to such an extent and magnitude. They have killed innocent civilians. They have destroyed Tigrai. They have targeted and bombed churches and mosques; turned factories, hospitals, and infrastructures into ashes. They have looted, dismantled, and seized properties and machines, public, corporate and privately owned. This is sad and unfortunate.


However, I want everyone to recall the reopening of borders about two years ago. Despite Isaias’s social engineering efforts to create new Eritreanism, the social bonds and historical relationships that exist among the people of Tigrai and Eritrea haven’t shown any change. It was amazing to witness the running, hugging, jubilation and happiness that the people had reflected and expressed when the borders of Zalambessa, Rama, and Omhajer got reopened after 20 years. The people have expressed their deep love, strong affinity and unbreakable bond. My observation is that this has proven physical/geographic borders to be meaningless. I have seen no border in the minds of the people. The border only exists in the minds of chauvinists and Isaias and his stooges. The border reopening has sent shocking waves to chauvinists and Isaias Afeworki and his stooges. The border reopening has worked against their crooked and ill-fated plans.


For many years, Isaias and his stooges have used Weyane as a lame excuse to rectify their failing to implement policies and projects to bring development in Eritrea. Isaias blamed Weyane for all the wrongdoings and failures occurring in Eritrea. The reason why he has decreed a mandatory and indefinite military service is Weyane. The reason why he has no constitution is Weyane. The reason why he closed the one university in Asmara is Weyane. The reason why there are no new industrial establishments and infrastructure development is Weyane. The reason why Eritreans are feeling the country is Weyane. The reason why Eritrean youths are losing their lives in deserts and seas is Weyane. The reason why he started the war, past and present, is Weyane.  The reason why he hasn’t demarcated the border is Weyane. The blame has no limit. It goes on and on.


Even at one occasion, Isaias was quoted for saying the industrial projects launched in Tigrai are bombs planted to destroy Eritrea. Shame on Isaias and stooges!!! You have been dreaming and conspiring to destroy the factories in Tigrai. Thanks to Abiye Ahmed and the Amhara chauvinists for giving you the opportunity to materialize your long-awaited satanic and wicked dream. Shame!!!! Shame!!!! Shame!!!!


There is no any doubt that the war waged against Tigrai has resulted in an immeasurable and unforgettable damages and crisis. What Isaias’s troop have done is a war crime. The killings of civilians, damages, dismantling, and lootings of properties and machinery have left sequelae that won’t heal and go away easily. This will stay for generations and years to come.


However, the Tigrai people very well understand that the war crimes have been committed and the damages are sustained and brought by Isaias’s troops. The Tigrai people are very well aware of the fact that the majority of the Eritrean people are living in darkness, hardships and under the yoke of tyranny and with no say and power to decree orders and declare war. Thus, it is unthinkable for the people of Tigrai to contemplate and attempt to take blind revenges against the people of Eritrea.


I have no doubt that the people of Tigrai will and shall respond in a morally, rationally, intelligently, and reconciliatory manner. My strong belief is that the people of Tigrai will not act emotionally, irresponsibly, and unlawfully. If a revenge, in kind, is necessary, the target would be Isaias and his troops who are wildly acting as feral children, serving as slaves without questioning the consequences of their actions.


Slowly but surely, the vicious cycle of hate sowing and spreading, consistently and sinfully   maneuvered by the Amhara rulers and chauvinists and their enabler, Isaias Afeworki and stooges, will end soon while the social, cultural, and historical relationships between the people of Tigrai and Eritrea shall reach and elevate to a better, stronger, and highest peak.


Without doubt, Tigrai will prevail!!!

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