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Turning a Tragedy to a lasting freedom and Opportunity

Turning a Tragedy to a lasting freedom and Opportunity



Gebre Selema 12-3-20


They say the hardest things which do not kill you makes your only stronger. Diamond in its natural state is not attractive and shinning. When you polish diamond mechanically, it becomes beautiful, and shining and precious. When you put ordinary carbon into high temperature under high pressure, the carbon becomes diamond which is the strongest form of Carbon.  Leave alone Tigreans, even Jewish community has resurrected themselves from every corner of the earth or planet where they were scattered. The Jewish community is now the most united, the strongest, the mightiest and wealthiest community in the world regardless their number they rule the world economically. Richest corporation in Europe, America, South Africa, Russia and North America are Jews. Reason, because of hard work, not because of number or majority trademark.


I think Tigreans failed to learn from their tragic history of living with Amhara apartheid.  I am not going to be politically correct here and whitewash it by saying Amhara elites bla bla.  I have not seen any Amhara standing with Tigreans at this difficult time. I am not anymore going to sugar coat it by saying Amhara elites. I am saying it as it is Amhara Apartheid. I understand not every Amhara is evil, but the so-called elite’s control and drive the whole Amhara whether we like it or not.  All South African whites were not racist in South Africa.  But it was called White South African apartheid, so it is Amhara apartheid we have been through for the 150 years of apartheid, terror, oppression, subjugation, repression, marginalization, discrimination, forced Assimilation of about 84 ethnic Ethiopians was the norm. Imagine the crudity of forcing 84 ethnics to be monolithic to speak one language, to follow one religion, and to dress one dress code. It is really disgusting even to think about it, leave alone to accept it by gun.  They use orthodox religion as political tool to oppress and downgrade others. To your surprise, there is parallel between South African apartheid and Amhara apartheid. 


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The Dutch Church in South Africa used God to oppress the blacks. They even had their own version of the Bible that says blacks were cursed by God to be slaves of whites and whites were the chosen race of God. They induced this teaching into the black’s brain and the blacks were brainwashed to accept it. I remember a South African black man trying to tell me that the same thing he was thought we blacks were cursed by God to be under whites. He even tried to convince me that Africans cannot make anything such as Technology like whites and they cannot trade like whites and Arabs and Asians. He tried hard to convince me the Dutch teaching was correct that blacks are cursed. You can also see this parallel in Amhara apartheid.


The Amhara apartheid owners think they are chosen by God to rule Ethiopians. All the land, the water, the trees and everything under the sun belongs to them. God has chosen them to sit, eat and breed only and others to toil for them because they have been predesignated to rule all Ethiopians. Since they have no identity because they are mixed of West Africans, Tigreans and Sudanese and others, they do not recognize ethnic identity.  They consider Ethiopia as identity, not citizenship.  Ethnic identity is for them racism.  They do not even understand the difference between identity and race. They do not even understand all Ethiopians are black race.  They consider people who try to express their identity as racists which does not make any sense. For them to be Ethiopian citizen everyone has to speak Amhara language Amharic and he has to accept their hybrid orthodox which is Satanism plus orthodoxy. To be Ethiopians everyone has to dress their attire.  They say this is a good Ethiopian when you speak their language and when you do not speak their language and try to use one’s own language, they call you racist. The only difference from South African apartheid is the style and degree of treatment. When the world changes they do not change. They strongly believe they own Ethiopian citizenship and identity, and they can give it to anyone they like, and they can strip it from anyone if they do not feel. They also think the Orthodox Church is their property and even Kudus Yared their own private property.


 They have not shied to tell us Aba Sereke Berhane is not Ethiopian and he is not Orthodox.  Aba Sereke Berhane, his name which means sun rise or the source of light is to be called Thief Berhane. Even if we take their twist, if we translate Thief Berhane which means the thief of light? It does not make any sense. This has been broad-casted without any shame on you-tube and by so the called Abas of Amhara Apartheid Orthodox.  The crimes of Aba Sereke Berhane is for expressing his disgust of Amhara Apartheid Orthodox that openly and publicly declared it has endorsed the genocide of Ethnic Tigreans by air and land since Nov 3 mignight.  According to them Aba Sereke Berhane must accept the genocide of Tigreans to be a true Ethiopian. What a farce?  I really believe we have not been living with people but with human looking wolves. How is one expected to bless the genocide of his own people?  They tell us he is racist and an apostate of Orthodox because he condemned the church for endorsing the Ethnic Tigrean genocide and not only its indifference but also its blessing of Ethnic Tigreans genocide.


Wait, they are right.  According to Professor Richard Punkrust they stole Tigreans history and Tigreans culture.  Professor Richard said in his book, they have no even identity because they are mixed from different ethnics, but they have no shame to look down on every ethnic in Ethiopia. The truth is they have no history and even land except land they occupied by force from others.  They tell us now Kudus Yared Ethiopian and belongs to them. Nope, Kudus Yared is pure Tigrean or Agazian. There is not the name of Ethiopia in Tigrean history before Emperoy Yohanes whether they are accepting it or not. Kudus Yared is Agazian and his pedigree and family tree is known to everyone. He has nothing to do with Ethiopia.  He set up Bahdar city as part of Axum, not as part of Ethiopia.  To your surprise, in Europe, no one knew Ethiopia even, people knew only Abssynia and the name Ethiopia is only known after the Ethiopian famine.


Wait, they are right. They send to Tigrai an Amhara preacher who does not speak or understand Tigrignea and send him to preach Bible.  Think about it, how can you send a missionary to teach Gospel without knowing the local language? That was only done during colonial time to colonize people.  The Amhara Orthodox apartheid have been doing it on us. We have been accepting it without questioning about it. They are right because they have successfully assimilated us and destroyed our language and made our people Amharic speakers. No surprise, because they were going away with every crime, they have been doing on our people every century.


Now when our people were  busy  fighting desert locust by hand because they blocked drones we bought to fight Desert locust, during harvest time, when our people were busy with harvest and they declared war on us and with a clear purpose to starve and genocide our people. Now they are taking our lands and putting Amhara administration.  Do they really think they can grab land in the 21st century and live on other people land as they did it in the 20th century? They think they can because they did not evolve with time.  But now they are killing our people and looting our land, our properties helped by Shabia, and others, but who is going to help them next time to continue to stay in our land?  Time will tell.


But one thing is very clear after now. We have to be free from this never-ending bondage and black mailing and restore, our language, history, and everything that belongs to us and use our language and no Amharic.  Tigreans must make sure the Amharas who have invaded Tigrai will buried in Tigrai and must not return to live life after killing our children, young people, and after raping our mothers and sisters. We will never allow them to rule us and we fight them until the end. You can kill our people, but we will still strive to live to eternity. Lve alone Apartheid even USA could not handle its adventurous invasion of Iraq because they are back home with their tails between their legs. Never mind, there will be payback time.


We will win the war with the Amhara crusaders who cannot fight by themselves except attaching themselves with foreign governments.  But Tigreans must do everything under the sun to bury their enemies and to walk to the lasting freedom.  We must change misfortune to an opportunity.



nous continuerons à la victoire


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