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Run, Walk, or Move out!


Run, Walk, or Move out!




Lekatit 11 is on the horizon. It is time for Tegaru all over the world, including our people in Sudan, to make preparations and commemorate their awakening in front of the world. Tigreans will demonstrate, twice again, who they are: ጥሜት ዘይፈትሆ፡ መስዋእቲ ዘይፈትሆሀዝቢ ከምዘይኮነ ዳግም ነርእየሉ ጊዘ ሎሚ እዩመለስ ከምዝበሎ’ “ጅግንነት ዝመጽእ ስስእ እንትጠፍእ1”

When we see the total destruction that our enemies are exacting on our beloved towns and cities, we shall remember that Germany, England, Japan, and France. Berlin, London, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Paris were also brought to ashes during WWII. We also recall Rome rose as a great empire after a devastating fire. China was unified after a devastating war. Even American cities like New York, Washington and Houston and great East Asian cities like Singapore, Seoul, and Shanghai went passed through total destruction before they became what they are today. Likewise, Tigrai’s towns and cities: Dansha, Humera, Shire, Sheraro, Abyi Adi, Adi Grat, Wikro, Zalambessa, Adwa, Axum, and Mekelle will flourish as never before. Tigrai’s towns and cities will sprout from the ashes like Phoenix in front of the world! Why? Because Tigreans already discovered and demonstrated the path to becoming the fastest growing nation on earth through Ethiopia! One may wreck a factory, but one cannot destroy an ideology (መስመር). In due course shall the new-Tigrai crack and break out of the old shell that confined it for ages.

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Masters of strategy tell us there are two ingredients of victory in war. These are: (1) clear political objective and (2) high morale ሃቦ. Tigrai’s enemies already know they do not have a clear or upright objective. Issaias is interested in ransom vis-a-viz the Ethiopian money, resources, and diplomatic shield. Abiy is interested in the palace, Amhara supremacists just want to christen all Ethiopian territories with Amhara name, and the insecure non-Amhara Pan Ethiopianists want to betray their ancestors and apply for adoption in the pecking order called Amhara worshipping Ethiopia. So, Tigrai’s enemies lack clear objective. Moreover, their objective is evil. They seek to build their future on the graveyard of 7-10 million innocent Tigreans. They seek to exterminate Tigreans because they opt to elect their leaders, not kow down to their whim. Tigreans have never had a Moses even when they had Meles- the most able leader in Ethiopia’s history! But one does not have to work too hard to demonstrate that Tigrai’s enemies lack a clear and just objective. They already know it. Actually, the whole world knows that they have committed treason by inviting foreign armies to fight in Ethiopia to defeat Tigreans. So, Tigrai’s enemies have lost one important ingredient of victory in war, i.e., a clear political objective. They know they have only one chance left, namely: demoralizing Tigreans!

Now, Tigrai’s enemies are not strangers to Tigreans for they have suffered defeat at their hands. They clearly know that Tigreans are not people one can subdue using force. So, what did they come up with to demoralize Tigreans? False propaganda! Tigrai’s enemies devised psychological warfare. Now, this is something Amhara Derg 1.0 (1974-1991) or Tigrigna Derg 1.0 (1998-Present) never tried before. Mengistu and Issaias never tried to demoralize Tigreans through “confuse or convince” tactic. Both dictators puked their “Ethiopia or death!” and “game over!” in front of the world and it did not work. So, Derg 2.0 (2018-2020) came up with the “confuse and confuse” tactic. This tactic is, in a nutshell, made up of total, partial, and frequent lies intended to demoralize Tigreans so they may give up before putting up a fight which they will surely win.

Derg 2.0 makes up total lies. It says: “it started the war to free kidnapped Northern command soldiers and catch Tigrai’s leaders”, “Tigreans massacred Amharas in Mai Kadra”, “the war is over in Mekelle”, “certain leader is killed, caught or dead”, and “only young male genocide suspects fled to Mai Kadra”. It also makes up partial lies. It says “Tigreans want prosperity under Derg 2.0”, “Tigreans want peace with TPLF gone”, “Ethiopia will remain united with OLF gone”. Derg knows it lacks the political objective to win this war. Its only chance is to demoralize Tigreans. So, it is desperate to demoralize Tigreans before they fight because it knows, from experience, what they are capable of when they fight. That is why Derg 2,0 needs to lie frequently. Derg 2.0 is always desperate to collect a raw material (a cause), process it (a news), and disseminate its “confuse and convince” product to the Tigrean people (through various outlets: media or people). It will continue to lie until it sees Tigreans losing morale and prostrating themselves to their exterminators before putting up a fight. So, what can one do about Derg 2.0’s incessant lies (because it will never stop)?

Well, there’s this old saying in Tigrai: “those who can run, run! Those who can walk, walk! And those who can’t run or walk, stay out of the way!” Assuming a large sample has a normal distribution (a bell curve), one can surmise that most Tigreans are either walkers. Walkers are Tigreans who are not fully engaged in the struggle but still care about Tigrai’s plight. Avoidance is the best strategy these people should adopt. They should boycott every social media, gathering, conversations, and other congregation that is okay to exterminate, harass, or undermine Tegaru. Tegaru that are not active should avoid Derg 2.0 soldiers camouflaged as journalists, priests, singers, friends, and neighbors. This leaves us with the runners and the addicts. Let me start with the addicts.

Addicts are those who cannot help treating themselves with Derg 2.0 poison. These people have are either too naďve or masochistic to see the writing on the wall. Instead of spending their precious time contributing funds to displaced Tigreans, exposing the lies of Derg 2.0, or handling their personal business by avoiding Derg 2.0 lies, they waste their life goring on poisonous Derg 2.0 propaganda. Well, these victims can also help the Tigreans cause. How? By refraining from spreading Derg 2.0’s poison. If they cannot help themselves boycotting Derg 2.0 soldiers at the media, on the phone, in the house, in the market, in worship places, or in the streets, they should at least stop spreading their gossip. One may catch the HIV virus but that does not mean one should spread it. So, people who are addicted to Derg 2.0 propaganda should stop disseminating that poison to other Tigreans. This leaves us with the cream of the crop: the runners!

The runners are the few critical Tigreans that use Derg 2.0’s propaganda as a raw material. These people filter and distill Derg 2.0’s propaganda using facts, common sense, and ethics. They treat Derg 2.0’s lies like crude oil, refine the truth out of it like petroleum, and throw the chuck of garbage by exposing it to the world. These are the kind of people that Tigrai needs. Ideally, it would be better for Tigrai to go beyond the bell-curve distribution where most people are neutral, and few are really helping or harming Tigrai. This is simply because Tigrai is not in a normal situation today. It needs critical thinkers who not just avoid Derg 2.0 propaganda but expose it to the world. The last thing Tigrai needs today a foolhardy listening to Derg 2.0 source to tell other Tigreans that the sky is falling down! These people would benefit Tigrai by keeping their phobia to themselves. As FDR said: “the only thing [Tigreans] have to fear is: fear itself!”

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