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Danger of Genocide, Ethiopia Getting Closer to Death Rattle

Danger of Genocide, Ethiopia Getting Closer to Death Rattle.


G.Amare, November 13, 2020.


Here again, the illegitimate Ethiopian PM, Abiy Ahmed, is doing everything and anything to deceive the world. Just a few days ago, he appealed to the international community to support  the war that he has waged against the people of Tigrai. He is heavily engaged in misinforming and fooling the international community by creating fictitious claims of maintaining peace and order.


The international community shouldn’t be hesitant to say “NO” to Abiy Ahmed’s untrue claims and to his extremely dangerous declaration of war against humanity. His claim to bring peace and order doesn’t hold water. There has never been any sign of peace and security disorders in Tigrai. Prior to  the start of the undergoing war, the only part of the country that has been in peace, security, and with a properly functioning government is the state of Tigrai. However, Abiy Ahmed’s definition of peace and order is chaos, crisis, and creating a dysfunctional administrative environment.


Yes, the rest of the country has been in war since Abiy Ahmed has assumed power. Citizens have been subjected to nonstop and massive killings and many are languishing in prison. As of today, East, West, and South parts of Ethiopia are under the control of military command posts.


There should not be any doubt in the minds of the international community that the illegitimate PM, Abiy Ahmed, is using the war as a pretext to invade, destabilize, and create crisis in Tigrai and thinking that Tigrai will fall under his control and the people of Tigrai to easily surrender their hard fought and long fought victories that granted them the right to self-determination. No Way!!!


Abiy Ahmed used “peace and order” as a pretext and tactic to dismantle legally elected officials and replace them with his own created puppets in other parts of the country.  Such an environment has helped him to easily cheat, control and manipulate the politics to his personal ego-stay in power and eventually to become a crowned king.  Now, he has declared a full-fledged war in Tigrai to apply the same tactic. The Tigrai people are heroically fighting to defend themselves because this is a matter of choice between existence and non-existence.

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Abiy Ahmed and his mentor Isaias Afeworki, after conspiring and sabotaging for about three years, have jointly declared war against the people of Tigray. They are desperately killing and causing displacements of  civilians and destroying infrastructures using artillery and air bombardments. However, the international community is not doing enough and has remained silent as opposed to boldly denouncing such criminal acts and aggressions.


Abiy Ahmed is falsely accusing seasoned TPLF politicians as criminals. He blames TPLF for all the wrongdoings that had occurred in the past and even those that are happening now because his own failure and lack of capacity. The truth is that Abiy Ahmed and his affiliates have been working and panning for years on revenging and destroying TPLF and eventually decimate the people of Tigray simply because they have taken a lion share of the sacrifices to recognize and institutionalize self-rule, justice, and equality among all the people of the nations and nationalities of Ethiopia.


What the international community should ask is Why did the Abiy Ahmed Express No Willingness to TPLF’s Repeated Demand for an Independent Investigation of Any Kinds of Crimes and Human Right Violations?” I leave this for your own judgment but to me Abiy Ahmed has expressed no interest to accept the demand for such an independent investigation, by foreign or domestic entities, because he knows very well that he will be criminalized as a betrayer, genocider, and a gross human right violator. If there would be a criminal offender to cite, the illegitimate PM, Abiy Ahmed, would be number one in the list.


Now,  the political crisis has escalated to  a full-fledged war. The war is waged  against the state of Tigrai simply because the people carried out an election against the interest of the illegitimate PM who opted to extend the election to stay in power indefinitely. While election is a universal democratic and political right, it is considered illegal in Ethiopia.  It is odd but a fact!


The war that is waged against the people of Tigrai is preplanned. Abiy Ahmed openly said on TV, months ago, “…youths may die, mothers may cry, and villages may set on fire” and added, “…we are prepared, more than ever before, to take any action to deter any effort to carry out elections….” Mind you, he said this in response to political parties who have demanded to carry out elections because the federal government has no any willingness and readiness to run elections within the timetable stipulated in the constitution.


It is an open secret that Abiy Ahmed has been conspiring together with his mentor, the Eritrean president, Isaias Afeworki, for three years.  Abiy Ahmed has been amassing armies around Tigrai prior to declaring the war. However, in his plea for support from the international community,  he has blatantly lied and misinformed that the Tigrai government had shot behind and  killed members of the northern military command.

The fact of the matter was that Abiy Ahmed made arrangement to carry out a coup d’état operation using special command forces, sent from Addis, to first  create instability and chaos in selected targets and places of Tigrai. Following this operation, the plan was to command and deploy the northern military command to take control of Tigrai.


Had it not been for the wise and swift actions of the Tigrai government, the scenario would have been catastrophic. The illegitimate PM’s dream foiled and cut short. This drove Abiy Ahmed crazy. Now is crying, has become infuriated and  started to act like a mad dog!


This guy doesn’t seem to have a clue about the wit and the keen intelligence of TPLF. Congratulations for a Job Well Done!!! Amazing TPLF !!!!!!!!!!!!. Thanks decillion times !!!!!!!!!. You have saved your people from the extremely disastrous  and dire consequences of Abiy’s foolish, savagery, inhuman, and childish acts. I call the operation, “Operation Wisdom.”


Now, Abiy Ahmed and his affiliates are fully engaged in psychological wars against the people of Tigrai by disseminating  false information and political propagandas,  employing  government owned and franchised media. He is irresponsibly using unaccountable financial resources to target, profile, isolate, arrest, dehumanize and kill the people of Tigray all over Ethiopia. The most serious crime against humanity-GENOCIDE-is declared against the people of Tigrai.  Abiy Ahmed is creating chaos and crisis not only in Ethiopia but also at a regional level, in the horn of Africa.  Sadly, the  international community is hesitantly and silently watching  the situation.


Abiy Ahmed is doing all these  only to materialize his ego and fantasy to be a king that his mother had wished him. From what he has officially said, his dream is to reinstate an outdated and a failed centralized system of kingdomship that he thinks would allow him to assume all power as God given rights.


The world should not be fooled in supporting Abiy Ahmed for the second time. Understandably, the first time, the international community probably gave  their support due to misinformation. This time, however, there are ample analyses and information reported  by independent organizations and media outlets that have exposed the true nature of Abiy Ahmed and what his only motive is-be a king by hook, or crook.


If the international community intends to support the illegitimate Ethiopian PM, with the expectation that  the Tigrai people will easily submit and  give up their hard and long fought rights to  self-determination, for the sake of  placing Abiy on a throne of a kingdomship,  they are committing grave mistakes. It is unthinkable for the people of Tigrai and also for any democratic society, for that matter. 


Without doubt, Abiy Ahmed has promised his sponsors and the international community that he would bring a better democratic change in Ethiopia. Being deceived, his sponsors have invested immensely on him but the return is not what they have anticipated. 


The international community  offered him their full support without a second thought. They awarded him a “Nobel Peace Prize?” based on a falsely portrayed peace agreement with Eritrea and in anticipation of what  they think he will do to fulfill their geopolitical and material interests.


What the international community should do is read history to get the details of  the past day Ethiopia that denied nations and nationalities their right to self-determination, use their language, and practice their culture. This system refused to recognize pluralism, diversity, justice and equality. The unitary system did everything to subjugate ethnic groups in Ethiopia.


The history of pre-1991 Ethiopia was nothing but  the history of war, poverty and famine. Many of the nations and nationalities had been under humiliation and in the process of being assimilated relinquishing their identities. The nations and nationalities, particularly, the people of Tigrai made hard and long-fought struggle to overthrow such a centralized unitary system and replaced it with federal system that has  granted the right to self-determination and self-rule by recognizing, respecting, and appreciating the values of  multiculturalism, diversity, justice and equality.


The fact is that the majority of the Ethiopians have been leading their lives under hardship-hardships to get the very basic social services (health, education, transportation, and infrastructure) and hardships to satisfy their basic needs.  The majority of the Ethiopians (still are) inhabited in disconnected villages of rugged terrains and hilltops while others were living in nomadic and pastoral lifestyles without any physical access to basic social services.


The history of the post 1991 is different. Until the illegitimate PM assumed power, Ethiopia was on the right track of socioeconomic development and in the process of democratization and power decentralization. Its image around the world changed. The economy was growing by a two-digit number; income per capita increased; living standard improved; life span increased; child mortality declined. Now these are becoming history of the past. Sadly, Ethiopia is sliding back to poverty, famine and war.  Its existence as a country, as it stands today, is even questionable if not miraculously rescued. 


Abiy Ahmed and his group only focus on blackmailing, discrediting and damaging the image of TPLF with the assumption and miscalculation that if TPLF is wiped out from existence, it would easy to weaken and disparage the people of Tigray. Then, the other people of the nations and nationalities would be easier to suppress, manipulate, subjugate, and assimilate.


Now, to achieve his goal, Abiy Ahmed is doing anything and everything within his reach. He is addicted to telling blatant lies and denying any wrongdoings despite existing hard evidence; he doesn’t care if his  actions match his words. He possesses narcissistic and sociopathic behaviors engaged in  making impulsive decisions. He doesn’t hesitate to break promises; he always blames or  points at others for something he himself failed to do and brags  on minor accomplishments.


Without doubt, Abiy Ahmed is working hand in glove with remnants of the past-the Derg and the Eritrean president. Jointly, they have successfully manipulated many Ethiopians using shameless lies and deceptions to convince that TPLF and the people of Tigray have been the only responsible for all the crimes and any wrongdoings that may have occurred.


They were able to maneuver not only the innocent Ethiopians but also countries, far and near, and international organizations to believe the false claim that the post-1991 politics, military, security, and economy of Ethiopia have been totally controlled by only 6% minority (Tegaru). 


They repeatedly fed the international community with false information that the language based federal system is nobody's project and interest but only that of TPLF. They have been engaged in non-stop barking and howling loudly to entreat the international organizations and countries to lend them hands to overturn and abolish TPLF.


Some countries and international organizations have jumped into supporting such false claims without due consideration of  a complicated political matter and without careful assessment of the consequences.


Now here we are. Abiy Ahmed is destroying Ethiopia and dismantling the social fabric of its people by spewing hates, creating conflicts,  and inciting one ethnic group to stand against another-the Oromo against the Amhara,  the Amhara against the Tigrai people; the Somali against the Afar; the Benishangul-Gumuz against the Amhara; the Sidama against the Wolayta…. Different ethnic groups and dominant political leaders are being  killed and imprisoned only for demanding their right to self-rule. During his three years tenure, many thousands have been killed, imprisoned, and millions displaced. Abiy Ahmed, the illegitimate PM, shows no remorse for all his wrongdoings.  He doesn’t take any single responsibility for his actions. Instead, he blames others.


If the world is slow to act, Abiy Ahmed is taking down Ethiopia with him. Please Act Now!

Act! Act! Act! To save the lives of those Tigrai people who are still alive, their whereabouts unknown, but being identified, dehumanized, and profiled for doing nothing but because they are from Tigrai by ethnicity. 


Victory to the People of Tigrai! We Honor the Fallen, the heroes and heroines!! United Tigrai will Win, Rise, and shine!  



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