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Setting the records right: The war is Abiy Ahmed Ali Versus Tigrai, not TPLF

Setting the records right:† The war is Abiy Ahmed Ali Versus Tigrai, not TPLF


Gebre Selema 12-11-20


The truth must be told in black and white, if people do not want to hear and listen the truth, it is their choice.† What is the truth? Well, right now Ethiopia has no government. Western media and governments are saying Ethiopia federal government, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed Ali which is very wrong. Right now, in Ethiopia there is no federal government and there is no prime Minister.† Everybody knows Abiy Amhed Ali was put up on power by Saudi, UAE and by the trump administration through the back door and Abiy was not elected by anyone from day one.† Even if we take that as it is, his time expired on September 25 in Geez Calendar which is Oct 6 2020 in European Calendar.


None of even the elected European and North American, Australian, New Zealand Prime Ministers can violate their constitution twice and extend their term in office indefinitely and still be called Prime Ministers. Thus, Abiy Ahmed Ali postponed election from Nov 2020 to August 2020 for no reason and by violating the constitution.† He further postponed election for the second time indefinitely using Covid-19 as pretext and still by violating the Ethiopian constitution. As a result, the Tigrai Government decided to do election according to the constitution on due date despite the time wasted waiting for Abiy Ahmed Ali to conduct election according the constitutional schedule.


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The Tigrai government proceeded to do the election per the constitution and asked the fake Abiy Ahmed Ali election board to facilitate the election in Tigrai region.† The fake election board of Abiy Ahmed Ali refused to do its job by violating the constitution.† The Tigrai Government had no choice but to follow the constitution and do the election on due time.† It is formed its own election board according the constitution and proceeded to conduct the election. Abiy Ahmed Ali warned he does not want Tigrai to do election and if it does he threatened to bomb Tigrai and make women and children cry if Tigrai does election.


The Tigrai government did not back off from doing election according to the constitution.† The Tigrai government did the best election ever despite time and resource constraints.


Take note, since Abiy came to power, he has blocked the road to Tigrai from Addis Ababa which is the main highway connecting Tigrai to the rest of Ethiopia which shows the war was actually declared starting the day Abiy Ahmed Ali grabbed power in Addis that is in 2018.


September 25th Geez Calendar was the expiry day of Abiy Ahmed Aliís term in office.† Accordingly, the Tigrai government stated openly it will not recognize an illegal and an un elected government and prime Minister after the end of his term. Abiy Ahmed continued to stay on power by force.† He then illegally cut budget to Tigrai and he also cut safety net money which is donorsí money to support about 2 million Tigreans. Wait, this is just the episode of events one after another to the scheduled planet hotel operation magic.


While things were getting heated as stated above, what happened Tuesday Nov 3 midnight?


According to my source from within Eritrea, Abiy Ahmed Ali and Issayas Afeworki were actually preparing for war since the day they met and told us the game over. Both has worked hard for two and half years to wage war on Tigrai region.† They have done all the preparation.† Tuesday midnight Nov 3 was the day scheduled Mekelle or planet Hotel operation.† This operation was planned to last only few hours. To do this operation, special commandos were trained for more than two years in Eritrea. On Tuesday Nov 3 all was ready.† My sources stated that there was a big disagreement in the Shabia house about the operation. Most of Shabia or issayas Afeworkiís top brass officials were not forth coming to endorse the operation of Planet Hotel Operation in Mekelle schedule midnight Tuesday Nov 3.† Thus, some of Eritrean intelligence has informed the Tigrai government about the operation on time.† Midnight Tuesday Nov 3, Issayas and Abiy AA dispatched their special commandos loaded by two helicopters from Massawa airport and headed to Mekelle airport. The Tigrai Government was ready to welcome them and source say that all were shot, and their body bag were sent to Addis Ababa the next day Wednesday 4th Nov 2020.† The Tigrai government aborted the planet hotel operation. The planet hotel operation was designed to capture or kill Tigrai government officials while sleeping in the hotel midnight.† The Tigrai government moved fast and took over the North Command because there were also groups in the North Command who were expected to join the planet hotel operation which included only Amhara ethnics.† The Tigrai Government did not attack North Command but discussed the issue with the north Command.† North command was divided into two: majority decided to join or to stand with Tigrai government and few of them decided not to get involved in the unfolding infighting.† Those who decided not to get involved were disarmed and integrated into the community to live in peace until things are sorted out.† The 99% of North Command became Tigrai Defense force and only those who were involved in the plot of the planet hotel operation defected to Eritrea after agreeing to side with Tigrai government.


Thus, the war in Tigrai was never started by Tigrai government attacking North Command.† The Tigrai government had no issue with North Command. Those who had hidden agenda defected themselves.† Take note, there was no fighting with the North Command and Tigrai government. If North Command was not supporting the Tigrai government, there would have been war between Tigrai government and the north command which could have taken days and could have been bloody one.† The fighting that was heard in Mekelle is the fighting at airport when the 400 special commandos were descending in Mekelle airport. †It was reported very well there was shooting midnight Tuesday Nov 3.† Abiy Ahmed Ali himself admitted he sent two helicopters and soldiers midnight Nov 3 Tuesday, but he claimed he sent the two helicopters and his special commandos midnight Tuesday Nov 3 to deliver new bank notes?† Why did Abiy Amhed Ali decided to deliver new bank notes midnight on Tuesday Nov 3? Banks are closed midnight and bank workers are sleeping midnight on top of that Abiy Ahmed has no business of manage bank notes, it is not his job. It was obvious it was the two and half years prepared operation of Abiy and Issayas.† Remember Abiy had sent commandos earlier to do the same operation before but they were then rounded up at their airport in Mekelle and disarmed and sent back to Addis peacefully.† When Abiy was asked who sent them and why? He said he did not know about it.†


The fake propaganda propagated by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Tipor Nagi and Abiy Ahmed Ali is fake to cover up their crime.† The Trump Administration knows all the crime, plots. SOS Mike Pompeo and Tipor Nagi could not hold their breath in promoting the fake news TPLF attacked North Command to cover up their own crimes against the Tigrai State.


The SOS Mike Pompeo and Tipor Nagi also propagated lies that the war is between Ethiopian Federal government and TPLF.† This is also fake news.† The Trump administration represents the American government, and it is not called Republican.


TPLF is a ruling party that formed the Tigrai Government.† The war is between an illegal illegitimate Abiy Amhed Ali with Tigrai Government.† As stated above, Abiy is not anymore, a PM and there is no federal government in Ethiopia right now. President Donald Trump cannot postpone election twice by violating American constitution and still force himself to continue as president of America. Americans will never allow any president to override the American constitution.† President Donald Trump was tempted to use Corona to postpone election, but he was told he cannot.† Why is this double standard then?† Ethiopians deserve what American and European deserve. Is democracy only for white people or what?


The other thing I wanted to clear also is the war in Tigrai is not only done by Abiy Ahmed Ali but also by Eritrea with its full armed forces 42 division which is about 420000 soldiers including division that is designed for looting and 25 Ethiopian division which is about 250 000 plus about 100 000 special forces from across Ethiopia plus 5000 Somali forces plus Saudi and UAE drones and dronesí soldiers plus USA and Israel diplomatic support.† This means Tigrai Defense forces has been fighting about 680 000 soldiers and Eritrea, UAE, Saudi, Somali, Israel, USA and Ethiopia. To your surprise, with all these supporting countries Abiy Ahmed Ali did not win one single battle in all the fronts for almost one month and one week.† ††


The Tigrai Government has vacated cities and towns to avoid civiliansí causalities and Abiy moved in without any resistance and did not win any war and will never win one even if he stays fighting for another year.†


All the facts must be told as they are and no fake news from white house.† Also, the presence of Eritreans force in Tigrai is a fact on the ground which every Eritrean and Tigreans knows. We do not need a blessing from white house to know this. We have eyes, ears and we have senses. We do not need white house endorsement to know the naked truth. We do not need UN to endorse the presence of Eritrean forces in Tigrai. We have eyes and we know who has invaded us and we do not need to beg UN, White House to tell us who is killing our people.†


Corona is unsafe and dangerous to do election, but Corona is too safe to bomb homes, factories, churches, schools, civilians, burn crops and to wage genocidal war on the people of Tigra.† Nothing is hidden under the sun.† One can cut electricity, water, telephone, internet since Nov 3 until now, that is fine as long as it serves so called American interest. I wonder what interest will American people get from this heinous crime and genocide.


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