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UN Sanctions on Ethiopia and Eritrea Justified

UN Sanctions on Ethiopia and Eritrea Justified

Yusuf (29.12.20)


Since recently, there has been growing awareness, on the part of the International Community, about what has been going on in Tigray, thanks to reports by diplomatic sources, international media and aid organizations. This in spite of all the attempts by Ethiopia's Colonel Abiy and his mentor Eritrea's dictator Esaias Afrwerki to conceal from the International Community the Crime Against Humanity, War Crimes, ethnic cleansing and genocide they have committed in Tigray.


The report by Ethiopian government's Human Rights Commission that the Mai Kadra massacre was carried out by Tigrayís TPLF was a deliberate and desperate attempt to mislead the Ethiopian people and the International community.

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As with the numerous other lies and deceptions that characterize Colonel Abiy and his government, the attempt to incriminate TPLF with the Mai Kadra massacre back-fired decisively with reports pointing their fingers on Abiy's troops and Amhara militias, notably the Fano young fascists.


Now based on numerous credible eyewitness accounts and independent reports submitted to the UN, the UN has decided that the crimes must be investigated by independent bodies. It has become clear that Abiy's forces and the Amhara militias are responsible for the mass killings of over 700 innocent civilians in Mai Kadra. But it must be noted here that May Kadra, a typical Tigraian place name, is only one of many such criminal acts.


Abiy's denial to the UN Secretary General of the involvement of Eritrean military in the fighting in Tigray has been exposed by US government as completely untrue. In fact, itís Ethiopian and Eritrean troops and Amhara militias that are causing all the killing, looting and devastation in Tigray.


The decision by the United Nations that the crimes committed on the people of Tigray (War Crimes, Crime Against Humanity... ) must be deeply, impartially and openly investigated by independent bodies is rational and justified.


Now that the crimes committed by Ethiopia's Abiy and Eritrea's Esaias are getting abundantly clear to the whole world, the UN Security Council (UNSC) and other bodies and countries must be ready to serve justice and not delay it any farther.


The EU's decision to suspend 90 million Euros in aid to Ethiopia as a first step deserves great respect and admiration. It strongly warns the Ethiopian government to deescalate the conflict in Tigray; to stop the violation of human rights; to agree to open corridors to allow food aid to reach the millions of IDPs, including hundreds of thousands of children in towns and villages in Tigray; to resume telephone and internet services in Tigray; to be ready to accept independent investigation of the crimes committed in Tigray and to allow international media and aid organizations to continue to do their work in Tigray.


Abiy Ahmed Ali has rejected the EU conditions. This clearly means he is admitting to committing the crimes.


Now, as a first step, action must be taken by UNSC on the governments of Ethiopia and Eritrea which must include among others:


√ opening of land corridors (north, south of Tigray) to allow timely delivery of humanitarian aid to avert the looming mass starvation

√ allowing international media and aid organizations to operate in Tigray and the immediate resumption of telephone and internet links

√ investigation by independent bodies of the atrocities committed in Tigray

√ the withdrawal of all Eritrean military from Ethiopia including Tigray

√ suspension of all UN aid to Ethiopia and Eritrea

√ suspension of all arms supplies to Ethiopia and Eritrea.

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