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The Western Powers and Press:You have Genocide in your Hands!

The Western Powers & Press, Think Tanks, World Bank, IMF, ICG & Nobel Committee:

You have not only Endangered the UNESCO World Heritages but also You have Genocide in your Hands!


Hailemariam Abebe



So, you told us “reform” was needed to usher democracy and economic renaissance in Ethiopia!  With your sustained barrage of media, diplomatic and financial irresponsibility, you told us that the man we, Ethiopians, saw, as an evangelical liar, not only, spiritually and morally incongruent with the traditional, time-tested Ethiopian spiritual and moral values but also intellectually ill-equipped to manage a country as complex and intricate as that of ours, was our savior!  But who would listen to the “natives?”  Despite of the fact that, this was a man so damaged not only at the hands of his parents, the Missionaries who helped him run from himself and his traditional Ethiopian roots and core values but also by the Western establishments could not have enough accolades, to tell us that this walking dead, was our ticket to democratic and economic paradise!

The world may disagree on the democratic nature of the late PM Meles Zenawi but unlike the current greenest joke or Abiye Ahmed, a man with disdain not only for himself but also for everything Ethiopian, indigenous, homme-baked, or self-reliant approach to self-help, the late PM Meles was one who not only had the intellectual prowess, the business plans of the country for decades ahead and whose blueprint had already borne fruit and was propelling Ethiopia into not only an effective member of the international community but also into an “economic tiger” of the world!  Just remember how the late PM Meles not only led the effort to smash the communist hold on Ethiopia but to transition it into a constitutional nation without enter ethnic, religious or political violence!  You see, you may see us as “natives” without vision and mission but, as a nation which once built one of the great four civilizations of the world, we know what it takes to govern a country!  But, in a country full of so many able people, you groomed and ordained a child-man without guard rails and at that so psychologically devoured by his inadequacy, one who has invented a façade as he has done so with his academic credentials, to devour our people and country like never in the history of Ethiopia!   

We have told you for the past two years that the child-man was the wrong man to be on the driver seat.  This we did, even though Abiye Ahmed Ali has proved from the get go, this was a child man who spends the meager savings of the country along with the billions so irresponsibly given to him by the major financial instructions on renovating where he lives, builds parks and drives Go Carts while the Ethiopian people are bombarded and made refugees in their own country by his personal Republican Guards and the Ethiopian Defense forces (EDF), bribed to violate the Constitution with the billions of dollars from the World Bank, IMF and the UAE! It is these billions too; he is using not only to lit fires all over Ethiopia but also to commit genocide upon the people of Tigray!

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Yes, billions of dollars to a man without a verifiable or documented business plan to finance what Professor Ann Fitz-Gerald from Cranfield University and one of the UK’s leading experts in Ethiopian affairs called ‘a more plural political dialogue, youth employment opportunities and a resilient, yet measured and socially progressive, economic agenda…”  The question is what makes the good Professor, Western Powers, the Western Press, the Think Tanks, World Bank, IMF, ICG and the Nobel Prize Committee, believe that this child man could bring the democratic and economic transformation of Ethiopia?  What in his record did they find to give them such confidence in him?  What national office which requires democratic and economic transformation has he led and served?  This was a child-man driven by what his mother told him when he was seven years old, who as an adult served as a radio operator in the army and was a colonel in the security services!  And as we know now, he had served as a foreign spy betraying his country even when he was in the security services!  May be that was why the West was so crazy about him!

It is clear, the UAE’s $3 billion doll out to the child man was not for anything that has to do with democracy or economic development!  After all, we know the UAE is not only a country whose citizenry thinks with the Sheik’s head and breaths with his lungs but also a country, armed with petrodollar, in the business of war extinguishing the lives of children, the old and just about every life in multiple countries!  Ethiopians in fact know, the UAE gave Abiye the $3 billion on behalf of Egypt’s interest on the GERD!  But what defies any common sense is what the IMF and the World Bank’s rational for dolling out the billions of dollars to this man without not only concrete ideas on about how to run a country but one without constituency in Ethiopia!  Please note for the past two years or just about since Abiye came to power, eight of the nine administrative regions or Kilils are under a military rule or the so-called rule by “command posts!”  And of course, now we have his war on the state of Tigray!

What is sad is that the current war against Tigray, was unleashed a few months after Abiye became the PM.  No sooner had he taken office; he had looked the other way when the Amhara government was blocking interstate commerce with Tigray.  All kinds of propaganda was produced and aired on national TVs, radios and prints which incited ethnic hatred against Tigrayans!  Even though, he himself was a part and parcel of the EPRDF with crimes in Oromia the length of Oromia, he and his fellow henchmen was on a mission of demonizing the TPLF and Tegaru for crimes who was a part and parcel too!  But that was not all. National leaders were gunned down and civilians in the thousands were being killed and millions becoming refugees in their own country, and when the ethnic and religious as well as political flames were consuming the country, as early as about a year ago (December 13, 2019 to be exact), that Reuters reported that “Ethiopia to Get $3 Billion Loan from World Bank!”  This was supposedly “to help strengthen reforms in its traditionally state-controlled economy.”  Not to outcompeted, the IMF was ready to throw its money too when a year ago too, the “IMF Executive Board Approves US$2.9 billion loan.”  But it was not just the financial institutions that were funneling money to a child man without any serious economic or democratic credentials and blueprints!  Countries like the UAE were doing the same too!  They were giving him billions of dollars even though, the so called “Reform” was nowhere to be found and death and destruction had become a norm in the country.  And yet, these were the very financial titans who refused to loan money to PM Meles who not only had the business plans for decades ahead and whose blueprint had already borne fruit and was propelling Ethiopia into not only an effective member of the international community but also into an “economic tiger” of the world!

It was not the UAE and the global financial instructions that were bankrolling the fantasy of a man child whose mother told him that he would be king but turned out to be a king Kong, the Nobel Prize Committee had its own accolade.  In its justification for its naïve and what definitely looked like the “Whiteman’s burden” crusade, it told us (February 02, 2019) that it had nominated the man-child “For his efforts to achieve peace and international cooperation, and in particular for his decisive initiative to resolve the border conflict with neighboring Eritrea.”  The Nobel Committee went ahead, despite of the protests from the Ethiopian and Eritrean people that the Committee was awarding such an esteemed prize to a tyrant not only so despised and abhorred by the horrors he had and continue to commit but also for selling Ethiopia’s national and domestic interests to its mortal enemy that is Egypt!  At a time when there was no sign of any peace between Eritrea and Ethiopia but a marriage of conveniences between the two thugs, the Nobel Committee had a field day awarding the Nobel peace Prize to a man-child who had already shown the world that he was in fact a born killer destined for the genocide he has under way in Tigray today!!!

There are those Think Tanks and peace and a human rights warrior too.  There is no doubt that the World Bank and the IMF base their monetary policies based on the so many Think Tanks that make their livelihood peddling “expertise” where there is none.  Many of us have read the reports from the International Crisis Group, Freedom House and others.  Even at this very hour when tens of thousands of Tigrayans in Addis Ababa and elsewhere in Ethiopia are confined to what amounted to concentration camps, just about every ethnic group in Ethiopia is being administered by military “Command posts,”, murder has become a norm in Oromia, Benishangul Gumuz, Qimant, Agew, Somalis, Hadiya, Sidama etc., when political leaders are imprisoned and denied of habeas corpus, and discrimination of ethnic Tegaru going through the roof, these know it all are trying to tell us as though the problem of Ethiopia is only between Tigray and Abiye Ahmed!!  At this very hour, ICG’s (International Crisis Group), supposedly senior analyst in Ethiopia, William Davison, is in Addis Ababa but one never see him reporting about the colossal human rights violations against Tigrayans right there in Addis Ababa!  Nothing about the some fifty thousand Tigrayans whose lives have been made hell and the political leaders of opposition parties along with their supporters imprisoned in Covid infested prisons!  And no wonder there is a major war with genocide outcome in Tigray; the architect of the Ethiopian tragedy is getting away with it because the so called Think Tanks and peace and human rights warriors, have failed to comprehend the national character of the Ethiopian tragedy!!  No wonder too, Eritrea’s equivalent of North Korea’s Supreme leader, Isayas Afewerki, who for the last thirty years has taken Eritrea into a hell on earth, is getting away with it not only for his crimes against the Eritrean people but also to the six million Tigrayans facing his army of sixteen divisions!  No wonder too, why both Abiye and Isaias are getting away with the crime of the century not only in the making but already in the middle of it!

No doubt the biggest player in the tragedies of the past two years has been the Press of the West!  Just like the Think Tanks and Peace and Human Rights warriors, the Press has been complicit in the tragedy not only on the current tragedy in Tigray but in the rest of Ethiopia!  From the Washington Times, The Guardian, BBC, AP, Reuters, France 24, VOA, DW and others have been lauding the so called “reforms” that never was evident on the ground!  Their inability to do comprehensive investigative reporting to determine the hype from the substance, their casual approach to the unfolding tragedies of the past two years, and many times ignoring what truly has been topics of great humanitarian importance, has enabled and emboldened the tyrants to do just about anything!  Not only the Western Press has not asked where the “reform” was, why political leaders were being imprisoned on tramped up charges, why the families of those national leaders who were murdered in broad day light have not received justice, why Ethiopia was governed by “Command Posts,” and why the Ethiopian economy has just about collapsed and where have the billions from the World bank and the IMF have gone too but also it boggles the mind why they did not find it odd in a country with so much internally displaced people and without rations for their daily meal, their man-child, Abiye Ahmed, has been busy building his personal army of bodyguards called the “republican Guard,” renovating his residence with some $175 million dollars, and why he had focused on building parks with hundreds of millions at the capital of the country while so many people not only in Addis Ababa but also all throughout the country in what Dickens would call “about to eat the stew of the human residue!”

There are questions the Press and Western democracies have not asked.  They did not ask their man-child boy why he did not hold the election on time and as prescribed by the constitution?  Why it was not a priority for him before the onset of Covid, and why he could not hold the elections on time despite the presence of Covid? After all, the U.S. never planned to postpone the election and several countries in Africa including the Seychellois, Burundi, and Malawi had successfully conducted presidential election in June and October 2020, respectively.  And no doubt the Mother of all questions that had not been asked is that why is it that the Western Democracies did not come to the aid of the state of Tigray currently being pummeled with over two hundred thousand soldiers, tanks, get fighters and drones for nothing but for conducting democratic election which is guaranteed by the Ethiopian constitutions?  Why haven’t the Western Press and the Think Tanks, Peace and human Rights warriors asked why the man-child tyrant is committing the genocide upon a people who simply said they believe in democracy and want to live by democracy and never tyranny?  About 2.7 million Tigrayans held a multiparty election complete with television debates never seen in the history of Ethiopia. Why should these people of law become victim to a lawless thug?  When will the World bank and the IMF demand their money from this tyrant and when will the International Criminal Court send investigators for the crimes not only to the UNESCO world heritages that dot the Tigrayan landscape but also to the millions of people currently completely encircled and blockaded from everything so key for survival in the 21st century!  When will the African Union, United States, the UK, Germany, and France step up to protect the people of Tigray, a people who contributed so much to the world?  When will the Russians and Chinese intervene against the onslaught by the man-child that has brought so much shame not only to Ethiopia but also to the continent of Africa? 

The way it looks, we are left to our won devices!  It has not been the first time though. Through out of our long and glorious history, we have not only built one of the four great civilizations of the ancient world but also just as we have done to the Egyptians, Turks, Italians and the Derg (Menguistu’s communist regime), we shall overcome! Meanwhile though, dear Western Powers and Press, Think Tanks, World Bank, IMF, ICG and the Nobel Prize Committee, it is obviously the time for you to collect on your investments!  Obvious for you to see is the returns on your “reforms!” Unfortunately, it will not be in gold and money but in death and destruction, for what you have done with your man-child King Kong has not only been endangering the UNESCO World Heritages in Tigray but also that you have blood of the Tigrayan people and the genocide being committed against them in your hands!


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