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Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn favored the genocide call on Tigrai people

Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn favored the genocide call on Tigrai people


Y. Yon Nov 25, 2020


†Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn favored the genocide call on Tigrai people on his recent opinion published on Foreign Policy.

The genocide call on people of Tigrai rated to its alert level of 9 is on its 21st day as of November 25th, 2020. Since the emerging dictator Abiy has called for war on Tigrai, cities are daily bombed with long range missiles and airstrikes that caused to tens thousands flee to Soudan, hundreds thousand internally displaced and thousands slaughtered in day light. Moreover, the people are cut from getting any kind of communication with loved ones (be it mobile calls, land lines, and internet), no ground or air transport from/to, no electricity, and no access to money from any of the 16 banks who were operating in the region until then.


In addition, Prosperity Party's (unelected but incumbent party) loyal crusaders, chauvinists and at the same time expansionists Amhara militia, and contentiously Eritrean defense force's 20 divisions are inside Tigrai killing civilians, looting materials and ruining tourist sites and deconstructing infrastructures. Inline to the argument former Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn, right wing elites are agitating the war in Ethiopia. Media outlets in Addis Ababa have a record, known for their partisan role in favor of their lord in all matters whatsoever the change is. In contrary to the fact, most Addis Ababa based media have concluded their judgments against the people of Tigrai. Deranged activists who were shortly crying for massacre in 'Guliso - Welega' turned at no time to heal the genocide call by the illegitimate but incumbent dictator Abiy. At this time as they always distaste chauvinism, Tigraian people are ardently keeping their self-rule and self-determination at any cost the proud great nation of Tigrai can bear. Against all odds, from the National Defense Force crack converted to one-party guard, the intrusion of neighboring country and expansionists from Amhara region are not able to kneel down the people regardless of the destruction and outrage facing in the region.

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Here I want to put three bottom lines that refute the argument made by the former Prime Minister, may be the weakest Prime Minister in Ethiopian history.


First, the irony he set to comment on a post who he failed to sooth the political crisis. How come a prime man that lead a country for 6+ years curse his tenure in office while he was the ultimate decision maker in power? While he was in office, he swore to keep the 'status quo ante' of late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, but in reality, he had done nothing while the country was heading in total collapse and still is. In the time of political crisis, he didn't avert, Prime Minister had been enjoying his row meat letting members of the political party he chairs (the four fronts from Tigrai, Oromo, SNNP and Amhara) fight for power.


Second, with this pro-war personality former Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn is member of Ethiopian Reconciliation board committee who was supposed to preach for peaceful dialogue, and ultimately call for cease of war.† While African Union chairperson, UN General Secretary, European Union chief, and quite number of countries call for de-escalation by all stakeholders, Hailemariam stubbornly asked his successor dictator Abiy soar the war crimes and all crimes against humanity on people of Tigrai. Though the cost of war is known to be heavily damaging, it has become clear the plan of two dictators (Abiy and Isaiyas) is failing to achieve the milestones of each subsequent attacks. Here, deranged Hailemariam poses with Abiy to hide his attributes to the chaos under his leadership. Yet thinking the "short memory" Ethiopians wouldn't remember how he belittled in his interview that Abiy being butcher than him explicitly citing the number of deceased citizens because of his maladministration


Third, it is to be recalled Hailemariam wouldn't be shy to demonize Abiy and co at the instant he is toppled from his office. Wolayita nationalists are so furious on Hailemariamís commentary that they perceive him as the one who drags back their fight for self-administration. Wolaita activists are enraged but not surprised by what one incapable politician like Hailemariam can do. Once he made clear his stand is on the right wing in the dimension of Ethiopian politics, Hailemariam has lost his last connecting string with the nations and nationalities he supposed(used to) represent on the high rank. What is saddening to him is wherever he stands in; his current mumbo-jumbo talkie showed the agony he is still hated by the right-wing camp too. Sadly, it had been 'century-ago' that everybody knows he contributed nothing for the betterment of Ethiopia than to wed his daughter in the 4-kilo palace. I hope he hadnít called a 'divine-intervention' to his satire analysis too. :)


In the end, Hailemariam has no moral or any colloquial base to swap the fight against Tigrai which is a matter of fact clearly a war crime to a military intervention against TPLF. And I underline the war is not nor Ethiopia vs TPLF as all opposition parties are prisoned and tortured by mercenaries to accept the King-ness of brutal Abiyís indefinite postponement of election. The war is instigated by two dictators in horn of Africa against the people of Tigrai.

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