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A Heart-felt Gratitude to the Great People of the Sudan!

A Heart-felt Gratitude to the Great People of the Sudan!

Dearest Brothers and Sisters,

First, I would like to extend my condolences for the loss in the unprovoked attack by Abiye, Amhara and possibly Isayas’s forces on the soldiers of the Sudan guarding their rightful land, so appropriated by the expansionist Amhara Special and militia forces!  May those killed rest in peace and the Sudanese people and government, stay strong and determined to bring those who perpetrated this heinous crime to justice!!!

It has been ever since my childhood, that the Sudan had captivated the deepest rim of my imagination.  In those earliest years when I did not know about different countries, I thought Radio Omdurman was a magical place somewhere not far from my hometown of Axum, Tigray.  And what used to thrill me was the extraordinarily music beamed my way from this fountain of heavenly sound that was Radio Omdurman!  Those voices of Ahmed Al Mustafa, Ahmad Almustafa, Sayed Khalifa, Mohammed Wardi, the Balabil Group (Mashaina), Khojaly Osman, Abdelkarim Al Kabli and so many to count, and the sounds of those accompanying musical instruments: the symphony of the Oud, Accordion, violins, horns and the drums!  I had no idea what the singers were singing about but I sure sang with them then and I still do to this day!  The influence of Sudanese music in my life has been so great that it is one of my life’s goals to visit Radio Omdurman, and to lay flowers on the tombs of those great musicians who not only touched my heart but gave me so much treasured joy and adventure on the musical landscape!  But it has not only been through music alone, the Sudan and its great people, a people who once built one of the world’s great civilizations, so standing still and tall from Meroe to the Mediterranean, have touched my heart and captured my imagination. 

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Over the last fifty years, as the country of my birth, Ethiopia, became the birthplace of some of the world’s most brutal dictators, it has been the Sudan and its people that are my people too, who, time and again, kept the doors to their heart wide open for their brethren that are the people of Tigray!  During the reign of that Godless dictator of Mengistu Hailemariam and his Amhara intellectual backbone, the people of the Sudan have saved the lives of tens of thousands, and it may even be, hundreds of thousands of Tigrayans, of whom some were my immediate family members!  And as the Amhara insanity, once again, sets Tigray ablaze, and threatens to extend its insanity into the Sudan and elsewhere in the Horn of Africa, the Sudan is, once again, serving as thy brother’s keeper to those victims whose crime is holding an election!

At this very hour, as the world knows, there is a Pentecostal preacher turned a “super predator,” determined to bring about the end of time not only to the people of Tigray but also to the people of the Horn of Africa.  Since he came to power, not only Ethiopia but the Horn of Africa has become rife with terror, dislocation and regional instability!  Backed by Africa’s Kim Jong-un and Rasputin, Isaias Afewerki of Eritrea along with the Amhara killing machine, Abiye Ahmed, has imposed a total blockade on Tigray, and on top of that he has burned the crops the people of Tigray depend on, let loose the locust and the COVID pandemic, looted and slaughtered the livestock of the people to feed the invading army, plundered cities, looted and desecrated churches and mosques, internally displaced 1.1 million people, left 2.2 children without food, and made over 50 thousand refugees to flee to the Sudan.  This act of unprecedented ethnic cleansing and genocide is also accompanied with a half million Ethiopian, Eritrean, Amhara and even Somali soldiers with tanks on ground, jets and drones on air, and the young of Tigray especially deliberately set on the cross hair for elimination! The UN’’ Genocide Convention, which was established in 1948, defines genocide as "acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group, as such" including the killing of its members, causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group, deliberately imposing living conditions that seek to "bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part", preventing births, or forcibly transferring children out of the group to another group!  As the people of the Sudan along with the rest of the world can see it in Realtime that, what Abiye, Isayas and their cohorts have inflicted upon the people of Tigray, is, in fact, a perfect fit for the UN’s definition of genocide!  They are not the only protagonists in the crime of all time though.


As the people of the Sudan know and as the rest of the Islamic world knows or should know too, Tigray has been the seat not only of the Christian faith but also the seat of the very original version of the Islamic faith!  In the years between 613 and 6/23 A.D., the Christian King Kaleb of Axum was the first to welcome and protect Muslim refugees and in doing so, as the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Mosque in Cairo, Sheikh Ahmed Al-Tayeb, once told the German Parliament, “King of Axum saved Islam reiterated, if it wasn't for Emperor Armaha of Axum, Islam as a religion, would have been destroyed by the rulers of Mecca at that time. Christianity was the first to provide sanctuary for Islam; without Abyssinia and its Christian king who protected the first Muslims, Islam would have been destroyed in its cradle.”  And as the Sudanese people know and as the rest of the Muslim world must, it was the Tigrayans who founded the Axumite Empire, which the 3rd-century Persian prophet Mani described Axum (Tigray) as one of the four greatest powers in the world, alongside Rome, Persia, and China. It was here where Muslims were first granted legal rights not only to practice their faith but to build the first legal sanctioned mosque in the world!  And yet, at this very hour, UAE and other Arab drones are pouring bombs on a people the Prophet Mohammed called on Muslims never to harm!!


Since the onset of the invasion of Tigray, as the Western and Eastern powers, the world press, think tanks, World Bank, IMF, ICC, Nobel Committee along with the Arab League watching, it has not been just the people of Tigray which have been the victims of those psychopaths suffering from the Hutu malady of psychedelic “excited delirium” but also the world heritage sites, have been subjected to looting and desecration!  One of these sacred sites which has been plundered and desecrated by Abiye and his partners in crime and sacrilege, Muslims the world over must know, is, the Al Negashi mosque in the heart of Tigray!  And so, as I express my heart-felt gratitude and family love for the people of the Sudan and their government, I urge you to let your fellow Muslims know that some Arab leaders are complicit in the crime not only against the people of Tigray per se but also against the very teachings of the Prophet Mohammed who taught his disciples to never harm the Habesha who are the modern day Tigrayans!

Please help us spread the word too, that the genocide upon the people of Tigray is taking place as they were about to harvest the crops, fight off the locust, manage the COVID pandemic and as they elected their representative government. The people of Tigray did not fire a bullet, invade or declared war on anyone! An yet a half million troops are killing a peaceful and lawful people who not only were minding their business but also chose the ballet over the bullet!

I do not have to tell the Sudanese people about Isayas Afewerki and the kinds of an evil man he has been not only to the Eritrean people but to his neighbors as well.  Among other things, he has been sanctioned by the UNSC for collusion with al-Shabab and dispute with Djibouti. That sanction was lifted by the other coterie of evil Abiye Ahmed in 2018, even though the Eritrean poison of evil had not stopped Eritrea from being the haven for terrorists! So much is well known about Isayas, not only since Eritrea became independent but ever since his formed the EPLF, that he was born condemned to a life of crime of unbelievable sadistic savagery and depravity!  But what you may not know is the track record of the new Satan in the neighborhood, that is “PM” Abiye Ahmed of Ethiopia. 

The world needs to know, that “PM” Abiye Ahmed, dubbed as a  “Reformer” by his masters, served in key position in Ethiopia’s spy agency, INSA, while at the same time, serving as a foreign spy selling his  country out by spying for Isayas, OLF and Ginbot 7, and serving too, as a Politburo of the OPDO (Oromo Peoples Democratic Organization) and the Vice President of Oromia, on whose watch Oromia turned into an inferno of hell! His legacy continues in herculean scale in Tigray now! And so, please, as you save the lives of the Tigrayan people, let the world know, that until November 3, 2020, due to opposition to Abiye’s rule, eight of the nine administration regions of Ethiopia were in military rule. The 9th, Tigray has been added and has become now the new Rwanda except much greater in depth and dimension!  In as short as less than three years, he sure has “reformed” Ethiopia from an “economic tiger” of Meles Zenawi into what once was under the Menguistu/Derg, the “misery index” of the world!  If there is one worthy to be called a “shithole” and an embarrassment for Africa, it has to be this “PM” who has become not only an embarrassment for Africa but a liability too! In about less than three years in office, the “reformer” honored as king of peace by the Nobel Committee, has set Ethiopia ablaze and proved that he is in fact King Kong, king of the jungle, fit nowhere else but in a cage!!

This is indeed a King Kong whose mind has been gutted by the missionaries who schooled him to hate himself.  He has no conscience and an iota of humanity in him!  Since he ascended to the helm of power, he has been rewarded with $3 billion from the World Bank, $2.9 billion from the IMF, and the UAE has not only given him drones to pour bombs upon the soil and people whom the Prophet Mouhamed called “the Land of Peace and Justice,” and where the first legally sanctioned mosque, the Al Negashi, was built but also it has rewarded him with $3 billion dollars, which he has used not only to wage genocide and destruction of holy places but also, as the economy of Ethiopia collapsed, unemployment reached sky high, war in Tigray, conflict in the rest of Ethiopia, and the country has become the worst for foreign investment, Abiye has been busy remodeling his palace, building amusement parks and driving Go-Carts as more than 12 million Ethiopians, had little to none to eat!!!

Finally, I would like to appeal to the Sudanese people and government to help us with two critical needs.  A team of Tigrayans along with friends of Tigray American legal experts are trying to collect information on the crimes currently being committed in Tigray and the Sudan too.  We believe that Abiy Ahmed and Isayas Afewerki, these twin evil in psychedelic delirium, irremediably irredeemable cesspool of the human residue, must be held accountable at the International Criminal Court (ICC) for their crimes the likes never seen in the African continent! These are twin evils whose crimes are brightly obvious and in the case of Isayas, track records a half century in length! They are in fact Africa’s fascist legacies!  Accordingly, we are looking forensic archaeologists from the University of Khartoum, genocide investigators, and international law and money laundering experts to join our team and give justice not only to the Sudanese victims, their brethren that are the Tigrayan victims but also for the cause of justice and peace!  Moreover, we appeal and plead with the Sudanese government to help us track the top people in Abiye and Isayas regimes, responsible for the current genocide in Tigray who may use the Sudan to move their families along with the loot of the public money to the West or elsewhere in the Middle East.

Once again, from the bottom of my heart, as I mourn the loss of both our Sudanese and Tigrayan victims, I would like to thank the Sudanese people and government for all that family love and generosity you have extended to the Tigrayan people in the past, and continue with that legacy of giving in this darkest hour of the Tigrayan people!  Moreover, as I pay my deepest tribute to those towering musical legends of my formative years, I would like too, to express my heart felt gratitude for those young Sudanese who dazzle me with that sweet music of the Sudan which I enjoy just about every day!

Bless and long live the great people of Sudan! Thank you!!!



Hailemariam Abebe,

December 19, 2020

@Hailemariam Abe4

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