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False accusations


False accusations


BY: W.Yilma       February 7/2021


“Repeat a lie often enough, and it becomes the truth”, is a law of propaganda often attributed to the Nazi Joseph Goebbels. Abiy regime is not an exception to this ideology. The Prosperity Party, which lacks party organizational structure and legal documents, is not only a party of lies and deception, but also a hybrid of both Nazi and Shabia propaganda machines. After Abiy and his cohorts completed their joint war preparation to attack Tigray, their justification to start the war of aggression was “the attack of the Northern Command by TPLF Junta”. Yes, TPLF at the eleven hours captured partially the Northern Command in fear of possible and credible threat from the above Axis of evils. Abiy was rounded-up all Tegarus military personnel one day before the Northern Command was captured by TPLF. Abiy and his allies were massed well-equipped military, including militias from 9 regional states in four fronts, ready to capitulate Tigray within three days. Abiy has also informed the Sudanese general 3 days before to secure their borders, for the reason he will conduct military operations in Tigray. Month before he visited Sawa, the infamous Eritrea military training camp, and similarly, Isayas visited the Ethiopian air force and Ethiopian defense industrial base located in Bishoftu. Therefore, the simplest answer why Abiy and Isayas open war against the people of Tigray is, first because of TPLF rejection to join the so-called Prosperity Party, and the second is to satisfy the bloodthirsty and sadistic personality of Isayas to revenge, not only TPLF core members, but also on the people of Tigray.  I do think Abiy, Isayas and some Amhara elites are not satisfied yet and they need more time to inflict more harms to the people of Tigray.   

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Abiy is a Wolf in sheep clothing. In Abiy’s’ camp, there are experts who are fabricating false accusations and spread conspiracy theories to damage the images of those who they think are a threat for their power. Based on this fact, after they invaded Tigray, they fabricated a new accusation against TPLF as if TPLF has raised the question of secession. What is strange is that some foreigners who blindly supported Abiy’s regime also echoing this accusation. One of the advocates of this false accusation is the African Union secretary (I forget his name). During the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) meeting held in in Djibouti last month, he echoed by saying that “the war in Tigray is to keep the territorial integrity of Ethiopia, and it is justifiable”. This is not only false, undiplomatic, and violation of the core principles of the AU, but also the chairperson does not have a clue what his job descriptions are.   As far as I am concerned, TPLF has never raised the question of secession.  What is true though is that at this time, this question is raising not by TPLF but by the people of Tigray, because of the treasons Ethiopia has committed against them. For the government of Abiy who killed Tegarus in mass, buried them in mass grave in Mai-Kadra and many other places, accusing TPLF as a secessionist is a small portion of what Abiy and his regimes are capable of accusing their political opponents.

Recently, I listened the clips of Dr. Aregawi Berhe interview with one of the media outlets, stationed in United States of America. After listened a portion of his interview, it reminds me an Amharic saying “Ke Ahiya gar yewalech Tija fes temira timetalech”. Without blinking his eyes, Aregawi struggled to justify the reasons why the Eritrean mercenaries who mercilessly killing the peoples from where Aregawi himself came from are involved in Tigray war of aggression. According to him, the reason why Isayas Afewerki foot soldiers are in Tigray and committed gross crimes is to protect Ethiopia from Egypt, and Sudan threat (I do think he did not consider Tegarus as Ethiopians). What he wants to say to his listeners is that the involvement of Eritrea in Tigray war of aggression is justifiable because of TPLF cooperation with Egypt and Sudan, without presenting any credible evidence. Claiming that TPLF have a relationship with Egypt and Sudan with the intent to harm Ethiopian interest does not hold water. I do think Aregawi know more than anybody else when and for what purposes the relationship between Shabia and Egypt has started (1960); what the regime in Asmara said about GERD in supports of Egypt interest. What we have to know is that Ethiopia starts tormenting death when crazy Abiy making friendship with maniac Isayas by leaving aside the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea. In Ethiopia it is not only strange thing is happening daily, but history is repeating itself.    

I think Aregawi exposed himself how poor he is in lacking understanding international diplomacy. Even he does not know how to synchronize with his boss when he lies.  It is inappropriate to try to justify whatsoever Shabia involvement in Tigray aggression, if Tigray considered as part of Ethiopia. Because no country in the world invites another country to attack its own citizens. Ethiopia under Abiy is the first country to allow 3 countries to kill its own citizens. What make Eritrean involvement in Tigray war appalling and atrocious is that everybody knows the level of hate Shabia has against the people of Tigray.  What was happened now in Tigray by Shabia is a clear manifestation of this truth. Simply, this is the nature of Dictators and their supporters to spread fears by creating fabricated false news to stay in power with innocents’ blood. I do think Aregawi at this time is over 70 years of age. How long does he think will live in this world from now? Why do not people in his age at least do-good things with the rest of their life to get mental satisfaction?

It is not secret that Aregawi was one of the vocal opponents of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), when he was living abroad.  But in Ethiopia strange thing happens every day, and out of the bloom he was appointed as a director of the GERD, which was initiated and built by the group he hates the most. Aregawi does not have a moral as well as a legal ground to accuse TPLF with regard to keep the interests of Ethiopian geo-political and national security interest, in which the construction of the GERD is one of it.  It is advisable to Aregawi to limit his exposure to media and quietly collect his retirement pensions, a pension he is collecting without serving his country for a single year in his life! There are many Ethiopians who are unlucky to collect their pensions even though they served their country with honesty and dignity for decades. There are many issues we can raise here related to Aregawi’s past, why he was removed from the struggle, but it is not important to raise this issue here. But one thing is true. It seems, as retribution he is not only developed hate against his former friends, but against the people from where he came from. I said this because any Tigrawai, at this point in time with a sanity of mind will never think for a second to be a member of Abiy’s bizarre party. Because of unjust war declared against the people of Tigray, and the damages it causes to the people, every Tegaru deeply affected and have very tormenting history to tell the world. I am sure Aragawi is a member of the society suffered at the hands of the government he served comfortably and happily!  

What should be clear here to the international communities is that by any standard, currently, Tigray war should not be considered as the internal affairs of Ethiopia due to the following factors:

1. The crime against humanity on the people of Tigray was committed not only by the Ethiopian regime, but also with the involvements of foreign adversaries, such as Eritrea, United Arab Emirates, and Somalia, with the aim to eliminate the people of Tigray through warfare, starvation, depriving of access to health care, rape, and destroying of its historical sites and their old, aged treasuries.  

2. According to the international law, one country does not have the right to eliminate its own people, using direct and indirect warfare, and depriving their universal rights. Any kind of war have rules of engagements. Ethiopia regime and his foreign adversaries who train to kill, violating international law, by involving in human right abuses, killing, torturing, raping and denying humanitarian access to the people caught in the war.

Therefore, some members countries which have a permanent seat in the United Nation, security councils should take this into consideration and need to take urgent actions to help the people at high risk for famine and diseases. If the Ethiopian government invited foreign adversaries to kill his own citizens, what is the logic the international communities remain shy to provide humanitarian assistance, and if needed intervene to save the people of Tigray from man-made starvation, and mass killing?


Last, but not least, my appeal to the international communities, in particular to western civilized government is the following. Ignore those African, China and Russia representatives in the security council and follow your conscious to take appropriate measures by your own to save the life’s of Tigrians who are in the situation similar to Auschwitz concentration camp, ready to be slaughtered by Abiy and Isayas of Eritrea. The African representatives who have a seat in the security council do not have a gut and moral to discuss things like this. This is because they themselves are part and members of their repressive governments who violated human right in their respective countries. Expecting humanity from these group is giving license to Abiy and Isayas to commit genocide on the people of Tigray. African representative in the security council is mainly take their seats not to do good things to their destitute people, but to attend receptions, seminars and meetings to get extra income for their own (with the exception Paul Kagame of Rwanda who openly asking the western country to take an urgent action to stop the crime against humanity on the people of Tigray). China betrayed Tegarus who gave her an opportunity to become one of the dominant economic power in African continent (Ambassador Siyoum Mesfin play a greater role in this regard, but China gives deaf ears when he executed mercilessly by Abiy). China is following a prostitution like politics, meaning she could cooperate with any country in human right abuse as long as that government help China to get economic benefits out of the suffering of African people. Russia do not care as long as she sells armaments to Abiy, and Isayas. Because of this urgent action is needed from the international communities.

Finally, there is a rumor that Abiy will send delegations to Tigray, with the aim to destructs the attention of the international communities, as if there is a peace in Tigray, and aid is delivering smoothly (while I am writing this article, I heard that the infamous women president is in Tigray). I am sure the international communities have more knowledges about the current situation of Ethiopia, in particular Tigray by far better than those naïve Ethiopians who authorized Abiy to kill the people of Tigray in collaborations with external forces. If the delegations with no shame decided to come to Tigray, my advice for them will be clear and short “back-off, this is not the time to come to meet the people of Tigray who immensely suffered at the hands of the Ethiopian government. What kind of moral ground do they have to come and to see the faces of the people who lost everything, including the loved one? What should be clear here is that the damages done on the people of Tigray so far is beyond reconciliation at this time. Coming to meet Teagaru at this point in time is more than add insults to injury. After indiscriminately killing families, destroying properties, burned down houses, and crops, slaughtering of livestock’s, looting treasuries, and manufacturing industries where people work to feed their families, where many of Tegarus families no place to go to fetch their daily food, in worst case unable to buy basic necessity products with their own money, denying basic services by their government, and by those external mercenaries, where Tegaru mothers gave birth in bush and then die after birth leaving behind newborns, does saying “sorry” will enough to heal the broken hearts and feelings  of Tegarus? No one is against reconciliation if it implemented in the right place at the right time. As Karen Broenus has written, “reconciliation is a societal process that includes mutual acknowledgement of past suffering and the changing of destructive attitudes and behaviors into constructive relationships towards sustainable peace”. But contrary to this in current Ethiopia governmental institutions, business is as usual, and every “effort” are just for show-up and damage control, while the suffering of the people of Tigray is continues, even at a higher level. One thing what we should do as a society is that it could be the right time, we “Ethiopians” should talk seriously beyond reconciliation. Until such time comes, leave the people of Tigray alone, and allow the international communities to get unrestricted access to help the people at great risks of starvation. It is not secret that, while the international communities are desperately need to help the people, the government in AratKillo, together with Isayas and some Amhara elites are working behind the curtain to obstruct and disrupt the efforts of the international communities, with the aim to use starvation as a weapon. Because Abiy and his followers knows that they are not achieved yet the numbers of Tegarus that should be killed in this war by theirs and the borrowed weapons.

Tigray will prevail!


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