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Are those ten stages of genocide executed in Tigray?


Are those ten stages of genocide executed in Tigray?


BY: W. Yilma January 25/2021


Before I scrutinize whether the ten steps of genocide are executed in Tigray by mentally unstable Abiy, Isayas, the Amhara Hutu militias, and their collaborators, I will try to give a short, generalized definition what genocide mean, and what are those 10 stages of genocide as follows.

The word “genocide” is the deliberate and systemic destruction of a group of people because of their ethnicity, nationality, religion, or race. The term genocide derived from Greek genos (tribe, race, or nation) and from Latin cide (kill). The word “genocide” does exist 1 year before the end of the second world war (1944).

The ten stages of genocide are:  Classification, symbolization, discrimination, dehumanization, organization, polarization, preparation, persecution, extermination, and denial.

What I want to remind to the readers is that the war in Tigray is not what Abiy said restoring of “law and order”. The war is not only a political move to revenge certain groups, under the pretext of “to bring the TPLF junta to justice”, but also to exterminate the people of Tigray through man made starvation, destroying their infrastructures and industrial manufacturing installations, looting, burning, and stealing ancient antiques, artifacts, bibles, Ark of the covenants, raping women of all ages to spread sexual transmissible diseases with the aim to reduce the population size of Tigray. What is more important to note here is that the main actors of this war which I prefer to call them the “unholy Trio’s” have deep indignations and are intoxicated with hate against the people of Tigray. Letting these unholy allies with lethal weapons in Tigray means, letting the rabid Wolves to groups of sheep. This is the reason why the invader armies and militias “trained to kill” committed indiscriminate massacres against the people of Tigray. Make no mistakes, for the last 20 and more years, the entire Eritrean military establishments are trained their solders to treat the people of Tigray as their number one enemy, and the causes of Eritrean problems. Similarly, since EPRDF came to power, the Amhara elites are entirely occupied for the last 28 years to agitate their people as if TPLF and the people of Tigray are the enemy of the Amhara people. On the other hand, for the last 2 and more years Abiy controlled media outlets working 24/7 to spread hate against the people of Tigray. Understanding these, and the level of destructions and the human suffering the world are witnessing, it is not difficult to conclude that crimes against humanity is committed against the people of Tigray by these axes of evils. This is why the illegal government in Addis is unwilling to allow independent teams to assess the level of atrocities and destructions that has executed by groups involved in this war (when it comes to crimes against humanity, we should be neutral no matter with whom our political affiliation will be, in particular during the war like this).

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What should be clear here is that extrajudicial killing, denial, deception, and lying is a daily business for Abiy and his “yes” lieutenants. No space is enough to mention here all atrocities that has committed in Ethiopia since Abiy came to power. Therefore, the credible information mentioned below are a tip of the iceberg. Because of this unjust war, each Tegaru living inside and outside the country called “Ethiopia” at this point in time have a true personal, families, and communal heartbreaking history to tell the world based on truth. Leave alone the human memories, history will never forget the crimes, and the betrayal, the Ethiopian government has committed against the people of Tigray who paid dearly sacrifices to Ethiopian civilization, history and freedom. 

 Coming to my point of discussion, let us look point by point the ten stages of genocides, which I believe are executed with no remorse in Tigray by Abiy and his associates.

1.   Classification. refers to a division of the population in to racial, religious, and ethnic. This stage was completed in Ethiopia, since Abiy came to power. All Tigrians as a society are a subject to all political discussions, separately classified as owners and accomplices of all wrongdoing that has happened during EPRDF era, which Abiy called it “27 years of dark era”. Abiy and his cohorts wrongly, but deliberately labeling Tegarus as if they benefited economically more than any other ethnic groups in Ethiopia. Some, the Amhara elites labeling the people of Tigray as a collaborator of TPLF and are considered as an enemy of the country, weakening Ethiopian unity. Similarly, Isayas labeled Tegarus as an enemy of Eritrea. After June 23/2018 bomb blast incidence (which I believe it was organized and executed with the knowledge of Abiy) Abiy directly pointed his fingers at TPLF and provoked his emotionally charged supporters to stand against the people of Tigray. Abiy and the Amhara elites successfully created a conducive political atmosphere to isolate Tegarus through defamation. 


2.   Symbolization. Is the use of words to convey meaning. Since Abiy came to power substantial discrimination was evolved against Tegarus by tagging different names such as “Woyane, yeken jibotch, yenat tut nekashoch, banda, kahadi etc. The word “woyane” become a symbol of bad deeds. In various occasions, Tegarus are treating as enemy of the country, and a cause of all conflicts that has happened in the country. Abiy and his supporters symbolizing Mekelle, as a “hidden” place for TPLF officials.    


3.   Discrimination. The dominant groups denied civil rights even citizenship to identified group. Since Abiy came to power, the “Oro-Mara” group established mainly to isolate Tegaru elites, both from politics, military, security apparatus and private business. However, when time goes this discrimination affects the entire people of Tigray. Using various tactics, they are firing Tegarus from public offices. Those serving in the military and other security apparatus all are rounded-up and put in concentration camps. Abiy go further in forcing the international, regional, and local None- Governmental Organizations to terminate hiring Tegarus. At one time in Bale Zone (year ago) during inauguration of an irrigation scheme, Abiy said “instead of working with TPLF, it is better to die”; “We established Prosperity Party to kick out TPLF from the palace and send them to the place from where they came from” “to come to Addis Abeba they (TPLF) should get permission from us”. This is very strong messages, indicating that, from the beginning, Abiy does not have an interest to work with TPLF.



Since Abiy came to power discrimination against Tegarus are intensified in all regional states. Because of their ethnicity, Tegarus are arrested, their properties are confiscated, or unfairly scrutinized in entry and exit ports, and denied public services. The Amhara regional state is the first to “deport” Tegarus from various parts of the region in particular from Gondar. Their properties were confiscated by the local people, and some were beaten and killed. These actions are a sign of collective punishment imposed on the people of Tigray. Ethiopia currently is a hostile country for Tegarus.


4.   Dehumanization. This is the act of depriving one’s human qualities or attributes. Tigrians are perceived as corrupted, anti Ethiopiansm, and illegally occupier of Amhara’s territories. When TPLF rejected to join the Prosperity Party the dehumanization of Tegaru intensified. Because of these supporters of the Oro-Mara “private” and government owned media outlets, both of which are directly supported by Abiy government, are continuously working hard in coordinated fashion to spread hate against the people of Tigray. As if for the last 28 years it is only TPLF officials who administered Ethiopia, for any crime committed anywhere in the country, TPLF and Tegarus working in security apparatuses become an easy prays to be accused by Abiy and his supporters. Therefore, even though all Ethiopians knows the crimes committed against the people of Tigray at this time by Abiy and his foreign collaborators are utterly appalling, they remain silence, and some still encouraging him to continue with his fascist actions. The Ethiopian Human Right Commission, the ministry of peace, various religious institutions, and different watch dog associations who should be voiced for the victims in Tigray, they are now siding with the government.


5.   Organization. Genocide is always committed in organized manner. The Oro-Mara group together with other external forces have vigorously worked hard to disseminate false accusations towards Tegaru, with the pretext of “opposing TPLF”. What should be clear here is that United State of America actively involved in the internal affairs of Ethiopia to promote her geo-political interest. According to USA diplomats, to diminish China’s dominancy in African, TPLF power should be either eliminate or diminished. This is the reason why Abiy abolished EPRDF, and formed his own, Prosperity Party, with no party document!  


By the order of Abiy, various false documentary films, were broadcasting through various media outlets to demonize and humiliate Tegarus, and to inculcate hate in the minds of Ethiopians against Tegarus. Since then, Abiy, the Amhara regional state, Isayas are working secretly in coordinated manner against the interest of the people of Tigray. Shabia military officers are trained the Amhara militias in preparation of war with the people of Tigray. Eritrean security personnel are in rampant throughout Ethiopia, mainly targeting Tegarus. Looking retrospectively what Abiy has done since he came to power, he systematically organized, with great secrecy how to weaken the people of Tigray using different tactics.


6.   Polarization. Promote propaganda to amplify the differences between groups. Because of state sponsored unstoppable propaganda machines going on for the last 2 and half years, it become clear that the people of Tigray become polarized and isolated from the rest of the Ethiopian people. Abiy efforts to create divisions within the people of Tigray terribly failed. What is strange is that any Ethiopian who went to Tigray for personal reasons or attending seminar he/she will be accused of as if they violated the constitution of the land. Both the government and “private” media outlets give emphasis as if it is wrong to go to Mekele. Some arrested as a retribution for going to Mekel. This was deliberate, strategically designed by Abiy, to take military action as an excuse with the aim not only to eliminate TPLF but also to destroy the infrastructures that were built during the TPLF era.  Isayas believe that to erase the legacy of TPLF, everything what has been done during TPLF era should be demolished and erased from history. This is what he and Abiy, together with Amhara Hutu militias are doing in Tigray.


7.   Preparation. The victims are identified to take measures, such as to deport, isolate, forcible starvation. As stated above since Abiy came to power, he is busy in planning and preparing how to eliminate his opponents from Ethiopian politics, using different tactics. In various occasions, with well-designed conspiracies, many renown personalities and politicians were executed cold-bloodedly, but no justice was served for the victims. In all these crimes, Abiy is blaming TPLF as an accomplice, but he is preparing the venue how to invade Tigray at the expenses of the Ethiopian people. Abiy’s funded media outlets have been busy in finding excuses to persuade and encourage Abiy to take measures against TPLF. Other than broadcasting false documentary films, different individuals were invited by various media outlets for an interview to sensitize the public to isolate the people of Tigray and to encourage the government to declare war on them.  


There is no a single day in Ethiopia where government and private media outlets are not talking about the necessity of declaring war on Tigray. At one time, ESAT an exile TV station, go too far by saying “to catch the fish dry the water”, “the people of Tigray should be punished” or “we are 94% they are 6%” etc. The messages they want to convey to the public is that the majority should be subjugated the minorities ethnic groups, and to eliminate TPLF the people of Tigray should be punished or eliminated if needed (at one time Abiy has told the reporters that ESAT is one of his favorite television stations, and he admire Sisay Agena). What is now going on in Tigray by these group is a result of these coordinated, and very well-designed planed of action. Similarly, at one time the prime minster foreign affairs advisor, Lencho Batti, has told to one of his close friand that if it is necessary, they can train millions of solders from Oromia and other regional states to eliminate TPLF and its supporters from Tigray.  


Many armed militia groups, some of which are “Shftas” from Amhara regional state were openly talking through Amhara mass media the necessity of going war with Tigray and asked the regional government of Amhara to allow them go to war with Tigray. The regional state was busy in arming the regional population to create social weaponization. They expressed their intention that either they will destroy or bring the manufacturing factories built in Tigray to Amhara regional states. These past weeks, the Amhara regional state police commissioner, Abere Adamu confirmed that they and the Abiy government together with Isayas mercenaries are preparing to invade Tigray. Extra judiciary killing, looting, burning of crops and houses, and destroying properties by the Trio’s is not a desperate action but supported with well-designed plan of action to commit ethnic cleansing in Tigray.

8.   Persecution. Victims are identified and isolated based on their ethnic or religious identity. Isolation and different call naming against Tegarus have started few months after Abiy took power. Because of who they are, those Tegarus working in private business are unfairly scrutinized and penalized by increasing their tax or falsely accusing them to confiscate their properties. Many higher officials were removed, demoted or firing from their job. Abiy rounded up all Tegarus working in Ethiopian military and police one day before he declared war against the people of Tigray (those Tegarus working in various security offices were expelled, arrested, and since Abiy came to power). During the arrest some higher officers were humiliated by their low-ranked officers and some were killed at the spot, to create fear on others. Tegarus living in different part of Ethiopia their right were deprived and their properties are confiscating, or they forced to vacate their home and properties. Many Tegarus were arrested with no reasons and put them either unknown place keeps them in concentration camp. The ministry of education denied Tegarus children’s from sending face masks, while they distributed to other part of the country. Abiy government denied spraying pesticides in the territory of Tigray during desert locust invasion. Abiy stopped sending budget to Tigray (including safety net funded by foreign countries). Abiy started the war on Tigray before the subsistence farmers start harvesting their crops and at the time of COVID-19 pandemic. This is well planned to cause collective punishment and to accelerate death due to starvation and diseases, by COVID-19 and other contagious diseases.  

Many people think that the crime committed against the people of Tigray has started after what Abiy said “the attack of the Northern command post” by TPLF. It is not secret that Abiy main daily work since he came to power is to plan how and when he will start war with TPLF. Abiy, Isayas and the Amhara Hutu militias were planned and working together for almost two years to invade Tigray. They build military camps in more than four fronts near Tigray border long time ago before they started the war. They start amassing troops near the border of Tigray one year before the start of the war. The road taking to Tigray was blocked for almost two and half years by Amhara regional state with the knowledge of Abiy. At one time the minister of industry, an Amhara ethnic, during his interview with Amhara Media he openly said that the blockade of road to Tigray is the least the Abiy government can do. 

9. Extermination. The massacres begin, and Tigrians not considered as human and citizen of the country. Although Abiy claimed that the war declared is to restore law and order, it is a war of destruction, both in terms of humanitarian, financial as well as material aspects. Trying to find a reason to justify the war is a mere attempt. The reason why he started the war is to cause many faceted damages to the people of Tigray. There is no justification to call such devastating war to enforce “law and order” while half a million well equipped military, including Drones, with the participation of 3 foreign countries, including militias from 8 regional states are engaged and killed innocent people with no mercy. The people of Tigray in their entire history have never been betrayed by their government as today. There is no justification whatsoever to call this aggression “to arrest the juntas” while the blood thirsty mercenaries are killing people indiscriminately, destroying, looting, burned to ash private and public properties, raping children’s and elders, stealing private citizens properties, and burnt crops to use starvation as weapons. There is no justification to call it to restore “law and order” while the government denied foreign and domestic independent investigator to assess the level of damages as a result of unjustifiable war.

What we know now is that there were well planned conspiracies in advance both by Abiy, Isayas, Fermajo, and the Amhara elites (of course some Arab countries and the former USA administration are behind this war in planning and execution) to commit heinous crimes against the people of Tigray not only by declaring open war, but also by denying electricity, telecommunication, internets, and bank services. The executions of the former foreign minister, Siyoum Mesfine, and his comrades, Abay Tsehaye, Asmelash W/ Selasse, a blind and an amputee; the false claim of Abiy that his government is delivering food aid to Tigray; denying the people of Tigray food donated from outside, and instead diverting it to Amahara regional states, and Eritrea; illegally nationalizing properties belongs to the people of Tigray and distributing them to Oro-Mara administrative regions. These and other actions taken by Abiy clearly shows the level of hate Abiy have against the people of Tigray.  

 10. Denial. The perpetrators of the genocide deny having committed their crime. Since Abiy came to power everything what he said is incompatible what he actually is doing. Denial is a norm in Abiy’s camp. For Abiy and his cohorts right and wrong, truth and lie have the opposite meanings. It is time taking to mention here Abiy’s deceptions and lies, but few are the following which I remember (in fact it is better to say that Abiy is a true believer of both George Orwell and false flag theories). At one time he said “we will not sit idle if the people of Tigray would attack by foreign country (in this case by Eritrean mercenaries) “. But while he is saying this, he is secretly conspiring how to attack his own people together with the cruelest man of our time, Isayas Afewerki. Second, he said during an interview “we will not attack the people of Tigray” but after few moths he said in his televised message that he will bomb towns, and cities and children’s, elders will cry and die. Third, “if Dr. Debretsion win the election held in Tigray, we will not have problems, we would have problem only if Abraham Belay win”. But during all this time he is preparing for the war since he came to power. At one time he said there is no reason he will cut budgets to Tigray, but he is not only cut budgets, but he cut all communications and electricity and roads connected Tigray with the rest of the country. He denied children’s a face mask which could protect them from COVID-19; he stopped safety net for the needy. In parliament after he killed civilians in thousands, he lied in front of the parliamentarian by saying, “until we entered Mekelle, not a single person was killed”. He calls the United Nation report on Tigray “one sided and biased”, denying the fact on the ground. The reason why he rejected the report is it is against his plan to kill the people of Tigray through starvation and exposing them to diseases. He lied to the UN secretary general by saying that “the Eritrean military is limited only on those contested areas, while his military general stationed in Tigray has confirmed not only the presence of Eritrean solders in Tigray, but also the heinous atrocities they are committed against the people of Tigray. When he put under arrest all Tegarus working in the military, security, and government and private offices and put them in concentration camp, he falsely justified as if he is doing this for the safety of Tegaru. In general, because the crime committed by Abiy government is countless, he is working hard to cover-up the crimes he committed against the people of Tigray through his mass media outlets. But in the 21st century it is not possible to hide crimes committed in day light. Those killed, tortured, raped, and most importantly the destructions are a vivid witness not only for the international communities, but for Abiy himself too. There is no escape for criminals, who committed crimes against humanity.  


Last, but not least, Abiy and his cohorts at this time are busy in trying to cover-up their crime by killing and intimidation of those who they believe could be a witness. They are busy in preparing and identifying of mass graves to accuse TPLF. However, the crimes they committed are countless, and they could not cover-up all. It is only a matter of time they will caught red handedly and will stand for trial in court of law. These days, Abiy is playing hide and seek with Isayas. Except for his blind followers, for the rest of us, it is a relive not to see an evil person who lies while committed crime against the people of Tigray. 


Finally, in Tigray, people are slaughtered like animal; women of all age groups, including pregnant women  are raped; human right abuse is beyond comprehension; public and private properties are either confiscated, looted, and destroyed; subsistence farmers crops are burnt, and denied harvesting; Churches, and Mosques are bombed, old artifacts, and other old age valuable church and Mosque items are looted; children’s are in panic, and some has developed mental trauma because of the effect of the ongoing war; Abiy government denied access to international communities to help the needy people of Tigray; Abiy is created man made starvation to increase the vulnerability of the population to diseases; all means of communication and electricity was cut since the start of the war, hitherto; Abiy invited a foreign countries hostile and savage militaries to help him in killing Tigrians; in today’s Ethiopia the government considered Tigrians as a threat. This is real, but very alarming. Based on these facts and taking into consideration other circumstantial evidence, Abiy, Isayas, and the Amhara militias are committed crime against humanity. In this 21st centuries, one country does not have the right to kill its own people. Therefore, it is the international communities’ responsibilities to take appropriate but urgent measures before it is too late to avert possible human catastrophe. Lip services help only the killers not the victims!

Tigray will prevail!



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