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Only Rapid Emergency Military Intervention can stop the Active Genocide in Tigrai

Only Rapid Emergency Military Intervention can stop the Active Genocide in Tigrai


Gebre Selema 02-07-21



 Since November 3 midnight the whole Tigrai has been blacked out from the entire world and about 10 million people have been denied to live  their lives on our planet. This is happening in the 21st century while we claim, hail, emulate ourselves as civilized world. I am born on this planet naked, free to live in peace. I am not created to be above or below another man or woman.  My freedom is an innate born with me. No one has right to deny or give me my life.  No man or woman owns me. I am born free.  No man or woman has right to rob, rape, kill me. A country is a human engineered entity.


I have been saying this from the beginning until now. I will say it again now. You cannot stop an active genocide by begging the genociders.  It will never work.  It is unscientific. You cannot stop a serial killer from being a serial killer by begging him. It does not matter for how long you beg him; nothing will change. Why do we human have laws? It is to handle dangerous humans like serial killers, homicides, terrorists and mentally unstable people from causing damage to society. Dangerous people are supposed to be put under control by force of law. You cannot tame dangerous people.  Mentally an unstable has to be put under control so that they will not cause damage to society. That is why all societies have laws at country and at global levels.


One cannot beg serials killers, terrorists, mentally unstable people from doing bad things because the problem is in their head.  They have mental illness. Those mental illness could be genetic or social or psychological. You cannot handle them by begging and it does not even make a sense. It is waste of time.


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The mentally sick man Issayas Afeworki of Eritrea has been on power for 60 years. 30 years’s rebellion leader in the name of liberation which ate one generation of Eritrean youth and 30 more years in his big prison Eritrea. He has ruled Eritrea for 30 years without constitution, without judicial system, without law. He is the only one person on the planet who does not believe in modern education in the 21st century. He has closed the only one University Eritrea had, Asmara University. He has denied Eritreans modern education, progress, development, work, career, life. All young Eritreans have been condemned to be military slaves of indefinitely, 30 years slavery military service with no career and with no life. This is the reason the Eritrean troops have lost even their human character and they have become like wild beasts who kill any Tigeans they come across with no thought of life. They have been killing priests, elders, pregnant women, mothers, sisters, raping women of all ages and they rape in groups. They even force family members to have relation with their family members.  It is Issayas Afeworki who transformed them from human to be monsters.  Eritrean troops are now not human beings. They look human beings, but they are not anymore. They are even worse than monsters due to the fact that monsters cannot do what they have been doing in the past three months. One can only understand these monsters and how they have become monsters if one watches the movie called the Slater directed Woody Allen. 


I was never fan of horror movies. But I have learned a lot from this horror movies where the oppressed people get transformed to monsters and zombie and become cannibals. One would think human cannot go through such state of humanity.  But we have seen ISIS eating Syrian soldiers’ liver and bragging on video. What ISIS did and what Eritrean troops have been doing for the past three months is a prima facie evidence that humans can be worse than animals.  Story coming out from Tigrai is difficult even to imagine.


A squad of Eritrean troops camps near a family home where one Tigrean woman lives with her daughter.  Mother and daughter cooked for them food and coffee for one week plus raping them. After one when they were told to move from the area, they shot them both mother and daughter to death and left them dead. Even animals do not touch human if they do not sense the human is a threat to them.  My own experiences with animals., one day I was jogging along a street.  I and Cobra by accident met while it was crossing the street and while I was running through.  For both of us, it was an unexpected encounter. I had no time to fear the cobra.  He had no time to fear and run either. But the Cobra stood in the middle of the street in front of me. I stopped involuntarily.  He stretched up and stood and it reached my height.  I did nothing except looking at it because I lost all the sense of fear.  I did not do movement.  it realized I will not harm it and it went down to the ground and it crossed the street without any attempt to do harm to me.


Another incident, I was in a forest alone one day.  I was walking through the forest. I and a lion came face to face suddenly.  It was sudden for both of us. It saw me and I saw him. I stood, with no fear because I had no time to fear.  After standing for a while, it wagged its tail and continued its  way without  caring about me. This was a wild lion.


There is a probability of surviving from a wild beast than from an Eritrean troop. Issayas Afeworki has transformed Eritrean troops to human monsters.  Thus, asking or begging him to vacate from Tigrai immediately is waste of time.  The man knows no peace except war. He waged war on Djibouti, Yemen, Sudan, and Ethiopia before.  When he invaded Tigrai in 1998. He was begged to leave. He refused. He was only removed by force.  That time Issayas Afeworki must have been arrested and taken to ICC for causing the death of about 150 000 soldiers in the none sense war he waged. Alas, that time, they woyanes,  saved him and gave him second life and now he is doing genocide.  It is the lawlessness of TPLF that saved him and gave him second life to do now genocide. I do not blame him because he is who is now.  The bombing of Aider Kindergarten children in 1998 was enough to take him to arrest him and take him to ICC.  Alas, we did not do that. We are paying now a huge price for our negligence.


The illegal, illegitimate Abiy Ahmed Ali is his friend.  Tell me your friends, and I will tell you who you are is as the saying goes. Abiy Ahmed Ali is even worse than Issayas. At least Issayas would never invite another country to invade his Eritrea and do genocide on his domain.  Issayas will do the genocide himself by slowly killing Eritreans.   But Abiy has invited Eritrea, Somali, Saudi, UAE to do genocide on Ethnic Tigreans in front of the world. He has blacked out Tigrai from everything and from the world now for more than three months.


It is immoral, irrational, to keep on begging these duo terrorists to be nice guys to the people of Tigrai. Begging them is giving them more energy and time to complete their Ethnic Tigrean genocide in Tigrai. 


Therefore, the EU and USA must take military action to stop the genocide. Reason, you cannot stop genocide by begging the genocider because the genocider is terminally ill in the head. Reason or logic has no place.


What did Osman Bin Laden, ISIS, Bokoharam, Alshabab do more than this? Do Abiy Ahmed Ali and Issayas Afeworki has to kill white tourists on the beaches along the seacoasts to be called terrorists?


According to the information we are getting about 350 000 Ethiopian troops have been killed in Tigrai and about 150 000 Eritrean troops. Add to this the 52 000 plus civilian Ethnic Tigreans who have been killed by Eritrean soldiers and Ethiopian soldiers plus all the destruction. Are not Abiy and Issayas more than terrorists, more than Hitler, more than any dictators we have ever even seen or heard until now?


What is EU waiting?

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