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Open Letter to former American Ambassador to Ethiopia: Michael Raynor

Open Letter to former American Ambassador to Ethiopia: Michael Raynor


Gebre Selema 01-26-21


I have to be honest I was so elated when I heard Ambassador Michael Raynor was departing from Ethiopia, almost immediately after his excellency president Joe Biden assumed power. It is true Michael Raynor has caused so much damage to our community and it is too late now.  But still the news of his removal filled me with joy.  I was blessing President Joe Biden for doing that. I was telling myself the president must have known the damage and bloodshed engineered by ambassador Michael Raynor. I would like to prove ambassador Michael Raynor is 100% wrong on his irresponsible recent statement on Tigrai, and he has been doing this the same wrong things during his tenure in Ethiopia as an ambassador.


We ordinary people are blaming Abiy Ahmed Ali and Issayas Afeworki for the genocide and bloodshed. But the main actors, sponsors, enablers and financiers are ambassador Michael Raynor, SOS Michael Pompeo, Tipor Nagi, of course Donald Trump and their friends from the peninsula. Abiy Ahmed Ali and Issayas would never have dared to start war in Tigrai without the main enablers.  Michael Raynor and his Cos blessing. Michael Raynor is the implementer of the sponsors and Abiy Ahmed Ali and Afeworki are just the messengers only.  I was hoping Michael Raynor will leave and will not incur more damage. But he has made today a very vitriolic and toxic commentary about Tigrai as gift of his good riddance departure.

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It would have been a great news if we could hear his departure without him hurting us more. But he did not. He has blatantly made a statement that the Tigrai government is illegal armed group, and the illegal, illegitimate, brigand Ethiopian government has a right to do genocide in Tigrai.  He has made an utterly irresponsible and insensitive statement by saying the Tigrai government is illegal and the illegal Ethiopia government has right to do genocide to keep the unity of the country. 


Leave alone illegal, illegitimate brigand leader Abiy Ahmed Ali, even the democratically elected president Donald Trump cannot violate the American constitution twice by postponing election from the constitutionally schedule election time. President Donald Trump cannot extend his tenure illegally in USA.  It is impossible.  Having this as a matter of fact, how is now the illegal, illegitimate brigand leader Abiy Ahmed Ali a legal government which Michael Raynor claims has a right to do genocide in Tigrai?


I have a question for Michael Raynor, what is the unity of a country if you destroy about 10 million people by inviting foreign countries and foreign ambassadors like yourself to do genocide of your own fellow citizens? It is like the white house inviting Canada, Mexico and Brazil, Argentina to do genocide in California.  I do not see what logic or philosophy and science Michael Raynor is using to justify genocide as legal right of an illegal, illegitimate brigand government. I see no logic in Ambassador Michael Raynor.


Mr. Ambassador, the government you are telling us has a right to do genocide in Tigai is not even a government to begin with.  From the beginning, Abiy Ahmed Ali was not elected by anyone. You, yourself, Michael Raynor, Saudi, and UAE put him up on power through the backdoor.  Abiy was not legal from day one. Even with that illegality and illegitimacy, his term expired on October 6 2020 despite he has breached all the oath he has made on public. Therefore, according to the constitution of Ethiopia, leave alone a government that has right to wage genocidal war in Tigrai, there is no legal government as of Oct 6, 2020.  It is like America.  Even the elected president Donald Trump cannot be a president after January 20th, and that was the reason 25 000 soldiers were deployed in Washington to make sure president Donald Trump will not have his away to stay in the white house.


Therefore, Ambassador Michael Raynor, you are 100% wrong. There is no government in Ethiopia that has any right on anyone.  The people of Tigrai did not elect the government you are claiming to tell us is our government.  Even if there was legal government, no government invites other countries to bomb its people by drones and fighter jets. No single country does that including USA. You do not keep your country united by bombing them. You respect your people and allow them to elect their leaders peacefully. I do not know which country does bomb or genocide its people to keep a country united. Never happened in the entire history of humanity.


Ambassador Michael Raynor, you have no right to kill Americans to keep them united. Your statement is honestly garbage and immature.


You also said the Tigrai government is illegal armed group?  How is the Tigrai government is illegal Mr. Ambassador?  The Tigrai government is elected by the Tigreans people. How is it illegal? The illegal is legal for you and the legal is illegal for you? The wrong is right for you and the right is wrong for you. I do not know how this American ambassador thinks.  It is still garbage, ambassador Michael Raynor, the people of Tigrai have elected their leaders using their constitutional, democratic, human and divine right.  To do that they fought for 17 years before. It is not free gift. Their right to do that is brought by blood and by 17 years bloody war. You cannot rob them on broad light their God given right. On top of that you have no right to stick your nose into the affairs of the people if you have respect for others.


You have been making always blatant commentaries. Last time, you said the inter-ethnic killing across Ethiopia is okay, acceptable and normal and expected?  You always give wrong statements which no one expect from you. 


Ambassador Michael Raynor, your statement does not make any sense. Maybe you are looking things only for your own agenda and you have no respect for other humans because you think you are better than others. This must be the main reason you have no respect for others.  Your statement is irrational and illogical and hurtful.


According to ambassador Michael Raynor, the Tigrai government conducting election according to the constitution on due date and being elected by the people of Tigrai is illegal? Violating the Ethiopian constitution is legal for the sake of ambassador Michael Raynor world view’s convenience.. This is very unjust and blind argument.


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