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Emergency Rapid Military Rescue Operation by EU, UNSC and USA; can only stop the genocide in Tigrai.

Emergency Rapid Military Rescue Operation by EU, UNSC and USA; can only stop the genocide in Tigrai.


Gebre Selema 01-24-21


 For outsiders, they may think there is government in Ethiopia. But Ethiopia has not had government for the past two and half years and until now. The former illegal, illegitimate PM Abiy Ahmed Ali term expired officially on Oct 6 2020 despite even his illegal position was already violated by himself long before the October 6 2020 due to the fact that he dissolved his own party illegally by breaching his own oath that he has made on a national TV.  Abiy Ahmed Ali told to Ethiopians that they have short memory. 


Now it seems Abiy Ahmed Ali was right when he said people have short memory. Even Tigreans are calling him now a PM which proves Abiy Ahmed was right when he said people have short memory. But even if people have very short memory, the truth will not change. Abiy Ahmed Ali is not a PM. Ethiopia has no PM right now.  Ethiopia has no government.  What Ethiopia has now is a group of illegal, illegitimate people whose main job is lying, deceiving the entire world as a new type of falsehood politics.  They lie by their teeth and they even have repeated their lies because they believe the people have short memory.  We urged people to avoid calling Abiy Ahmed Ali a PM because he is not a PM. But the problem in Ethiopia across the board is the people never listen which shows there is some inherent social problem.  This is also one of the reasons the illegal, illegitimate guy is navigating to mess the lives of about 110 million people. The people have reduced themselves to be like Abiy Ahmed Ali’s Guinea pigs.


People from outside cannot understand Ethiopia easily because the social framework in Ethiopia is quite different.  Most people from outside also do not know how Abiy came to power. They do not know Abiy Ahemd Ali was illegally put-on power by the Donald Trump Administration, Saudi and UAE. He was never elected to begin with. He just used the Oromo peaceful protest which he turned into violence to get his way by assassinating people.

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Thus, everyone must know Abiy Ahmed Ali was never a legal PM from the beginning, he was a puppet put up by foreign governments through the backdoor. He did not come to power by merit or by competence and he does not have the capacity to lead about 110 million people.  Since he has assumed power, he has been preoccupied with successive assassination dramas only. What Abiy brought is only never-ending bloodshed until now and now genocide of people, land, animals, and even trees. He has bombed everything under the sun in Tigrai. He has burnt even crops in the field. He has killed animals which I call Tigrean animal genocide and he has destroyed by bombing universities, hospitals, museums, all factories and he genocided more than 800 people in Axum, 768 just on the premise of the Axumite church and plus many more across axum. He has killed about 1000 or more in Mai Cadra, and About 500 in Humera and may be more because the genocide is on purpose hidden by blacking out media in Tigrai and in the 21st century?  He has killed about 400 or more in Wukuro, he has shot to death 140 young people in just one factory who tried to protect their place of work from Eritrean troops in Wukuro. He has shot to death 145 in Ediga Hamus and plus 21 youths who were gunned down after loading a factory stolen by Eritreans.  He has killed about 90 people in Debre Abay church and the number could be more. We still do not know exactly how many people have been killed across Tigrai. We know similar killing was done in Shire, Adwa, Bizet, Zalambesa, Fatsi, Adigrat, Hawzien, Abiy Adi, Feres Mai, Debre Damo, Mugulat, Hawzien etc.  There is also killing spree across villages, plus rapes, extrajudicial killing of families, priest and church has become a death knell because people thought place worship will not be targeted, but for the backward Hitler Issayas Afeworki, nothing is sacred in his world.  He thinks he is the smartest man on the planet. His killing operation or genocide in Tigrai is called Hzbu operation to use his own words which means cleansing which is ethnic cleansing. He did not hide it because he said Hetsbu has to be done in Tigrai which means he has to kill all people in Tigrai.


The mentally sick man in Addis Ababa refused to do election because of Corona? But he told us he was prepared to bomb Tigrai and to make mothers cry and children die long before the Tigrai election. But for him, it is Corona safe to wage genocidal war and on purpose during harvest time so that people will not do their harvest so that they can perish by Abiy Ahmed Ali engineered famine?  Right now, in Tigrai, people are not only dying by bombing, and shooting, but also dying daily by Abiy Ahmed Ali made famine. Famine as a weapon of war and this has been done in 1984-5. History is just repeating itself. The same people who are back on power did the same thing to Tigrai in 1984-5. They did hide it and it is BBC journalist Michael Buerk who exposed to the world the Tigrean famine genocide of 1984-5. Abiy Ahmed Ali short memory theory also makes a lot of sense, why Tigreans did not learn from the past?  It must be short memory of Tigreans.


  Having all these premises, It is foolish to keep on begging the former illegal, illegitimate PM to be a nice guy by EU and UN. To use the EU lady’s phrase, Abiy Ahmed Ali is   a wolf in sheep clothing.  I add my mine, Abiy Ahmed Ali is a deceiving demon because he has deceived the entire world by lying.


Abiy Ahmed Ali deserves to be in psychiatric hospital and needs professional help and he is very dangerous man. This is why mentally unstable people are considered dangerous and has be to put under control to protect others and the public in general.  How can a healthy man partner with the back-ward, primitive Issayas Afeworki?  How can a healthy person invite Eritrea, Somalia, Saudi, and UAE to genocide his own country men and women? No sane person can do such betrayal to his own country and people. In my own judgment Abiy Ahmed Ali is a terminally mentally ill dangerous man. He has to be stopped before incurring more damage to the whole Africa and to the entire world.  He has already destabilized the entire East Africa. Sudan which has been a good loyal friend of Ethiopia is at war with Ethiopia now.  Somali,Eritrea, Saudi, UAE are in Tigrai. Even Kenya and Ethiopia are at the edge of war. South Sudan is also at the edge of war with Ethiopia. Kenya is at the edge of war with Somalia proper.  The conflict has become international already. The middle east is in Tigrai. Tigrai has become Syria now. Actually, what is happening in Tigrai never happened in Syria, Yemen, Libya, South Sudan, Somali, etc. What is happening to Tigreans today has only happened to Israel.


Thus because of all these and other crime against humanity he has committed  with the criminal, backward, primitive dictator Issayas Afeworki, the EU and the UNSC and the new USA administration must  do emergency rescue military operation in Tigrai to immediately save the lives of about  9  to 10 million Ethnic Tigreans from perishing by Abiy Ahmed Ali made famine  and by an incessant air and drone raid. It is obvious Abiy Ahmed Ali wanted to wipe out Ethnic Tigreans from the face of the earth using the famine he has engineered and even killing by bullet is not enough for him. This must be the reason he is lying by saying there is no famine in Tigrai while people have been living with no electricity, water, internet, telephone, food, market, mobility, banking, transportation and all roads blocked into Tigrai and out of Tigrai and people has no work and no salary for three months.


The EU, UNSC and the new USA admin must act very fast if they have to save the lives of millions of Ethnic Tigreans because famine does not give time.  We all know we cannot live without food for more than three days. As such EU, UNSC and President Joe Biden must know they have to take mission critical emergency military rescue operation and stop all the bloodshed and genocide with immediate effect and also arrest both Abiy and Issayas and drag them them to ICC.  The world must not tolerate savagery, barbarism in this age.


We are not asking the international community to beg Abiy Ahmed Ali to save us. We know Abiy Ahmed Ali has given to the 9 to 10 million Ethnic Tigreans death sentence.  It has been three months almost EU begging Abiy Ahmed Ali to allow humanitarian aid and he has refused. There is no point now talking about Abiy.  You cannot stop genocide by begging the one who does the genocide. If he was sane, to begin with he would not declare war during Corona time and during harvest time. His action shows his incapacity to do anything good. The only way to stop genocide is to use force that is the only language dictators can understand very well.


EU, UNSC, President Joe Biden, you have no time to save the people of Tigrai. They have been dying for almost three months. Air and drone raid on the entire Tigrai never stopped for three months. Everything is bombed, looted, burnt in Tigrai. Civilians are killed every single day across Tigrai none stop and now the entire Tigrai is dying.  Tigrai is about 10 million people. Tigreans are not 5 or 6 million people, this number is used by Amharas only for their number propaganda poltiics. Tigrai is perhaps more than Israel in population size. It is overdue for action now.


Expressing worries, concerns, will not saves lives.  Prompt action will save lives from death. Remember, one cannot stay more 3 days without food.  This requires mission critical rapid emergency rescue response.

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