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Selective mourning and shedding of tears for victims in Ethiopia


Selective mourning and shedding of tears for victims in Ethiopia

W.Yilma  December, 31/2020

What people should understand is that there is no justification whatsoever to kill or violating the rights of people, because of their identity, religious or political beliefs’. However, since the psychopathic Abiy came to power, innocent Ethiopians become like a pray animals and killed mercilessly by perpetrators. What is more disturbing is that the illegal government in power is an actor, and a direct participant in all conspiracies, and secretly encouraging those perpetrators to commit crimes against humanity, and scapegoating others to cover-up his crime to capitalize political gains. It is sad, instead of concentrating in getting solutions, and act in unison to condemn any crimes that has committed against any human beings, we Ethiopians concern more who was killed and who was the killer, and come to the conclusions to decide irrationally. We eroded our humanistic conscious and inculcates our brains with barbaric attitudes. Abiy government is capable to do any crimes on his own people. As if the crimes committed by his government is not enough, he invited the Eritrean mafia group to commit heinous crimes against Ethiopians, in particular against the people of Tigray, and Eritrean refuges residing in Ethiopia.

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In Ethiopia various crimes are committed since Abiy came to power. However, to mourn and to cry for the losses of the loved one and to express your sorrow for those who are suffered at the hands of criminals, you have to be from the selective ethnic group, who considered themselves as the first-class Ethiopians. The reason why I said this is first no one gave attention the suffering of the people of Tigray in the hand of Abiy and his foreign collaborators, and second the comments gave by Abiy government through his chief of staff and the spokesperson in the ministry of foreign affairs regarding Dr. Tewodros comments about his brother during his WHO annual report briefings. For me I do not see any problem, and strange to see why Abiy government overreacting to the head of the WHO speech. Dr. Tewodros, a head of the WHO during his annual briefing regarding his organization work performance, he also asked by the reporters about his personal issue, the challenges he faced during the year. As Tegaru, most importantly as a human being, without going into detail, he expressed his concerns about the war, which is going on in his native regional states, Tigray. He also said that he is worrying about his brother and other members of his families which are living in Tigray. He also said that he is worrying for Ethiopia and its people as well. The response he got from the Ethiopian officials is not only disgusting, but out of character. This shows in Ethiopia if you are not an Amhara, the rest Nations, Nationalities and People of Ethiopian citizens do not have even the right to express their sorrows for the losses their love’s ones. Under Pentecostal, Abiy human lives have different values, and the lives of Tegarus have less values than other Ethiopian Nationals. Attacking Dr. Tewodros by Ethiopian officials is not the first time. This is because of the Abiy policy to exclude all Tegarus from occupying higher post in any offices at national and international organizations. His policy is not only to destroy Tigray economy, but also to kill the spirit and conscious of each Tegarus, by confiscating their hard earning properties, but also isolating them from participating in domestic as well as international economic activities. In short, under Abiy administration, Ethiopia currently is an Anschutz concentration camp for Tegarus. For Tegarus death, arbitrary arrest, deprived from properties and work become a norm. With all these crimes, as if arbitrary killing and, torturing of its own citizens is the sole right of one country, other than taking appropriate measures the international communities are limited only in giving leap services to the suffering of the people of Tigray. What is the use of accusing few officials after committing genocides against humanity? While Tigray is burning and its people are died every second, and immense suffering imposed by Abiy and Isayas mercenary solders, with the support of some Arab countries, it seems Ethiopians give more attention selectively to minor conflicts that has happened in other part of the country.    

Currently under the mentally unstable Ali Ahmad Abiy, the Amhara elites are dominated in all governmental institutions, including the military, and controlled all means of media outlets, funded mainly by Prosperity Party (PP). There are nearly 200 various media outlets in different names closely working under the control of Prosperity Party. Their main objective is to fabricate, and disseminate fake news to the Ethiopian publics, which Abiy considered have a short memory. Without any exaggeration, at this time Ethiopians owned media outlets who are blindly sided with Abiy are follows the same methods and tactics as the Nazi propaganda machines in the second world war with the aim to target selective social groups. They are well organized, they have targeted social groups to attack, they have financial power and have a centralized command post, stationed at Abiy’s Menelik palace where they get fabricated and conspirator information to disseminate to the public. In today’s Ethiopia, under the expired “prime minster” Abiy Ahmad Ali, human suffering, death, eviction from place, loosing properties, arbitrary detaining, arresting, looting and destruction of public and private properties, deliberate starving of citizens, denying access to health services, depriving from getting clean water, electricity, bank services, access to information and committing many other atrocities against citizens in particular Tegarus, and Oromos become a norm. In particular for the illegal prime minster and his supporters, because the above-mentioned crimes are committed by the government in power against the above-mentioned people and other Ethiopians Nations, Nationalities and People, not against their favorite ethnic group in this case the Amharas, they blatantly denied as if nothing has happened in the country. This is why the government and his supporter’s media outlets keep silent when Abiy mercenary security together with external forces committed genocide against the people of Tigray, Oromia and Benshangul-Gumuz.

What is more disturbing is that Abiy and his cohorts are committed heinous crimes against humanity, but they are accusing (Abiy is expert in doing this crimes) other parties. Thanks to the illegal prime minster and his hate mongered mainly the Amhara supporters, Ethiopia at this time is in serious political, social and economic crisis. In short, the country is at the verge of collapse. I do think understanding the character and behavior of the group in power, there is a slim chance to come out of this deep and many faceted crises. The slim chance is to call all-inclusive dialogue and kick out the Isayas mercenaries foot soldiers and other security personnel from Ethiopia soil without any preconditions. In today’s Ethiopia everybody is concerned about his ethnic group. Amhara cries only when someone died from Amhara ethnic group, and as tit for tat, there are similar feelings from the side of others Ethiopian ethnic groups. This indicates that as a world community, and more importantly as a human being, we are not in the same page when it comes to any crime committed against Ethiopian citizens inside the country and beyond. How can we considered ourselves as a unified country and manage with civility to solve our own problems or to stand together when it comes to external threats? Look what happened in Ethio-Sudan border. Do all Ethiopians speak the same language with regard to the border conflicts between Ethiopia and Sudan now? What is the difference between Sudan and Eritrea when it comes to aggressions? It is okay for the people of Ethiopia when their psychopath prime minster openly invited Eritrean mercenary solders, and some other Arab countries to commit genocide against the people of Tigray, but it is wrong not to cooperate when it comes to the war with Sudan for Tegarus? No logic at all. Believe me Abiy will not go war with Sudan. He prefers giving more territories to Sudan than stopping the war he declared against the people of Tigray. This is why Ethiopia is in great trouble with no immediate prescription’s medication available to cure. I do think Abiy will not go to war with Sudan. For Abiy the priority is to eliminate TPLF and to destroy Tigray. Strangely, with all these many faceted problems, according to the illegal psychopath, delusional prime minster and his naive, deceptive supporters, Ethiopia is in a good hand, and the country is in the highest place of history. Abiy believe that, in 2050 there will be two strong countries in the world and Ethiopia will be one of them (I think according him, Eritrea will be the second one). No one is against his unrealistic thinking, but in real world with the sanity of mind, other than the illegal prime minster, I do not think any person will take his nonsense and childish talk seriously.

As if it is a policy of the government in power, at this time the way Abiy and his groups are handling the many faceted Ethiopia problem is one sided. Only the medias are fanning, and exaggerating things when something has happened to those people who considered themselves as Amhara nationals. Except few, no government medias or those who called themselves as “private media outlets” has never talk about those Ethiopians who killed, tortured, and arrested by Abiy foot mercenary solders. Who is talking currently when Abiy is committed ethnic cleansing and genocide against other Nations, Nationalities and People of Ethiopia, in particular at this time on Tegarus? How many people are killed, tortured, arbitrary arrested, fired from their job, raped, their properties are either confiscated, looted, burnt to ash, stolen by the two warlords, Abiy and Isayas mercenaries’ solders?  Why the medias are not talking about these atrocities committed by these two evils? The first woman president, the so-called Ethiopian Human Right Commissioner, the Troop of Gorilla farm parliamentarians who are weeping Crocodile tears, the so-called ministry of peace, in general the illegal government organs talk about the “red” line only when people from Amhara are killed or evicted from their places. On the contrary when the Oromos, Tegarus and many other Nationalities died in hundreds if not in thousands, no one care, talk about them or weep crocodile tears. Strangely, as if Abiy mercenaries foot soldiers are not enough to kill the people of Tigray (which includes but not limited elders, children’s, pregnant women, sicken people), he invited external forces, such as Eritrea, some Arab countries to support him with finance and Drones (probably using chemical weapons) , and United States of America ( since Abiy came to power USA is one of his supporter and it is unconvincing if they said they do not know the involvement of Eritrea in Tigray war in support of Abiy). The reason why USA change its stand at the eleven hour is the resistance the people of Tigray shows against the Axis of evils. The USA in particular the Trump officials does not know how strong it is the psychological make up the people of Tigray, in particular when it comes to war against their interest.

Knowing the resistance and the determination of the people of Tigray to fight the enemies, and the possible war threat from Sudan the Amhara elite’s new strategy is to show fake sympathy for the suffering of the people of Tigray. On the other hand, they venomously accusing Tegarus elites as if they are the problems of Ethiopia, and they should be vanished. This is what Abiy and Isayas are doing to drag Tigray back to the stone age. To me the chronic problem Ethiopia is going through is the Nazi style ideological thinking in which the majority of the Amhara elites are promoting today in Ethiopian politics. What should be clear here is that there are no differences between ordinary Tegarus and the elites of Tigray. Because all Tegarus believe that the war declared by Abiy and Isayas is a war of Amhara, with the main objective to handover Tigray land to Amhara. No peace in Ethiopia as long as an inch of Tigray land invaded by enemy.

What we should know is that Abiy will not abate from dragging Ethiopia to total collapse. This is because he is not the one who is ruling Ethiopia. It is the Eritrean mafia together with the Amhara elites who rule Ethiopia at this time. Hence, the Abiy killer squads are continues to kill, and the TPLF and the Ghost Oneg-Shenne will continue to be accused as a scapegoat. This is today Ethiopia where citizens are clearly divided into different social categories, and have different values when they die, as it has been during Minilik time. This is the country Abiy is going to create by the support of USA and some Arab countries to satisfy their egoistic Geo-politics interests. They use the fool and the dull Abiy and power ego Isayas as their Trojan-Horses to exploit in particular Ethiopia, and in general the entire Africa.  

Last, Tigray is burned like Bagdad, Syria, but it is out of media coverage. People are deliberately starved, selectively massacred both by Abiy mercenaries and Isayas foot soldiers, but no one want to talk about it. Even the people who surround the prime minster as advisers who considered themselves as a religious are deceptively denied the suffering of the people of Tigray. Instead, they are talking how they will be looting and transferring the people of Tigray historic artifacts, and old age treasuries. Abiy denied access to foreign independent agencies and media outlets to investigate the crime he and his master Isayas are committed against the people of Tigray. No matter how long it takes, the atrocities committed by Abiy and Isayas will be reviled to the world communities. What is certain is that both are committed at least crimes against humanity, and ethnic cleansing. If they continue to deny access to international communities, and stop the war, then they will be charged soon for genocide, but it will be too late! 

I wish all for European new year, and may God bring peace to our world!

Tigray will certainly prevail!

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