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The enemy within, the end of Ethiopian unity.

The enemy within, the end of Ethiopian unity.

BY: W. Yilma February 2/2021

No one know when and in what circumstances Abiy was recruited to become an agent to spy for foreign countries. One group said that he was recruited by Eritrea while he was in Rwanda working as a member of the Ethiopian peacekeeping mission. The second group believe that he was recruited by CIA. The latter is more convincing to believe because of two reasons. The first is before no one knows who Abiy is, his families lived in Colorado for quite a long period of time. The second is during the EPRDF political turmoil, some Oromo intellectuals residing in United States of America has been informed by USA former diplomats that it will be Abiy who will be the new prime minster of Ethiopia (many were expected Dr. Lema Megerssa). There are also few groups who believe that Abiy was recruited by Aba Dulla Gemeda when he brought him from Bashasha to join EPRDF at the age of 15. To confirm this, during the Bademe war where Abiy was served as a radio operator, the Eritrean military was targeted one of the Ethiopian military communication sites right after Abiy left that area and killed some of the radio operators. Because of this there was a suspicious that he may be started spying for Eritrea, few years after he joined EPRDF. No matter who recruited Abiy and why, Ethiopia at this time is not only in great political, social and economic depression, but also the country is facing serious national security and diplomatic failures. Currently, Ethiopia s in the hands of bad guys!

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It is only Abiy knows by whom, when and for what purposes he was recruited by hostile foreign country. One thing what we know from his own words is that he confessed in one the meeting held, I think in Harar or Ambo that he was leaking unclassified information to Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) while he was the head of Ethiopian Information Network Security Agency (INSA). To me the reason why he mentioned the name OLF is just to disguise and divert the attention from the main subject. He was actually leaking information to the Eritrean government through the then “Ginbot seven” exiled group, who were supported by Egypt, and Eritrea. What is important to put on notice is that Abiy is very dangerous person for Ethiopia. What make him dangerous is that he is not alone to be considered as a threat for Ethiopia. He propagated in thousands, not in millions of people like him who could be a danger for Ethiopia national interest, and unity. He is spending billions of Ethiopian birrs for his followers to support him until he achieved his hidden agendas assigned by the enemies (sadly, many people do not believe this truth, because money, coming from Arab countries is more important for them than saving their country). At this time where the country is at war from different angels, hit with sever starvation, economic depression, Abiy is busy in spending millions of dollars for propaganda campaign, bribing of the military high officials to pursue his war agendas, and construction of recreating parking sites for the rich (in today’s Ethiopia where millions of Ethiopians are in dire situation, the Ethiopian telecommunication was contributed Eth. Birr 500,000,000.00, equivalent $13,000,000.00 dollar for Gebeta Lesheger). This amount of money could have been feeding nearly 130,000 starved Ethiopian for 6 months. What is worst is that the treasonous of the former double agent, Abiy Ahmad Ali is not limited in leaking sensitive information to foreign countries. He paid to Isayas Afewerki of Eritrea, more than $500,000,000.00 dollar for his participation in Tigray war (they are still in negotiations to add the same amount of money because of the extensions of the war). As if looting, destroying, and burning of private and public properties is not enough, the Ethiopian “prime minster” is awarding money for foreign country for their participation in killing of Ethiopian citizens. This shows the deepness hate Abiy has towards the people of Tigray.  What I recommended here is that if the prime minster seriously will convene dinner for the so called Gebeta Lesheger at this time, I respectfully asking the Ethiopian psychiatrics associations (if they exist) to evaluate the prime minister’s state of mind before it is too late. This is serious, which need urgent action!

Spying or espionage activities is a complex field and need complex personalities. I do not think Abiy is fit to perform this kind of very complex intelligence activities, which need wide ranges of knowledge and experiences in this field. Some individuals said that he was transferred from INSA to another office in suspicious of leaking sensitive information to the hostile country. If we believe him that he is leaking information to the third parties uncaught, it does not show his smartness, but the weakness of the then Ethiopian intelligence service agency. Understanding the whole scenario, it is not an accident the reason why he hurriedly changed the longstanding Ethiopian foreign policies and make a personal close friendship with Arab countries, and Isayas Afewerki of Eritrea, right after he came to the position of premiership. This is the reason why except himself, no Ethiopian officials or government offices know what he is dealing or agreed with foreign countries. For example, the so-called Ethio-Eritrean peace agreement, the main reason why he was awarded the Nobel prize, leave alone ordinary Ethiopians, the Ethiopian ministry of foreign affairs staff do not know. No one knows from where the money come from what Abiy is spending for the construction of recreation parks. He openly said to parliamentarian, they do not have to ask him questions about the money he receive from foreign countries as per his request.      

At this time Abiy is pursuing Eritrean governing style of administration. The only difference with the Eritrea dictator, Isayas is, Abiy have two groups whom he listens to. To me both are forces of destructions.  One is some Amhara elites and the second, Diaspora Ethiopians, dominated mainly by Amhara nationals. In many of my articles, posted on this website, I barely missed without informing the readers the following 3 things.

1.   If Ethiopia domestic politics become infested by the new strain of Diaspora politics, that will be the start of Ethiopia disintegration. I think it is vivid now for everyone where we are now.

2.   If Ethiopia disintegrated, the Amhara elites will be in the first row to take responsibilities. I think many of us understood this fact, but the Amhara elites don’t.

3.   As we know Ethiopia has many traditional enemies. But Shabia is the most dangerous enemy of all. Many of Ethiopians understood this fact, but they denied until TPLF eliminated with the help of Shabia. But as far as I am concerned, the country is at the verge of collapse.  


Some may disagree with me, because many Ethiopians deny things in an attempt to protect themselves from the facts they refuse to face. Thanks to Abiy, Ethiopia at this time is in dire situation, hard to predict what will be the future. The Ethiopia territorial integrity was compromised by the knowledges of Abiy and his cliques. This is because the primary objective of the current Ethiopian regime is to crush the people of Tigray at any cost (According to Abiy’s book, Medemer, believe that Ethiopia does not have foreign enemy, the reason why he is at war with his own people with the help of foreign countries). The people of Tigray are herded in the slaughterhouse to be slaughtered day by day by half a million mercenaries, coming from Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, and United Arab Emirate.  The world is watching, unwilling to take tangible actions based on international law and norms, to protect the helpless innocents’ people from killing by their cruel and fascist rulers. 

To me, the world communities have a legal and moral responsibilities to interfere in one country internal affairs, when the country in question has violated international law and norms, in particular during war situation. One country does not have the right to commit crimes against humanity on its own people. One year before the end of the second world war, and the years follow, the United Nation has adopted three basic declaration of human right to protect human being from various kind of atrocities or crimes. These are the following:

1.   International human right law. This is the body of international law designed to promote human rights on social, regional, and domestic levels. As a form of international law, international human right law is primarily made-up of treaties, agreements between sovereign states intended to have bindings legal effect between the parties that have agreed to them, and customary international law. Other international human rights instruments, while not legally binding contribute to the implementation, understanding and development of international human right law have been recognized as a source of political obligation. All of the 30 mentioned under these articles (omitted) are gravely violated by Abiy regime. 

2.   International humanitarian law. This law encompasses the principles and rules that regulate the means and methods of warfare, as well as the humanitarian protections of civilian populations at risk and wounded combatants, and prisoners of war.


3 International criminal law. This is a body of public international law designed to prohibit certain categories of conduct commonly viewed as serious atrocities and to make perpetrators of such conduct criminally accountable for their perpetration.  The core crimes under international law are genocide, war crime, crime against humanity, and the crime of aggressions.

If we carefully read and understood the above three international laws, we can conclude that Abiy, and Isayas has committed crime against humanity, if not genocide in Tigray.



Last, most of us are fed-up the rhetoric going on by some Amhara elites regarding the current situation of Ethiopia. I am not going to give my comment here, but I pray for them to get mercy from God, for the crime they are committing everyday against the people of Tigray. One thing what the Amhara elites should understood is that while you fall in love with Amhara Democratic Party (ADP?) and some Oromo’s do the same with OPDO, why it become a “crime” if the people of Tigray choose TPLF? Why in particular the Amhara are so eager, but offensive to see the demise of TPLF? The issue here is not about TPLF, they know if they eliminate TPLF from the political landscape of Ethiopia, it will be easy to scramble Tigray territory between Amhara and Eritrea, and then to crown Abiy as a reward the 7th king of Ethiopia. Therefore, no matter what Tegarus political or other differences between them have, unity is obligatory to stand with TPLF. Dealing with TPLF, should be a homework for the future once things settled. By any standards, there is no comparisons between TPLF and Shabia, or ADP, and OPDO. With all its shortfalls, TPLF is by far better than them all. Therefore, stand tall, walk free and fight back to expel the invaders foot solders out of the TSEONMARIAM land!


Taigray Will prevail!


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