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Unassuming and Dauntless Seyoum Mesfin


Unassuming and Dauntless Seyoum Mesfin:

His powerful message in the aftermath of the Tigray Election 2020


B.T. 24.01.21


On 9 September 2020, the people of Tigray in Northern Ethiopia held a historic regional election where 2.7 million people turned out to cast their votes. Four regional parties took part in the election. While the unelected dictatorial Government of Abiy Ahmed declared it illegal, the people of Tigray overwhelmingly backed and saw it as their constitutional right that no one can deny them from exercising it. The Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF), a ruling party of the region won the election, while the others who lost the election were given sits in the reginal Parliament with the intention of enhancing democracy. †


Many thought that while the election was not perfect, it was certainly, and at least, much more legitimate and democratic than Abiy Ahmedís illegitimate grab of power and Afewerki of Eritreaís one-man dictatorship.


Following this historic election, a friend of the late Seyoum Mesfin sent him a congratulatory text message from abroad on 14 September 2020, thanking him for his leadership, hard work and sacrifices. Ambassador Seyoum replied on 17 September from his phone. The following is a direct copy of his message:


ďDearest brotherÖ.,

Thank you will never be enough to fully express my feelings of gratitude and appreciation to you and many others alike. All of you opened your warm hearts to me and gave everything and anything you thought would keep me safe and active. You took all the risk and protected me for so long from the jaws of crocodilian foes who knew no friends since birth -to - death.  You trusted me; placed your confidence in my mission, and you gave all the courage and strength. 

Who am I ? Why all these care for me? Am l worthy to be revered? If itís because of my commitment to serving the people for a cause, how about you guys? We all are serving our people for the common good.  What I know is that Iím highly indebted to you all and to owners of history.

Itís the people who make history. Letís see what happened these last few days. Once again, the people of Tigray made a spectacular event in their modern history of struggle by voting for their rights to self-determination, self-rule as well as for dignity and justice. Their star of success is shining bright in the above setting a model for the rest of the country and beyond. We all are proud to be the sons and daughters of this people.

A luta continua!!
Eternal Peace and Glory to our Martyrs!!


What does this tell us about this human-being, diplomat and political figure?†


The late Seyoum Mesfin was unassuming human-being, unlike many of us who often pretend to be seen more than who we are. He sees his contributions to society as part of the collective effort made to effect change and promote the common good. This is a very rare approach to power and success in the African continent.

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The other is his solid commitment to collective rights, human dignity and justice. Ambassador Seyoumís good wishes and thoughts were not only with the people of Tigray but also with others in Ethiopia and beyond. Of course, his recent note also conveys the message that he was a proud Tigrayan.†


Furthermore, Ambassador Seyoum was appreciative of all the support he gets from all corners of life and geographical boundaries, as he beautifully expressed them in his September note.


Finally, the late seasoned diplomat, leader and hamble human-being knew the cruelty of his foes but fought them with determination and bravery until the end of his life.


To conclude, the message he sent to his friend is not only a message sent to all Tigrayans and other human beings of diverse political views, but also to his foes; his ideals and beliefs such as his resolve to self-governance, human dignity and justice will never ever die with him.


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