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Why Abiy let the Eritrean dictator to kill the people of Tigray?


Why Abiy let the Eritrean dictator to kill the people of Tigray?

W. Yilma January 10/2021


To start with, I want to say the following. In the history of mankind, no country in our world allowed a foreign countries to invade its own territory and killed, tortured, raped citizens; looted, destroyed, burned private and public properties,  treasures, antiques, and old age artifacts; bombed Churches and Mosques; Ethiopia, under Abiy is the first country in the 21st centuries allowed these to happen against the people of Tigray by inviting the Eritrean brutal regime and some fanatic terrorist advocate Arab countries who have hate against the origins  of Christianity in the African continents. What is painful is to see when the Ethiopian military with no hesitation cooperated in atrocities committed by the Eritrean mercenaries and “Hutu” Amhara militias. It is only in Ethiopia, where religious leaders, renown individuals, and artists and their followers approved their cruel government to kill and tortured its own citizens brutally and mercilessly; It is only in Ethiopia where people are happy and celebrate when their fellow country citizens are suffered, deliberately exposed to starve, denied access to basic services by the government. Looking all these atrocities committed by Abiy and his cohorts against the people of Tigray, I do think many Ethiopians and their leader, Abiy do not want Tigray to continue as part of Ethiopia. Therefore, no matter how hard it will be and what sort of sacrifice it will demand, Tegarus should take this into consideration and start working to shape their future. 

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As we know, since Abiy came to power, and claimed that he makes peace with Eritrea, he and Isayas has secretly occupied not to find ways and means how they could bring lasting peace between the people of the two countries, but how to eliminate TPLF from the political landscape of Ethiopian politics, and beyond. What is strange is that both these dictators think that it is not only to eliminate TPLF, but all infrastructures, and manufacturing industries built during TPLF era in Tigray should be completely demolished and erode from the history. If we scrutinize retrospectively, what Isayas has said after he accepted the so-called “peace deal” with Abiy in multiple occasions we can easily understood the fragility of the peace deal, in which the reason why Abiy was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. During his public appearance, at one time Isayas has said “the game is over”, which directly pointed his finger at TPLF.  In another interview, Isayas clearly has said that Eritrea will no longer stay idle when it comes to Ethiopian internal affairs. In simple terms, he will shape the Ethiopian politics in a way it satisfied Eritreans’ Geo-political interest.    

In my previous articles, many of which were posted in this website, it was rare I missed to mention the name of the Eritrean dictator, Isayas Afewerki and his mafia style organization, Shabia. The reason I mentioned his name repeatedly is not because I appreciate dictators, but to show my readers the level of his cruelty not only to Eritreans, but also to other human beings. This man is a beast, intoxicated with hate against Tigrians in particular, and Ethiopians in general. I do not think this man have a sense of humor what other human beings have. Because many of us know this man, it is wastage of time to mention his crimes he committed against his own people who paid dearly sacrifices in creation of their own country, called Eritrea. To be honest I do not see in any society what I observed in Eritreans societies, to what extent they loved their country. Their affections to their government were continued after independent for some more years. Because of this Shabia was the first political organization in Africa who got affections by almost the entire citizens after its independent. However, because of the nature of the organization, Isayas badly abused his power trustfully given by the sacrifices of the Eritrean people.

To make the long history short, since Shabia came to power and start functioning as a government of Eritrea, Isayas want to become the king maker in the entire Eastern Africa and since then things start worsening in the region. He first started war against Yemen, then Sudan, then Ethiopia and last with Djibouti. The war he started with Ethiopia change everything both for Shabia and for the Eritrean people. Since then, Isayas become the monster not only in our region but to the entire world. Eritrean administration become the causes of all problems we have seen in our region, a training center for terrorist groups. Currently, thanks to Abiy Ahmad, Isayas Afewerki is acting like unleashed Dog to engulfed the entire Eastern Africa with fire. Isayas has blood not only on his hands, but on his entire body.

Many people either knowingly or unknowingly have different perceptions regarding the border war between Ethiopia and Eritrea, which was started May, 1998. In particular some Eritreans have indignation towards TPLF, and some even against the people of Tigray in assumption that it was TPLF/EPRDF who started the border war (at this time there are some Ethiopians, the Amharas who claimed that it was TPLF who started the Bademe war. But this is just to gain short term political advantages). Let me explain in short to the readers few information what I knew about the then war (I am not adding or knowingly missed to mislead the readers). As we know after the Eritrea independent, for almost 7 years the relationship between TPLF dominated EPRDF and Shabina was fair to say very good. But this does not mean they do not have differences in various issues pre- and post-Eritrean independent. They were also in discussions to demarcate the border between the two countries (in fact although this is not the cause the war was started at the middle of their discussions). I do not think there was a problem regarding border demarcation issue between the two parties. What I want to remind the readers is that for Shabia Bademe was not a hot issue for discussions, because it was TPLF who chase away Jebha from its base, Bademe by force. However, what was the fact is that it was Jebha who always raised in their discussions Bademe as part of Eritrea, not Shabia as I knew. 

Coming to my point, taking the advantages of unrestricted free access to Ethiopian economy, Shabia and his associates, openly without any controlling mechanism got free access to participate (it is better to say exploited) in Ethiopian economy in all sectors (leaving aside what was Shabia plan in Ethiopian economy). Because of this, Ethiopians business communities reach to the point where they no longer compete fairly with their Eritreans counterpart. In short, Ethiopians businessmen and women do not have fair economic competitions with foreigners in their own country. One example, let us say one Eritrean businessman/woman imported goods through Ethiopian entry ports, claiming that they will take the goods to Eritrea. In this case they will not pay tax to Ethiopian customs service in assumption that the Eritrean importer will take the goods to Eritrea, but sell the goods with less price in Ethiopia compared with Ethiopian importers who paid import tax and other fees at entry port. As a result of the seriousness of this unfair competition, the complaints of Ethiopians business communities, and some private printing medias outlets of that times start blaming the then TPLF/EPRDF.  Because of this and the multiple complaints, EPRDF starts talking about this issue with Shabia, and sends delegations to Eritrea multiple times, but with no avail. The Eritrean government do not show interest to negotiate how the trade and other financial and currency issues should be handled between the two countries. Knowing this, EPRDF start taking some measures, and following this Shabia announced the new currency, Nakfa. Following new Eritrean currency, Ethiopia unveils new birr note. The measures taken by the two countries, and the failure of both sides in particular Shabia to settle through negotiations lead the Bademe war (it is the Eritrean government who started the war by invading Bademe and its environes). In general, Bademe is the pretext to start the war, with the main objective to force Ethiopia to comply with Isayas demands to get uncontrollable access to Ethiopian economy. Thanks to Abiy, currently, Isayas have got not only everything what he wants, but he is at war with the people of Tigray, and is acting as a foreign minister of Ethiopia.           

Most Ethiopians in particular many Amhara nationals supported the interference of Isayas in the war declared by Abiy against the people of Tigray. This is because of the following reasons:

1.   He knows that with the current Ethiopian defense forces poor capability, he will not win the unjustifiable war he declared against the people of Tigray.

2.   Abiy is in fond of his power, hence he does not want any opposition group who challenging him. Therefore, he should neutralize his oppositions, either by assassination, jailing individuals, and or by declaring all-out war against an organization in which he assumed is a danger for his power. One of such challengers for Abiy is TPLF. 

3.   Abiy have deep rooted hate not only against TPLF, but against the people of Tigray. Therefore, by declaring open war, he decided not only to totally destroy the regional state economy, but also those Tegarus who are successful in private business, military and education. By doing so, at the end, to destroy the social fabrics of the people of Tigrawai.

4.   Abiy knows to what extent Isayas and the Amharas are intoxicated with hate against the people of Tigray.  By declaring war, he wants the Amhara region to invade Tigray in the name of regaining of territories, they falsely claiming. He also authorized Isayas to occupy the territories he claimed from Tigray. Next, he will be authorized him to take territories from Afar. In general, Abiy long term plan is by reducing Tigray territory to limit the participation of Tegarus both in political, and economic activities in the region. Because of this all Tegarus throughout Ethiopia their properties were either confiscated, destroyed or they are unable to function properly.

5.   To annihilate the people of Tigray and to depopulate the people through mass killing, rape women by invaders mercenaries and to expose them to sexually transmissible diseases, exposing to contagious diseases and deliberate denying of health and other services, burning and destroying of crops, mass slaughtering of their domestic animals, so that the farmers would not have oxen  to plough the land for next crop seasons, and deliberately starving the population in particular children to cause retarded growth. forced the people to leave their places and do what is necessary to annihilate the population.  Almost all health clinics of various standards are completely demolished, there instruments, medications are looted, and all ambulances which give services throughout Tigray are looted and some were taken to Eritrea and Amhara regional state.  In short, all the Millennium Development Goals funded by the United Nation agencies in Tigray are completely seized to exist, and will drag the achievement of the Millennium Development Goal the country has planned to achieve.


At one time in my article posted in this website, I said that one of Abiy’s main objective after he came to power is to create uncompromised and probably unstoppable conflicts between Amhara and Tigray and the same thing between Tigrians and Eritreans. The guy from Bashasha outsmarted the fools from Mekele, Bahirdara and Asmara, and got what he wants. It is only Abiy knows what his next plan will be.     

Since Abiy declared war against the people of Tigray it passed two months and there is no sign of ending the war. The more the time passed under the war, the more the suffering of the people of Tigray increased. Before the war ending, Abiy administration is facing a challenge from Sudan, and the Sudanese army took a large area of land from Ethiopia territories. Unfortunately, Abiy do not have the courage to go to war with Sudan.  Because for Abiy the priority is to eliminate his opponents in the country. There are many reasons why Abiy will not go to war with Sudan:


1.   As I stated above, Abiy priority is to stay in power by any means. To achieve this, he should eliminate TPLF, a political force who want to keep the federal system, and a challenger for Abiy’s establishment. Hence, Abiy priority is to finish the war in Tigray with any cost. Abiy is considering that the people of Tigray are his first enemy.

2.   Abiy’s adventurer war in Tigray causes significant loses both in terms of human life, finance, and materials. Hence, Ethiopia is not in a position to engage in another war currently. 

3.   Abiy internationalized the war in Tigray by allowing Isayas and some Arab country mercenaries to kill, and tortured Tegarus, and destroyed and looted private and public properties in Tigray. Because of this he does not have a moral and legal ground to accuse Sudan if she seeks military help from Egypt and some other countries if Abiy alone or jointly with his foreign allies’, Eritrea trying to attack Sudan. Therefore, the “patriotic” Amhara and Abiy preferred to ceded territories to Sudan than losing their power.


Last, but not least, it will be unfair to conclude without talking about 2 events that has happened during this past week. The first is the incidence at Capitol Hill, here in the United States, and the second is in Ethiopia. As we all followed last Wednesday what happened in Capitol Hill was shocked everyone throughout the world. I personally couldn’t believe what I saw. The United State Capitol Hill was invaded by Donald Tramp terrorist supporters, and some are smashing glasses, doors to enter the building. After they managed to enter to the rooms, the terrorists started looting and some seated-on chairs of the congress men and women. During this time the president is in his office at white house and he knew what is
happening in Capitol Hill (he is the one who provoked his supporters to go to the Capitol Hill). What immediately come to my mind is, if the president of the most democratic country is trying to nullify the democratically elected result, what would Abiy can do with regard to the coming election under the chairmanship of Birtukan Midikssa in Ethiopia?   Without any exaggeration Tramp during his stay at white house passed bad lessons not only for Americans, but for the rest of the world. By the way the first president who warned to stay home his citizens living in the United State, and wishing calm to the people of the United States is the Turkish president Erdogan!  It is my hope, that the incoming president Biden will be busy in cleaning the mess created by the former president and pay attention to encourage democratization process in our world, in particular Ethiopia and Eritrea where the people are killed, tortured, and arrested because of their ethnicity, religion, or differences in political opinions. In these two countries under Abiy and Isayas, the entire eastern Africa region is at danger and before it ingulfed by war the incoming US administration should take the initiatives to bring peace in the region.

Finally, the second, is the arrest of the 87 years old veteran of TPLF, Aboy Sibhat Nega, and following his “capture” the full lie propaganda going on in government control media outlets. I leave the judgements to the readers but to me no matter in what conditions the government “captured “this old man should not be a big issue to talk for the government. First, Aboy Sibhat is retired long time ago, and second, I do not think he was captured during an exchange of fire. If Abiy think he will hamulate the people of Tigray he is deadly wrong!  Because, Tigray war is not against the handful of prominent Tigrawai fighters as Abiy claimed. It is against the people of Tigray. Therefore, all tegarus are equally involved and the sacrifice of any numbers of prominent fighter will not deter the people from fighting until full the victory.   


Tigray will prevail!


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