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Zeyohannes Moges

August 19, 2021



The MENGISTU H/MARIAM GOVERNMENT which fell on the hands of the Tigray Freedom Fighters 30 years ago and ABIY AHMED GOVERNMENT are about the same in comparison except for the following differences: 

The MENGISTU H/MARIAM GOVERNMENT was a communist military government that persecuted the church and attempted to exterminate Christians. It was brutal and straight forward.

The ABIY AHMED GOVERNMENT is a pseudo-Christian government which exploited the church to accomplish its evil purposes including the Tigray Genocide, and the destruction of Ethiopia at large. It is getting to be well known by the international community for its DECEPTIVE behavior.

ABIY AHMED GOVERNMENT, unlike MENGISTU H/MARIAM GOVERNMENT, has committed treason by inviting foreign enemies to attack its own citizens (the people of Tigray) to just fulfill his lifetime dream to become a king.

As part of “The Tigray Genocide” the ABIY AHMED GOVERNMENT is planning to execute innocent higher military officers of Tigray origin who served their country and in the African Peace Keeping as part of the Tigray Genocide. On the other hand, no one of its ancestor M. H/MARIAM GOVERNMENT criminal officials was executed when they fell at the merciful hands of the Tigray Freedom fighters in 1991. 

Most of the criminal officials were brought to justice, and others were set free. However, they didn’t appreciate the mercy that was granted to them. Instead, they immediately begun to fight back against the people of Tigray in four major areas of the Ethiopian people’s apparatus:

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·      Majority of them joined the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and camouflaged themselves as priests, monks, and deacons to infiltrate their political influence on the people


·      Others joined Evangelical Church of Ethiopia and acted as pastors, evangelists, and deacons to run their political agendas upon the people of Ethiopia

·      Some entered the media and started spreading false information using journals, radio, television, and various social media establishments. One of them is the satellite television called “ESAT” which is based in the United States. ESAT’s primary mission has become to encourage genocide on the people of Tigray. This can be verifiable; for instance, two years ago, ESAT had said, “Extermination of the 5% Tigrayans by the 95% of Ethiopians is easily doable.”


·        Some joined with the governing Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (a coalition of Tigray, Amhara, Oromo, and Southern Ethiopian People’s Parties) intentionally to create havoc in the justice system from within and other branches of the government and encourage corruption so that the Ethiopian people can complain on the Tigray-led government and hate Tigrayans. They also leaked important government information to hostile countries such as Eritrea. A good example for this is Abiy Ahmed himself. Abiy has admitted that he did work as an informant for opposition groups who were coached by the Eritrean dictator, while he was a senior intelligence officer within the Ethiopian government.

Finally, in 2018, they were successful to come to power without any war and ignored the constitution of the country. ABIY AHMED manipulated the churches by making documentaries on Christian preaching and prayers, by making religious speeches everywhere he goes to make the churches believe that he is a spiritual man. He has controlled the churches himself by establishing the so-called ‘Peace Commission’ & ‘Council of Evangelicals of Ethiopia.’  He used religion to do all kinds of atrocities and distraction in Tigray, and to damage all the social fabrics of Ethiopians at large. ABIY AHMED is a fascist and an incompetent leader that has even managed to deceive the Ethiopian people, religious organizations, the Norwegian Novel Peace Prize Committee, and the Whole World until they found out who really was as a national leader and as a human being. Although it is too late to avoid the unspeakable human losses and distractions that this man of perdition has committed, his illegal Prosperity Party must be removed from power as soon as possible to avoid farther distraction of the rest of the country. 

Because no one was deceived by MENGISTU H/MARIAM GOVERNMENT 1974-1991, it was easier to deal with than to deal with the deceiving current government of ABIY AHMED.

No mistake about it; Abiy Ahmed has made “War Agreement “(Not Peace Agreement) with Isaias Afewerki of Eritrea in Saudi Arabia: the deal was to wipe out the people of Tigray. The agreement was done without the knowledge of the Ethiopian parliament and the Ethiopian people. Sadly, this agreement earned him a Novel Peace Prize. The US, EU governments and the international community must help facilitate his removal from power before millions perish. 

I sincerely witness that the above analysis is clearly understandable to all people who lived in both governments’ time.


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