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open letter to Mr. Pawel Jablonski

Mr. Pawel Jablonski

The Deputy Foreign Minister

Warsaw, Poland


Your Excellency,

This is to express our sincere appreciation for speaking out loudly and clearly on the plight of our people, particularly on the massacre at St. Mary’s historical Cathedral in Axum. At this opportunity, may we bring to your attention that the Ethiopian PM. Col. Abiyi Ahmed and his ambassadors are not from the decent part of the Ethiopian society? Our assertion can be verified from you Embassy Office in Addis Ababa or from the following list of flagrant denial and blatant lies already in the public domain:

1.   Nascent dictator Col. Abiyi Amhed did not make peace pact with world know seasoned dictator Isayas Afeworki of Eritrea but rather a war deal to annihilate their common enemy, the democratically elected Government of Tigray Regional State (GTRS). Proof: Visits made/’exchanged’/ by the two dictators to military sensitive areas, which have never been allowed to foreigners, in the two respective countries.

2.   The war Col. A. Ahmed is still waging against GTRS was not initiated because (TPLF) attacked the Ethiopian Defence Force (EDF) on 3rd Nov. 2020. That very night he dispatched two antonov planes one packed with 300 commandos and the second carrying 2 military jeeps mounted with machine guns, to sequester or wipe out the whole TPLF leaders (all in one go) while they were in a meeting. Fortunately for them (unfortunately for him), when they were tipped off (by a concerned citizen from Addis Ababa); and they took the necessary precaution with a speed of lightening. Thus, failure of his treacherous plan is at worst a passing the bucket and at best revengeful allegation, dubbed with ‘nationalist’ rhetoric s, absolutely lies and fabricated propaganda, as we have all the evidence that prove otherwise:

Videos From Around The World


(A)  The preparation goes back two year from that point of time, in different forms: blocking highway/life-line-roads/ leading to Tigray, various psychological innuendos, ethnic profiling, assassinating key Tigrian officials/officers (E.g. the Chief of staff of the army).

 (B) A video conversation made (a week before 3rd Nov) how & when to depose the patriarch (who happened to be Tigrian) of the Ethiopian Church. As you well know this is against the synod of the church, which says, the head of the church is replaced only after the death of the individual papal.                                                                                                                                                                            

(C) A video conversation on a war plan, over a map, as how to carry out the aggression from three flanks or directions.                                                                                                                                                    

(D)  The discussion revealed between the Chief of Staff, General T. Al Burhan of Sudan and Col. A. Ahmed  three days before 3rd Nov:- to close the borders against possible TPLF escaping fighters, in exchange to release the land claimed by Sudan since 1902.                                         

(E) Pictures of Ethiopian soldier being trained in Eritrea two weeks before 3rd Nov. and presently swarming Eritrean soldiers in Tigray camouflaged with oversized uniforms (as most of them are teenagers, but still with their sandals. These child-soldiers are very ruthless and committed heinous war crimes because they were brought up with hatred propaganda and poverty throughout their lives.

3.   If the war was an operation of law enforcement as Col. Abiyi claims: -                                                         

a)- what has it got to do with, - destroying religious sites, wantonly killing priests and members of congregation, praying monks & nuns, as your government stated its concern.                                     

 b)- what has it got to do with, - burning yet unharvested crop fields, destroying factories, universities, schools, hospitals, clinics;                                                                                                                    -c) what has it got to do with,- raping women (including nuns) and girls (including under-ages),  and killing some of them  or warn them not to report to any one;

4.   If it is not a war of annihilation (genocide), why does Col. A.Ahmed use starvation as a weapon of mass killing as, A. Adolf Hiller did in the Easter part of Poland, during the WWII? Why block then banks and all basic utilities? Why block access to international humanitarian assistance to 1.2 million dying people from starvation. Why could not he have waited until the ready harvest is collected? Already reports are trickling out that dead bodies of starved old individuals and children are being found strewn in several towns of the region.

At the beginning of this letter, we said Col Abiyi & his government are not from the normal /let alone decent/ members of the Ethiopian society, as the country never had such blatant lair leaders and ambassadors such as  Mrs. Mulu Solomon, ambassador Ms Hirut Zebene and ambassador Dina Mufti in the history of the country.

Our affirmation that Col. A. Abiyi is not from the normal stocks of leaders the country ever had ,- is based on so  many facts, out of which a few are that he said in verbatim  he is dreaming to be 7th King (a system  annulled in 1974), he is impetuous & rarely calculates political risks, he always tell lies/denies what the whole world knows: (no civilian were killed, no women refugee left, economy rose by 6%) ,  he want to do everything himself (without institutional backing/documentation), he denigrate the members of the parliament, he tried to box the Kenyan leader at IGAD meeting.  Moreover, had been normal he would not plot this war in the given circumstances: Covid-19 pandemic, a swarm of locus infesting the whole region, and during the time of harvest collection. As nothing had threatened his power, at least he could wait until at least the harvest is collected but he used the USA election to disguise his treacherous aggression. What has happened is that he followed Mr. Isaya Aforki advice not to miss the opportunity of the USA election, to use as attention diversion mechanism for his awing and indiscriminate war of genocide, hoping to accomplish it before Mr. Donal Trump leaves the White House.

Above all these,  we believe that this colonel is out of international norms,  as we have never come across in our academic pursues, a government ever inviting an enemy country force ( Eritrea in this case) to annihilate its own people(Tigrians in this case), over an opinion/political difference (election in this case);  yet when its very sovereignty is invaded by a foreign force (Sudan in this case) approves the occupation and ask to negotiate diplomatically( Col A.Amhed & his spokespersons).

In this light, what we would like to bring to your attention is that the normal diplomatic procedure does not work with this type of leaders and ambassadors. Thus, in this circumstance, one would be obliged to look into an alternative means. One at hand could be to increase the pressure on UN- Security Council to cut its red tape and save lives before it is too late as it did happen in Rwanda & Darfur. The sooner we do it the better especial via EU and your respectable office.

With great anticipation, we remain.

Tigray Academic Diaspora in Europe


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