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To My fellow Tegaru

To My fellow Tegaru.

EsaTed 31/12/2020

The war declared on us on November 3, 2020 has been going on for two months now. Morphing from what was initially portrayed as a law enforcement operation aimed at apprehending a handful of TPLF leaders who were involved in “corruption and human rights violations.” Of course, neither the operation nor the reasons for the operation have any justifications. And the Abiy/Isayas duo has since been engaged in war crime.

What’s true is that it was a war declared against the people and government of Tigray by a leader whose only objective is to stay in power unopposed and indefinitely, an expansionist regional government (Amhara) and its supporters who are bent on dismantling the federal constitutional order that recreated the state structure of the Ethiopian government from an oppressive and centralized to a federal system based on the recognition and acceptance of the right for self-governance and sovereignty as well as the freedom to use their language, and a dictator, Isayas Afewerki, whose sole existence is to redeem his loss of the Ethio-Eritrean  war of 1998-2000.

So, what is at stake here? The very own existence of the country as we know it. And the possible birth of one or more nations in the region or another Somalia like failed state in East Africa. Ironically the same people who fought for power and “one Ethiopia” are on the verge of losing power and dismantling Ethiopia.

What makes the disintegration or failed state even more plausible is the involvement of Eritrea, the destruction, killing, and looting by the same force in Tigray. And the complete silence and in some cases the outspoken support for this crime by any organized or individual elites in Ethiopia except some Oromo elites.

But how did we allow a wannabe dictator and a reactionary group that is hell bent on taking back Ethiopia to pre 1991 state structure? What did this reactionary group lose after EPRDF came to power? Are the economic, social, and political gains this group achieved after 1991 not worth preserving? How and why a very large section of our elite accepted a leader, Abiy, who is not in any way qualified to be a leader? If EPRDF could dismantle the constitutional order thus endangering the security of Tigray, not TPLF, what’s our guarantee for peacefully staying in this union called Ethiopia? What now?

These are questions my fellow Tegaru need to ask not for the sake of Ethiopia, but if we were to exist as people and it’s never too early to ask and discuss because whether we have a country called Tigray or stay in the federation, we should never go through the same nightmare we have gone through in the last almost three years.

Instead of New Year wishes let’s vow to never let this happen again to Tigray.