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"Declaration of Principles" Ethiopia Got a Loaf and Half
Tecola W. Hagos March 2015
"However, one significant problem I see in most of the comments has to do with competence, for such comments are mostly written by laymen with limited legal training or no training in international law at all. Even though some of the commentators are experts in different fields, these types of issues on international rivers non-navigational use or in general require specialized knowledge. Thus, my first advice to such commentators is to be less vociferous and also less dogmatic and learn from people who have the training and experience in the field..." Tecola Hagos nicely cutting to size the vociferous commentators and "know it all" experts in Diaspora!. I love Tecola for his cunning way of telling the truth eventhough I do not always agree with him in many ways at all! .... It is amazing to read and hear some of the very same so called know it all personalites saying the dam will not be built that it is a political ploy and then switch to the dam will cause war if it is built and now telling us about the Dam will be built but...type argument. No wonder Tecola is admonishing them to stick to what they are trained and educated for before making fools of themselves!
[Zeru Hagos 03/31/15]



Ambassador Wondimu Asamnew on current issues of Somalia and Ethio-Somalia diplomatic relations with Selam radio in D.C


VOA speaks to Wedi Gerahtu about the report of Human Rights Inquiry

(Good Interview Minya! ) - It is really pity the once gallant freedom fighters of Eritrea have turned to be such harsh on their own people? What do they think they were dying for when they were fighting tooth to nail from the dissolute Sahel foxholes if not for their people who are dying all over the Sinai desert? Something has really gone wrong with the psyche of Eritreans! Can independence be so intoxicating? How could the Ambassador think the proud people of Eritrea will taint their own country image they died for ? Eritrea is virtually a pariah state where millions of its people are abandoning the place they grow up and dearly fought for! "Kubo Debriyom Ela Yihadmu Alewu" Ambassador! Look inwards and save you country and save the region!)


Interview with Artist Enuye Takelle March 2015


Somali Region President tour of USA. Minnesota - March 2015


Meles ad infinitum


Meles ad infinitum

By Aesop 15/07/2012- Meles!” this is how everyone (friend and foe) enclosed in every quarter of their privacy address our beloved brother-Meles Zenawi. I happen to be among those who advocate “anti-personal cultism”. A willing subjugation to individuals counts as idolatry (a sin); a forced subjugation to individuals counts as slavery. However, it is proper to admire individuals who embody distinction. It is our culture to bestow people who depict “relative merit” with praise. Indeed, compared with his peers (previous Ethiopian leaders), Meles is: “simply the best!”

Meles could be the best for a number of reasons. It is easy for most people to point at personal attributes such as intelligence, oratory, work ethic, reading habit (education), etc. Surely, these are desirable traits a leader should muster. However, when comparison is the criteria, a careful commentator would prefer to avoid them at the outset. This is because one lacks control variables. For example, nobody measured how many “ayale metshifit” (books) Col. Mengistu “magelabet” (has read) or how intelligent the “Imperial Majesties” were (Lets dare and compare Emperor Meiji with Tewodros/Yohannes, Minilik with Roosevelt, Haile Selassie with W. Wilson and/or Lenin, Mengistu with Deng Xiaoping or Lee Kuan Yeew ). Besides, no one can possibly compare “Meles” with living leaders like Obama, Singh, Putin or Mugabe for that matter (Let just say, they’re busy!). In short, personal qualities are neither valid nor reliable variables.

There are, however, other “control-friendly” variables that one might employ to compare “Meles” with other political leaders. The first pertains to “abdication”. All Ethiopian leaders (except perhaps for the “legendary” Kaleb and Lalibella) never declared they will step down from power. They were “forced” by rivals, by time and/or by accident to abdicate. This is, indeed, the “close to miracle” reality (besides the Great Dam) that the toxic opposition finds too hard to swallow. Political power is not the “holy grail”- it belongs to the people.

The second variable (attribute) is: “praxis”. In a nutshell this means: “theory and practice coordination”. No Ethiopian leader/leadership has defined the country’s political, economic and social bottlenecks as the party led by “Meles” (EPRDF). Ethiopia’s primary political bottleneck was “ethnic and religious inequality”, its economic problem is “rural farmer underestimation” and its major social problem was “cultural hegemony”. No Ethiopian leader/leadership has ever identified “ethnic federalism”, crafted “the ADLI” and “different cultural outlets” as a political, economic and social panacea that shackled the country. Above all, no leader (or leadership) has ever demonstrated/consolidated: “the FDRE”, “double digit economic growth” and “highest expression of cultural diversity” in Ethiopia. This will be the “historical legacy of the EPRDF-as led by Meles”. This is the “leadership record” subsequent generations are called for to outmaneuver.

Over the last 20 years Ethiopia was led by a party (led by Meles) who: “Know the problem, identify the solution and “do” something (the right thing) about it”. This is Praxis! Perhaps, the most distinctive feature of the EPRDF is ACTION. Other political parties (and leaders) talk but “never walk”; the EPRDF “climbs” steep mountains. But I’m not comparing “Meles” with failed parties but with those who ruled over Ethiopia. Some of the “past leaders” managed to identify “some” problems but failed in action. But most have failed to even identify the problem and waited until the problem (or natural causes) consume them. Haile Selassie knew what the youth wanted and what the military was conspiring upon. However, he failed to reform- hence, was toppled. Tewodros identified “backwardness” but failed in action. Mengistu’s failures were in both fronts-a schizophrenic “little Tewodros” who left for Zimbabwe when reality hit on May 1991.

So, at least in two aspects, namely: “honorable abdication” and “effective praxis” distinguish Meles from his predecessors. Having said this, however, one must raise the classic nature-nurture controversy. Is “Meles” naturally “Meles” or did his environment shape him? This question should be addressed in the affirmative. It is the environment! A community that is “really” oppressed is sharpened by its predicament and admits “nothing” more than effective/efficient leadership. If “Meles” is the fish, the party is the lake and the people are the sea. In other words, “Meles” is the child of the sea. That is precisely why Legesee Asfaw tried to “dry the sea” and that is why the Derg tried to employ “the scorching sea technique”.

Fortunately, the sea is full and the land is green. In other words, there are thousands of “Meleses” flowing in the sea. In fact, there are more than 33 aquariums (or universities) which depict these “dekikan tebiban” studying night and day, achieving high grades, inventing and winning scholarships elsewhere. Actually, they have been more fortunate than “Meles” for the environment has allowed them (unlike Meles) to “graduate”, “post-graduate” and pursue their dreams. In sum, if the toxic opposition is scared of “one Meles”, they should “buckle up” and stay prepared to meet “Meles ad-infinitum”. Thanks to opportunities (peace), Ethiopia is producing “countless” Meleses every year”.

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