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Interview with Social media activist Ztseat(Dr). .

(Aigaforum) June 10, 2017 - Ztseat is a medical lecturer at Mekelle University in Tigrai. Ztseat shared his opinions on federal projects in Tigrai and the problems encountered, on youth migration from Tigrai and on the overall economic and political challenges seen in Tigrai! Ztseat shared his opinion as young educator and from the young generation perspective. The interview was moderated by Addisu Bahta and Isayas Abaye.



Discussion with Assefa Fiseha(PhD) and Solomon Barnabas (PhD) on Ethio-Eritrea Issue and expected New Policy by Ethiopia towards Eritrea

(Aigaforum) April 8, 2017 - Ethiopia is expected to announce new policy to deal with Eritrea and the one man government of Isaias Afeworki. The foreign ministry has submitted its study on the new policy to the PM Hailemariam. The policy will be presented to the council of ministers soon. We invited Assefa Fiseha (Phd) from Addis Ababa University and Solomon Barnabas (PhD) from Civil Service University to share their opinion and expectation of the new policy and to share their thoughts on the issue(s) the new policy is expected to solve. The educators also discussed why the Ethio-Eritrea problem is still unresolved to date! Listen to the informative discussion!

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Discussion with North American Based Tigrai Alumni and Development Association

(Aigaforum) June 05, 2016 - In an ongoing effort to transform the many North American Tigrai based regional Almuni and Development Association Aigaforum has held so far two round table discussion via a teleconference. The following is a reportage of the last teleconference we had on June 05, 2016. The discussion was very fruitful and many participants wanted to continue such discussion in the future. The main talking points of the discussion were the success and challenges each Alumni and Development organization faced and how best to transform and organize the Tigrean community towards the development of Tigrai and its people.

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Interview with Dr AddisAlem Balema Vice President of Tigrai, Ethiopia

(Aigaforum) May 25, 2016 - Dr AddisAlem Balema is Vice President of the Tigrai Regional State and veteran TPLF member currently serving as one of the executive member of TPLF. Among his current responsibilities are overseeing the economic development of the region and urban development. He has served as Ambassador of Ethiopia to Italy, China and as Director General of the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) prior to his current assignment. Dr AddisAlem was gracious enough for a telephone interview with us. Addisu Bahta and Isayas Abaye discussed with him about the current economic health of Tigrai, issues with good governance and building democratic institutions. For more reading ...More

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Diaspora Discussion on Ethio-Eritrea Policy with Dade Desta

(Aigaforum March 26, 2016)_ The Ethiopian government policy towards Eritrea has been controversial from the beginning Eritrea was born! PM Meles government tried to reason with President Isaias to make peace to no avail! In fact when asked, PM Meles said, he did not expect the issue will be resolved in his life time. Perhaps Meles knew his days were numbered due to his illness - blessed his soul! Otherwise it was a surprise to many for him to say as such since he was not known to be a pessimist!
Since Yemen became a failed state the geopolitical landscape is changing around the Red Sea area. And it is changing for the worst as far as Ethiopia is concerned! Thus, says Dade Desta, Ethiopia's policy towards Eritrea has to change accordingly. Dade gave an extended interview to Aigaforum moderated by Addisu Bahta to explain his thoughts on this issue.
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Diaspora Discussion on Good Governance issues in Ethiopia

In an ongoing panel discussion on good governance in Ethiopia Aigaforum invited Engineer Almaz Feseha,Kiros Araya and Gebrehiwot Gebreanenia to share their experience and suggestions on ways to improve the good governance issues that are prevailing in Ethiopia.
Moderated by Addisu Bahta and Isayas Abaye, the invited guests, explained how technology can help mitigate some of the persisting issues and how urban projects and infrastructure works are managed in the United States. They also shared some of the weakness of some of the government institutions that are contributing to the lack of good governance from first-hand experience!
Aigaforum, February 12, 2016
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Diaspora Discussion On Good Governance issues in Ethiopia

The discussion is the first installation of an on going discussion on good governance issues in Ethiopia. Aigaforum in cooperation with supporters and volunteers will bring you more in the future. Aigaforum hopes this will enrich the discussion back in Ethiopia Janurary, 2016

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Roundtable Discussion with Abebe Asghedom, Getachew Aregawi and Isayas Abaye

Roundtable discussion with Dimtsi Woyane, Wurayna and Aigaforum Editors and Managers. On Media and Election Coverage in Ethiopia, Challenges facing by Independent media in Tigrai
April 18, 2015


Candid conversations with Managing Editor and founder of Aiga Forum


Interview with Ato Asmelash Woldeselassie and Ato Atsbaha Aregawi, Chair and Co-chair of TDVA

Interview with Ato Asmelash Woldeselassie and Ato Atsbaha Aregawi, Chair and Co-chair of TDVA, following the conference that was held in Mekelle June 2014. They have given detailed explanations on various issues ranging from governmentís and EFFORTís role to Diaspora contributions. They have acknowledged the contributions made by the regional government and the public at-large so far and emphasized on the need for continued support to help the association meet and satisfy the growing demands of our disabled veteran heroes, who made todayís Ethiopia a reality.